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Siggs do contain BPA after all

2436157847_8c15ba7bd2 Two years ago, we had a lengthy on urbanMamas on SIGGs and there seems to be many fans out there.  After making the switch to SIGG water bottles a few years ago due to the all the press about BPA, guess what?  It seems the company has fessed up to the fact that the water-based epoxy liners used on bottles pre-2008 contains trace amounts of BPA. They do state that even with the trace amounts through extensive testings revealed no leaching of BPA.  Despite this, I feel completely mislead.  It's not entirely about the money I spent on replacing our Nalgenes, but more about being completely disappointed and frustrated as a consumer and mama trying to pick the best eco-healthy choices for our families. But now what?  Will you continue to use your pre-2008 SIGGs, replace them, or??


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i wrote an email to their CEO tell him I expect him to replace the water bottle we bought to replace our bottles that had BPA.

here's the email


Nope, not me. I was always skeptical of that lining and felt the company wasn't being forthright with information. I went for Klean Kanteen's when replacing our nalgene bottles a while back.

I'm with SP. They would not "confirm or deny" whether or not their liners contained BPA. We all know what that means! Although I only heard this statement AFTER I bought one of their water bottles. So I say support a differnt company. Pretty shady behavior especially considering the concerns about BPA and their marketing directed at children. We have the right to make an informed descision.

Ugh! Well I guess I'm in the clear as I bought my bottles in 2008? I liked the idea of kleen kanteens better from the start, but I just cannot stand to drink out of them. The opening is much too wide. How
about a better designed stainless bottle?

New Season's will take them back with no receipt. We wrote and asked them yesterday.

If no BPA leaches into the water, which is only in my bottle for a few hours before I drink it, then I see no reason to return it. It's certainly not good for the environment to throw it out, and if the BPA's not in the water, then why shouldn't I continue to use it?!

I understand being upset with them for not being clear on the liner contents. But the idea that thousands of these bottles will be thrown out really bothers me.

Kleen Kanteen.

I emailed Steve Wasik yesterday and this is the response I got today:

First off, thank you for taking the time to write to me. I believe you
might the right choice to switch to SIGG.

I understand your point and recognize that there is a lot of confusion
about BPA out there right now. To my knowledge, we at SIGG have never
advertised our old liner bottles as being BPA free. Sometimes SIGG
retailers or journalists will hear the "no leaching of BPA" message and
inadvertently shorten that in their communications to "no BPA".

We believe we have the best protective liners in the world and have been
extremely transparent with the testing of our bottles which you may have
seen in the info section on our site (www.MySIGG.com/bulletin). The
controversy that has swirled around BPA in the past has involved the
problems of plastic bottles (like Nalgene) leaching BPA into the water -
and in my 4 years with the company, SIGG has never had a problem with
leaching. For the record, my family and I are still drinking from SIGG
bottles with the former non-leaching liner which I have complete
confidence in.

I have passed your note to our Customer Service Department. They will
contact you directly to help you to exchange your old SIGG bottles for
new SIGG bottles with the BPA-free EcoCare liner.

I hope that you will continue to have confidence in the quality and
safety of SIGG products. Thanks again for your email.
Best regards,

We stopped using our SIGG because we had problems with the design - our 3 year old had a hard time opening & closing it all the way by herself. We ended up buying Laken bottles online and have been using them for almost a year. We love them... easy for little hands to open/close and bpa-free.


I second Emily's comment. I haven't found any research that shows BPA will leach into water unheated. Avoid the marketing hype and just use what works, preferably something you already own.

Paige: if you bought your bottles in 2008, they likely contain BPA. look for the copper liner (as opposed to tan/beige); that's the one WITH bpa.

as for the SIGG bottles and whether I'll buy them again: I don't know. I feel utterly betrayed; I've read and written a lot about SIGG and have come to the conclusion that, no matter what Steve says in his emails, they were knowingly misleading the public; at one point the company threatened the EWG to remove comments mentioning the BPA in their liners unless they had tested the bottles and found BPA in them. of course, they had only tested the liquids, so the EWG dropped the mention. but... at that same time SIGG was actively working on developing a new liner to replace its old one.

what's more, the company didn't announce the BPA-free liner until an entire year after it had started producing it; in other words, until the BPA-containing bottles had worked their way through the distribution system.

it's yucky. extremely yucky. I have purchased 8 bottles with the copper, BPA-containing liner (we lost 2 :): that's about $160 worth of investment into something I bought specifically to avoid BPA (and phthalates, of course, which at least aren't a problem). ick.

i feel very angry at SIGG. i think they must have enjoyed quite a nice profit when so many of us dumped our nalgenes in pursuit of a BPA-free product. and so many of us went to SIGG specifically due to BPA issues surrounding other products. for most of us this has been about finding healthy products for our children--ourselves too, of course, but by and large for our children. the deception is frankly criminal.

i have 2 of the older SIGG bottles. i also bought my extended family SIGG bottles for christmas. they are the older ones. i can now smile gratefully because i know that they never use them ;)

ethan posted earlier that new seasons will take them back w/o a receipt? and exchange them?

