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Activistas: Summer Conversations

ActA Badge 2 Even though my main preoccupation at the moment is how to perfectly position the fan on my bed to maximize cooling and, until this week, I was busier picking berries than being an activist, there are still a few things to share from Activistas (after a wee vacation from it all).  Here are some:

  • Portland says "yes we do" to volunteering.  We already knew that Portlanders like to be involved and help out their neighbors.  We 've got thriving non-profit organizations, neighborhood groups and grassroots movements to suit every opinion.  But now we've got evidence and it's official -- Portland is #2 in volunteering!
  • How do you create an eco-healthy home? If you're wondering what, exactly, you need to do to get the toxins out of your home, you're invited to join Representative Wu (1st Congressional district) for two hours of practical information and tips from the experts - you'll learn about the health effects associated with household toxic exposures and how to minimize them. 
  • Save the date - and your stuff - we're having a garage sale.  If you didn't hear the news over on urbanMamas, get out yer calendar - and don't take that load to Goodwill.  Because on Saturday, 8.22 we're holding a multi-family urbanMamas garage sale
  • Thank you, Salem, for allowing me to pay for full-day kindergarten.  No really, I'm serious.  While I once griped that I am paying (yes paying) for public school (what would Thomas Jefferson think?), I am now relieved that I am allowed to pay for public school.  Why?
  • Health Care Reform Series (Part 1 - What's healthy got to do with it? & Part 2 - Obama).  If you're like me, your inbox is flooded with messages imploring you to support federal health care reform.  The question is, what's actually going on?  I'm not so sure.
  • Pregnant & parenting students: Know your rights.  Thanks to one of our favorite organizations, the National Women's Law Center, you can get the full scoop on Title IX and the civil rights it guarantees for pregnant and parenting students.

Are you being an activist this summer?  Following an issue closely?  Are you taking action online - or off?  Or just staying cool in the heat wave - like me.


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I'd love to hear more thoughts on the kindergarten issue. I posted my rant over on activistas if anyone is interested.

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