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'Brain, Child' salon pdx: Summer 2009

Several months ago, a Brain, Child discussion group was hastily thrown together and ended up a (small) series of one-on-one conversations. But as soon as I picked up this season's issue, I was longing to talk to someone about it. So this time, we're doing it right, with two weeks advance notice (ish) and a proper location selected ahead of time!

Date: Tuesday, July 14, 7:30 p.m.
Place: Rimsky-Korsakoffee House, 707 SE 12th (the red house -- there is no sign)
Do I have to read Brain, Child cover-to-cover? No, but the more you read, the more we can talk. If we get enough "yes" responses, I'll order several copies from the publisher.

Respond, s'il vous plait, in the comments, and I look forward to getting all salon with a couple of other urbanMamas. Some of the articles are on the web site; you can purchase the magazine at several local bookstores and grocery stores.


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is there a new issue out?

Ooh, I'll be there!

I'll be there. I love B.C. and uM, sounds like a satisfying evening indeed.

j-- I got the summer issue in the mail early this week -- I don't know if it's on "newsstands" yet.

Oh, I love Brain Child and always want to talk with other mamas after devouring an issue (I usually do read it cover-to-cover), but I'm commited to going to InFARMation at Roots on the same night.

The only thing that has always bugged me about "Brain Child" is that it bills itself as "the magazine for thinking mothers," as if some of us think and some of us don't.

Dang! This the night my science fiction book club meets. Have fun, ladies. Love the magazine... most of the time.

I've been thinking about starting a Brain Child discussion group for several months. I'm so excited that one is starting! I will be there!

I am planning on being there. Sounds like a great evening.

Any Vancouver mamas on here interested in the same idea? Sounds great, but that is far from home on a Tuesday evening.... we have batted around the idea of getting together before, this could be a starting point....

Just picked up a copy today -- planning on attending -- thanks!

Argh, I have planning commssion that night, but if I didn't I would be there. So please plan another!

J - I picked-up the summer issue at New Season's (Concordia location) on 7/5.

I plan to attend this gathering.


I'll try to be there!

Sounds like a lovely idea. I've got a babysitter lined up, and plan to attend!

I would like to come - would you please let me know if you did get extra copies? Thanks!

Sounds interesting, I'll see if I can sneak out of the house after putting the little one to bed.

I'm planning on coming. Looking forward to it.

Kathleen -- I didn't get organized enough to get extra copies. but I'm planning to print out copies of some articles I'd really like to discuss.

Argh - I've got the magazine and actually read mostof it, but I may have babysitter issues. I still hope to be there, but we'll see if I can swing it. Have fun!

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