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Family Forward Oregon: It's Here

6a00e5523e840d8834011571a5bb2a970b-200wi Did you know that motherhood is the single greatest predictor of poverty in old age?  Or that the wage gap between mothers and childless women is now greater than the gap between men and women?  Startling facts that, to me, show a gap between what we say about valuing the work of child-raising and actually valuing it. 

The idea of valuing parents and caregiving is what prompted a few Activistas to kick it up a notch!  So, we're excited to announce the creation of a new, local nonprofit called Family Forward Oregon.  Their mission?  "Inspiring workplaces, communities and policies that value families.

Family Forward Oregon begins with the basic premise that our workplace and government policies lag far behind the reality in which most families live.  Namely, policies are still built on the assumption that one parent is home full-time with kids.  Obviously this doesn't account for all the co-parenting, single-parenting, and extended family parenting that really goes on.  It also doesn't account for the fact that in most families both parents work outside the home.  And it definitely doesn't account for the fact that most of us (parents and non-parents alike) desperately want some work/family balance.

It's time to value the work of caring for each other.  It's time to end the economic insecurity associated with motherhood.  It's time to develop communities where families can thrive. 

Family Forward Oregon will work to bring our workplaces, communities, and policies forward.  They are creating a movement - and asking you to join them. 

Get involved.  They will be presenting their ideas and soliciting your feedback on a family forward agenda at next week's Social Innovation Forum (hosted by Springboard Innovation). 

Your feedback is essential to creating change for all Oregon's families.  Please come and tell us what you think about where we need to go from here! 

Join us to shape this movement:

Social Innovation Forum on Family Forward Oregon
When: July 8th, 2009 6-9 pm (light dinner provided)
Where: Urban Grind NE (NE 22nd & Oregon St)


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I will be there and am so excited about this organization!

Yay! I'll be there.

I am a Montessori teacher for infants and toddlers in Portland have seen how parents struggle and how just even a little support is so helpful and appreciated. I am also now a mother of a 2 year old myself and though I am married and economically stable I still often feel overwhelmed with everyday affairs. The experiences of the single mothers, lower-income level mothers, parents of children with disabilities I cannot even imagine how they manage without support and community!!! I have wanted for a long time to create a small school that is for not only the whole child but the whole family - prenatal classes and support, infant and toddler care, parenting classes, family groups, in-home supports such as setting up your house, preparing for a new baby or preparing for transition. Thank you so much Activistas for putting this on!!! I am very excited to come and hear what other things families might need help with and how I can help!!! I will see you there!

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