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Recess Bootcamp, week 2: Knowing is Half the Battle

A sponsor offered a free spot in a mama boot camp class in exchange for periodic posts on the process. Christine is now in her second week; this is her second update. Find the first here.

I'm full steam ahead on this Recess Health Immersion Bootcamp and can I just say I'm loving it. It's true I may be an easy sell, because if we're being honest, this is the first thing I've done for myself since my daughter was born. I even loved getting my BMI measured. Three weeks into the program and my body information has been entered, calculated, given a sprinkle of Internet-magic and voila: I'm armed with information, and lots of it. I know how many calories I burn on any given day, my lean body mass percentage, BMI, percentage of body fat, blood pressure, current weight, and other scientific data that my brain is forgetting at the moment. Based on my test results, I have been given a personalized workout regiment to follow 7 days a week. I've also been given an outline of some healthy food choices. I'm telling you people, if being informed is any part of this battle, I'm well on my way.

Our workouts thus far have been yoga, pilates, weight training with resistance bands, and my personal favorite, Hoopnotica (which is basically hoop-dancing).

When I first heard we were going to be hula hooping, my thought was: "this is a workout?" And my second thought was, "how in the world was I going to be able to hula hoop for an HOUR?" My doubts were screamed over Facebook and Twitter. The class was taught by a little firecracker, Meg Abernathy, who is a master at her trade (winning 2008 Female Hooper of the Year at the Hoopie Awards). Within minutes, she had us all hula hooping and it was insanely fun. Our setting for these workouts is at a very busy track in town and while I was having too much fun to notice, I'm sure we received a few chuckles from the lacrosse team a few yards away. The hour was over in a flash and when all the hoops were tossed back in the pile, we were armed with some basic Hoopnotica moves and a couple of tricks as well as some sore hips, abs and arms. I went home thinking I'll hit Meg up for a cheap hula hoop of my own because, what a great workout that would no doubt entertain my toddler for at LEAST 20 minutes on any given day.

Prior to entering this program my workouts felt like a chore that were limited to when my daughter was napping and what On Demand was offering. I dreaded my workouts and began finding any and everything to occupy my time during that precious nap hour. However since beginning Recess, I've felt a shift taking place. A shift back to my old patterns of healthier choices and more importantly a renewed enjoyment of exercise. I can't wait to see what the coming weeks will bring. Stay tuned.


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this reads like a long advertisement...not the thought provoking posts I'm used to on this site.

Well, I'm enjoying it. I'm totally into following you along on your progress and I don't care if this is promoting their business, we all have to make a buck somehow.
I can't wait to hear about your progress! How cool to have all of that scientific info.
I'm inspired by you and have been exercising (but still during naptime and on TV) and watching what I eat. So far so good!
Keep up the good work! And I will, too!

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