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urbanMamas Working Mama Lunch – Fall 2009

Join working mamas for a back to school (already?!) lunch special. How was your summer? Any first week of school stories to share? Come and eat and visit. Trying a new place recommended by some lunching mamas. When: Thursday, September 10th @ 12:30. Where: The Original (http://www.originaldinerant.com/) 300 SW 6th Avenue @ Oak. Please RSVP in the comments by Tuesday, September 8. If you can’t make it downtown, see if there are other mamas in your area that want to have lunch.


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I'll be there and make the reservations.

Count me in. Thanks for organizing, Courtney!

I had a great time last time meeting the mammas. Count me in also. Thanks!

New mama here who would love to meet some other working mamas. Maybe the new train on 6th will be running by then...

Hey mamas... I am a mama to be, living in the Gorge but pretty new to the area and still wistful about letting go of my former urban life, so would love to make some connections here if you'll allow a small town interloper, especially once my little patata arrives in February. Hope to make it to the lunch!

Remind me -- are kids are welcome/appropriate in this restaurant/event? Thanks!!

Kristen ~ Kids esp babes in arms have come in the past. I have not been to this restaurant yet, so not sure the kid friendliness factor. Other mamas? Can always try it.

I've been enjoying these meet'n'greets - some new faces each time and some getting to be familiar! Count me in, and thanks for setting all this up, Courtney. See you Mamas in Sept...

Jen, Karen & Allison look foward to lunching with all of you again!

I am looking forward to it as well! Thanks Courtney!

I've been there before with a baby, and it was fine. I wouldn't say it strives to be kid friendly, but I'd be fine bringing my toddler there. Upstairs seating would be perfect for a larger group.

oh, and I forgot to add that I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make it.

I might be able to make it, although I work until 1pm, so I'd have to be about 45 min late. How long do you all meet for?

Minna ~

We usually meet for about 90 minutes.

I'll be there and looking forward to it.

Hi, I'm a new mama in town. Been following your site for awhile when I was living in Pasadena. So glad to finally be in Portland now and looking forward to meeting you. Count me in. Thanks!

Hi there- I'm also new to town- moved up from Los Angeles a few weeks ago and I'd love to meet everyone at the lunch.Count me in, too!


I hate to be Debbie Downer but feel compelled to say something. This is an event for working moms. We don't have the luxury of being home with our kids during the week and therefore, have some unique challenges. I assume that's what these lunches are for...so that we can talk/bitch about various issues that we face being working moms.

Don't bring your kids to this lunch. You have plenty of lunches/events to bring your kids.

I'm not going to bring my kids.

And I may be the only one to say it, but I'm confident that others agree.

I RSVP'd a "yes", but now something has come up. Sorry I can't make it this time. I'll try to make the next one.

I'd love to come! We moved here from the Bay Area a year ago, I WOHM f/t, husband is home f/t with our two girls (2.75 yo & 15 mos). Looking forward to meeting some other working mamas!

I'm planning on attending - thanks for organizing this again!

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