I only have 1 SIGG, the 1st reusable bottle I owned (didn't like how my coworkers' Nalgene's got scratched up and grew algae after too long without being washed...ew!)

I've never liked the SIGG design--hated that I couldn't dishwasher it, difficult to see the inside or even reach inside to clean, etc. Wondered what it was about the liner that prevented me from dishwashing it...hmm, BPA-containing plastic that would melt it seems! The dome top broke off almost immediately and without it, the lid gets pressed and leaks in my bag.

My whole family has been using Klean Kanteens for years and we love them. They have a new sport cap out now that has a faster flow rate (you don't have to take the cap all the way off, btw) which is great when I know my bottle will stay upright (when I'm carrying it, in the bike, in the stroller, in the car, at yoga, etc.) I keep the regular old sport cap on mine for when it's horizontal in my bag because if that high-flow rate top gets opened, it's high flow rate leakage!

I, too, feel misled. I bought several SIGG bottles in 2008 (with old liners) precisely to avoid the BPA in plastic. I researched and researched and recalled reading language indicating/suggesting SIGGs are BPA-free on both www.resuablebags.com and the SIGG corporate site before purchasing. I also recall the official word was that SIGG wouldn't release the actual make-up of the liner ingredients because it was proprietary info but there were lots of assurances that SIGG bottles were a good choice in lieu of BPA containing plastics. I would never have spent the $$ I did getting SIGG bottles otherwise. As for the whole non-leaching point that SIGG is now emphasizing -- I cannot tell from its reports whether the tests were all done under the type of conditions that we may experience at home. Sometimes the bottles stay in hot cars for hours/days; do their leaching tests account for hot summer temperatures? The bottles have cracks on the outside from constant drops by my kids; I cannot see the inside clearly. They claim the old BPA containing liner was crack resistant -- now I want to know if prolong exposure to cracked lining would cause leaching; do their leaching tests use bottles that have been constantly dropped by little kids? Ugh.

Such a bummer! I decided to switch to Klean Kanteen a few years ago but not because of the BPA (which I too thought was NOT in SIGG), but because they are made of aluminum, which has been linked to alzheimer's among other things. I prefer stainless steel for this reason. So confusing!

Thermos brand has several different completely BPA free options, including sippy cups, or bottles for adults. Also great is their design keeps your drink cold.



Spendy for sure, but I figure with all the money SIGG is going to give me I can afford it right. :) We already have three of the sippy cups and love them. To be fair I will say that the rubber nipple does get a little worn out after 6 months or so - if you put that part in the dishwasher. But nice part about this company is that I have called them twice now about this issue on two different cups. They sent me entire brand new cups both times just to be nice! Nice back to have a back up cup. I always get a person when I call.

Not water bottle related but Laptop Lunches is another great company that makes BPA free lunch boxes for kids and adults and they have great lunch ideas for kids and adult on their website.


Sigg will replace them with the new BPA free liners. You have to contact them at liners@mysigg.com and get the info. You have to pay for shipping, then once they receive them, you get an online voucher plus return shipping for your new ones.
Beats going around the the places where you got them hoping they will refund/replace them.
Sigg says they will recycle the old ones too---in New Jersey.
I would double check their website to make sure I have the correct contact info. It took less then 12 hours for them to respond to me.
good luck staying BPA free

The good news is that there are so many alternatives! Check out this one I found just doing a search for stainless steel bottles:
They even have reusable bags so you can stop using/throwing away zip-locks!! AND it's a two mom business!!!!
Check out how inexpensive they are, too!

I think the consumers need to wake up to the fact that plastic is BAD and that we need to return to the days of glass or even stainless steel.

When I was a child, our plastic thermoses had glass liners. If you dropped one, it shattered, yes, but it was also clean.

And kept the milk fresh, too.


I have always been skeptical about linings and have always bought bottles that do not having linings and BPA free.

