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Activistas are talking about...

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Lots to talk about, apparently, and we didn't even get to it all.

  • Need some flexibility at work?  Get the toolkit.  Many of us have longed for greater workplace flexibility since giving birth.  Some of us have it (lucky!), some of us don't.  If you don't (or you want more), here's a terrific resource to help you get it. 
  • Campaign for Safe Cosmetics: What's Going On?  The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is asking people about their personal care products. Like....  How many do you use?  Daily?  Which ones?  Any idea what's in them?  
  • The Families and Work Institute says... Sick Days are Healthy.  Surprised that employees who have access to paid sick days are healthier?  Of course not.  But always good to have some data to go with your argument. 
  • NWEI's Eco-Challenge: Are you in?  There are many things I’d like to be better at, especially when it comes to leading a more sustainable life.  Like…. eating less dairy, driving less, buying less plastic, and biking more, to name a few.  You?  And while I hate to admit it, I also sometimes need a little push (no!) to take the next step. 
  • Do we need a shorter work week?  How would our lives be different if the official work week was 30 or 35 hours instead of 40? What would it be like if 40 hours really meant 40 hours -- not 50 or more, as it has come to mean for so many people? Not three part-time jobs adding up to 60 hours but offering no benefits?
  • People are talkin' about women in politics  My, my.  Not that this awesome, tragic, historical (and histarical) video is surprising or anything. But what are we doing about this [lack of women in politics]? Hopefully not just sitting around eating our itty bitty sandwiches being simple minded little fools. Maybe more of us should go and get elected?
  • Then don't get pregnant.  A little while ago I reprinted a Letter to the Editor in The O that resonated with me – it was about the cost of having a baby in the context of health care reform.  Not surprisingly, there was a follow-up to it recommending that the letter’s author take more personal responsibility - never mind that fully 51% of pregnancies are unplanned (why?  uh, s-e-x last time I checked). 
  • Stand for Children wants more lottery $ for public schools.  Call me naive, but I've never thought state governments should be in the lottery business (especially when the slope is slippery and states ponder subsidizing drinks and re-allowing smoking to boost "sales").  That said, I also appreciate and regularly benefit from many a lottery-funded project (like state parks).  And don't know if I would like a no-lottery-funds state budget.  But I digress. 


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