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Save the date: urbanMamas is havin' a garage sale

3176604491_8b220d44b1_m Every summer I look forward (yes, it's true) to Portland's neighborhood garage sales because there's so much great used stuff in one place.  Well, if real neighborhoods can hold such great garage sales, why not our virtual neighborhood?  Plus, this one has an excellent twist: it's a benefit. 

Here's how it works: you donate all that stuff you just don't need anymore and we sell it.  Proceeds will be donated to Family Forward Oregon, a budding non-profit that is likely to benefit all Oregon mamas (and papas) in the years to come. 

  • When?  Saturday, August 22nd from 9 till 3
    Where?  Cafe Au Play's excellent parking lot on SE Division & 58th, just across from Atkinson Elementary
  • What: Your donated stuff for sale 
  • Help! You can donate stuff (save it till August or drop it at one of our drop houses sooner), work the sale, or bake for the inevitable kid-run lemonade stand (or all of the above!)
  • Questions?  Leave a comment here and we'll reply, or get in touch directly: activistas@gmail.om

This is just a heads up so you can plan to donate, bake and/or shop.  And of course, help us spread the word in the meantime.  As the date nears we'll provide more details. 

[Thanks to Von Floto & Flickr CC for the plastic sale pic]


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I would love to donate for this sale. Where are the drop-off locations?

What a wonderful idea - put it on my calender and will put it on my calender!

TJ, There's on in the Mt Tabor area, one in NE Fremont area, one in NoPo and another in SE Division area. You can email me at: activistas@gmail.com and I can share an address with you. Thanks!!

I live in NW. Any place I can drop off in my hood? (I think this is a great idea. Thanks for putting this together.)

I would take every opportunity where I can save money.

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