Our entire family uses Kids Konserve, from the bottles to the stainless steel containers.

I ditched the hype and started carrying drinking water in mason jars when I feel the need. I'm not interested in riding the over-consumption roller coaster every time some new information comes out: oh, this is bad, we need to throw these out and buy this new product. oh, now that's been shown to be bad, we need to throw that out and buy this other product. I say skip it. By the way, has anyone noticed that nearly every where we go has a perfectly potable drinking fountain or faucet nearby? Perhaps we should also rethink the necessity of toting bottles everywhere to begin with.

I can't afford to buy brand new water bottles, nor be without our Siggs for 6 weeks while they send me a voucher to order a new one from their website. I am very thankful that New Seasons has (at least for the time being) agreed to exchange old Siggs for the new ones without a receipt. Talk about brand loyalty, they just won me over!

Does anyone know of a way to tell when the Sigg bottle was made? I got one as a gift for my son, but we haven't used it yet as he's still too little. I guess I should just take it to New Season's just to be safe? I use a Klean Kanteen and I believe I saw they have little Klean Kanteen with a special mouthpiece insert for kids (again, at New Seasons).

I'm with MJ and Jacquelyn! It fascinates me how much people spend on things like drinking containers. If I take a drink with me somewhere, it's in a glass jar. Or I just pop a small empty jar in my bag to fill when I see a fountain. I lived in Russia for a couple years, where the tap water is dangerously contaminated- even locals boil it first (still dodgy though), but mostly people just have to buy their water. It was a choice between buying serving size bottles (waste waste waste) or big bottles (leach leach leach). When I came back, one of the things I revelled in most was CLEAN FREE UBIQUITOUS DRINKING FOUNTAINS!:)

I received the same emal from Sigg's CEO. My favorite part was the condescending, "there is a lot of confusion over BPA." Really? See, I don't feel so confused.

I just love New Seasons!! So, I have 2 kids Siggs and one adult-sized one with the old liners. If anyone wants to take them and exchange them for the new ones at New Seasons (or with Sigg itself) - they're all yours. I think I spent about $50 on all three of them.

I'm not doing it myself because we have Kleen Kanteens we switched to a while ago. I learned shortly after I bought the Siggs that the lining was "proprietary" and that put me off too much to keep using them. If you can't tell your customers what's in your product than I don't want it. The bottles have pretty much just been sitting in the cupboard for a while - and now I'm feeling so done with Sigg I don't even want to try to exchange them for the new ones. Plus, I just read some not so great things about the new liners too (problems with flaking - among other things).


So - if you want to take mine and switch them for the new ones - I'll give you my old ones free!! I'd love to think they're going to some use - even if just for an exchange. Otherwise they're just going to the dump. :(

Email me at palight_2000@yahoo.com if you want them.

Andrea P, New Seasons with either exchange or REFUND. And if you turn in your old ones, I believe they send them back to Siggs to be recycled, so better than the dump and you get your money back.

I exchanged 2 of my bottles today at New Seasons. I felt a bit bad since it isn't New Seasons' fault but the service manager was downright gracious about it. They have a high standard of integrity and I really appreciated it.

No more Sigg for me. I bought a stainless steel Green Bottle. They have cute designs and are BPA free.

I first wrote about this issue seven years ago for an active lifestyle magazine, informing readers about the danger of bottled water. I had heard about a US company making stainless steel bottles called Kleen Kanteen and I started researching the environmental issues related to aluminum and stainless steel. Ordinarily I would say be wary of anything made in China, bottle wise, but in the case of Kleen Kanteen, it's a US family owned operation that does a good job of production oversight and environmental safety both in the bottle and in the manufacturing facility.
Besides the bottles featuring cool arty designs on the exterior, Sigg bottles dent way too easily to be practical. Back seven years ago, I was very skeptical about what I heard from Sigg USA in terms of the coating treatment on the inside.
Kleen Kanteen, despite manufacturing in China, does the right thing environmentally, and that's why it became my bottle of choice since then, though I do have a few Sigg's I bought for reporting purposes.

I say send them back....they'll be smelted and remade. Good message to send the company about not messing with mama bears.

I should have checked my article reference date before i posted the previous comment. I wrote the article about stainless steel and aluminum water bottles in 2004, not 2002. In any case, Klean Kanteen doesn't have a lining. They're made entirely from 18/8 food grade stainless steel (except the lids of course).

Is it all the New Season's or just one particular one?

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