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Seeking Pregnancy Support Group

As mamas, we could use support at all stages of our mamahood.  An expecting mama recently emailed:

I am wondering if anyone out there knows of/belongs to a pregnancy support or discussion group here in the Portland area. I am looking for a space and time where pregnant moms are getting together to talk-laugh-network and generally support one another.


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When I had my first, the mom's group at Providence Portland was really helpful. The woman who ran it was really supportive, informative, and a great resource. She also helped to organize playgroups with other moms and babies the same age. It was really the best thing I did for myself during those first 6 months!


This is the Oregon Pregnant or already had babies forum that I am on. I love it! Some days it can be slow, but others are great! We had a get together at the park a few weeks ago that was a blast! You should come check it out!

Several years ago I was in water aerobics at Providence Portland. Although the purpose was to get exercise, it often seemed more like a support group. It was great fun.

ditto the water aerobics, only I did the pregnancy fit at Dishman Community Center

I did prenatal yoga at Zenana. It was a great. We talked about pregnancy, swapped info and did some yoga that felt really good for the pregnant bod! I highly recommend it.

Yoga Shala also has prenatal yoga, Shana is a great teacher. And then Mama Yoga, where you bring your non walking babies to class. Childcare for older children.

Yes, prenatal yoga is great for that!

There are also a few moms-to-be groups on meetup.com, if you don't want to go the yoga/swimming route.

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Pregnancy Guides Online

Announcing a new, free weekly drop-in parenting group starting September 7th:

Mondays 10:30-noon
Nurture, Center for Growing Families
1614 NE Alberta St

Expectant mothers, moms & babies, fathers, partners, and anyone who is interested in creating a supportive parenting community are all warmly welcomed. Come meet other parents, laugh, cry, tell our stories, and most of all, support each other.

La Leche League is a support group for nursing moms and expectant moms who are interesting in nursing. I wish that I would have known that pregnant women are encouraged to attend while I was pregnant, because it is possible that it could have made the difference between me being successful at nursing and being unsuccessful at nursing (I was mainly unsuccessful at it). Also, my husband and I were really happy with Kaiser Permanente's childbirth classes-we attended about 6 classes that were two hours long, and we really enjoyed our classmates that we met there, plus we had an excellent teacher. Also, Zenana Spas has a breastfeeding program that I think includes a nursing support group (you might want to check with them first). Good luck!

Thanks so much for the posts! I'm pregnant for with my first child and I've been looking for ways to connect with other new mom too.

I went through the same thing when I was pregnant, and wanted more than just a birthing class network... I own a coffee shop in North Portland, and had recently been thinking about how of all of the activities we have here, I would love to have a group of soon-to-be-mothers and new mothers because I remember how hard that was for me. Is anyone interested in spear heading a group like that - we could provide the space for sure. Email me if you have ideas: posiescafe@gmail.com

We recently moved to Portland... Our 19 year old daughter found out she was pregnant, her boyfriend jumped ship, she is 4 months pregnant and very lonely. All of her old friends are in the east coast and I do not know what to do. I am desperate. I have been looking for a support group for young mothers but I haven't found anything! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

I was thinking about starting a Mama to be or New Mama hiking group. Maybe meeting once a month? Anyone interested? Thinking it can transition as the little ones come.

Hi, For any expecting Mamas out there, looking for a support group, I recently started a group on Meetup.com for Expecting Mamas! Here's a link to it:

This group is for new expecting Moms with due dates in Nov.2010, Dec. 2010, January 2011, February 2011 and after, who are confident, fun, sassy, hip Portland Women in their mid 20's to late 30's, who live fairly central, in neighborhoods near SE Hawthorne area, neighborhoods close to downtown (the Pearl, Nob Hill, West Hills), or in the NE, who are interested in forming a new Moms group, making new girlfriends, meeting for lunch, going on walks, shopping, gabbing over dinner, pedicures, sharing stories and advice, supporting each other pre and post pregnancy, setting up future playgroup dates with our kids to parks, museums,each others' houses, and most importantly, once the kiddoes arrive there will be playdates in addition to many Moms only events (because it's important for us new Moms to have fun, remember who we are, and not lose ourselves in Mommyhood!), and there will be Dads only events too. This group will be drama free and will not be catty nor religious.

Hi everyone! I just started a new, non-exclusive expecting moms meet-up group. Any new expecting mom wanting to connect with other expecting moms can join! We will plan fun outings and gatherings to get to know each other in a caring, supportive environment. It will be a great way to meet others who understand what you are going through, and can share your joys and fears along this incredible journey. This is a special time, lets share it together!

Oops, it looks like the link didn't post, for the above group! Here it is! Hope to see you soon!


Hi all, I host a pregnancy support group for moms-to-be who'd like to meet other pregnant moms for friendly conversation, laughs, and support.



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