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Happy Father's Day! Celebrate with kids, or without?

Dads_fathers_day On Mother's Day, I scored a few hours alone to go to the farmer's market, and as I wandered around shopping on my own, I watched other pregnant women and women who looked vaguely mama-ish, wondering: would we rather be with our kids, or alone, on this day that celebrates us? I already missed my kids, especially on this day, when having them along would prove that I was one of the laud-ees. (Why I need to prove that, I can't explain.) I decided I'd rather be around them, and hurried home to hang out with my sweet boys and eat market goodies.

Today is Father's Day, and someone on my Twitter stream was musing about whether she or her husband deserved the day off; June 21 is her birthday. I immediately thought, neither, isn't celebrating with family what these days are all about? but held my tongue (or fingers); maybe she just meant "day off of cleaning the dishes."

Another dad I follow, though, said he thought Father's Day was a day for dads to spend with their kids. I began to reflect that it's far more common to give mom a day alone on her day, whereas it's more common to have dad+kid activities on dad's day. Given the long experience in our culture of domestic/career divisions with its conventionally-assumed distribution:mom's making breakfast and folding laundry, dad's putting on his tie and readying for a commute; these days have traditionally sought to change that dynamic for 24 hours.

But in our progressive 21st century culture, the facts have changed... right? Dad's doing laundry, mom's often commuting, but most of us still spend Mother's and Father's Days the same as when we called our parents "mother" and "father" (at least on TV). How is it in your house? Does dad celebrate by going on kid-tastic adventures, or does he go out and hang with his daddy friends? Or is it a big family barbecue -- and does dad man the grill or sit back and drink rootbeer floats (my own dad's fave)?

For the record: today, we're making one of my husband's favorite breakfasts, huevos rancheros burritos, and later we'll all be going on what I think is the best Pedalpalooza ride of all: the Unimproved Ride Road. How about you?


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Father's day at our house is family day. Daddy is off duty as far as chores, and he got to sleep in, but he is still spending the day with his kiddos and tonight extend family will be over for a big family dinner celebrating all the dads in our family. The dads' only job is to keep the kids entertained and out of the kitchen while we cook!

On mother's day it is basically the reverse, except the guys in our family usually need at least a little help in the kitchen, and they change ALL the diapers on mother's day!

We mixed it up, Dad slept in, we all went to Dad's choice for brunch, and now Dad is going to Loyly. Later, we are going on a bike ride, then I will cook Dad's favorite. For Mother's day, it was pretty much the same, celebrating together, being a little bit alone, and getting some heavenly sleep alone in the bed. Happy Father's Day!

we did gifts and breakfast at home and then headed out for family fun at the Sunday Parkways ride. It was great, but now it is naptime and I wonder if my husband would like a little alone/down time.

I mixed it up on Mother's day. I spent a lot of time with my daughter, but then went out and got a pedicure, which then led to dessert, which was preceded by dinner of course, with 2 other mom friends. I think it's a personal preference. Today is father's day, and as a single mom I have been wished a happy father's day since I am a 2 in 1 deal. Truth told, I wish there was a dad to come take her away for a few hours today, she is just out of control! But it has been just her and me since she has no dad and mine is in New England. Skype is good though for those long distance visits to dad, especially when dad is in the nursing home!

I took my husband out for a "man" date on Sat and on Sun we had family day. He loved his "man" date and said he had a great weekend.

We did Sunday Parkways. Just got back a little while ago. Probably would've gone earlier, but it was Father's Day and Dad loves to sleep in, so, there you go.

I woke up to handmade cards and gifts in bed and spent all day at Sunday Parkways with the family (we were out there 10 am - 4 pm) and then hit a little BBQ with friends.

It was a delightful day. My only unique indulgence was responding to every query from the kids with "go ask your mother."

We did the Sunday Parkways, too, then presented Papa with cards.

I know this could be a whole other conversation, but I'd love to hear other folks reactions to the Parkways. It felt a lot shorter than last year and a lot less crowded. It was fun, but for me some of the excitement about last year's event was missing. Maybe we were there at the wrong time of day (earlier in the day)?

We took the kiddos out for a hike to see Triple falls. While on the trail, we saw many older father- adult son pairs. It was very sweet and good thing for my teens to see.

We hiked the Triple Falls trail too! So many people, but we also loved seeing the kids/dads/families.

In our family, mothers/fathers day is a "free day" where we (as bad as this sounds) get left alone. Every day is a day we try to devote to our child and spending time with her. I don't think there's anything wrong with parent's having some time to themselves.

These days have always been completely different for us -- where I'm from, you celebrated Mother's Day by taking her out somewhere nice for brunch; on Father's Day, Dad goes off fishing (or whatever other hobby he has).

Now that we are the parents, we're with Edie -- our days are pretty kid centric, so both my spouse & I like "alone time" as part of our gift.

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