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Down 'n' Dirty Summer 2009

As we inch toward the last days of school, everyone in the household is buzzing about the fun in store for us here in Portland.  This year, Portland Parks & Rec has outdone itself with by providing a simplified "Summer Free For All" guide to all the fun.  The highlight on the PP&R site this year: the Free This Week calendar featuring an glimpse of activities at parks and pools citywide.  There are summer concerts, generally running every day in parks citywide from July through mid-August.  Every day!  There is free open swim throughout the summer (check the calendar for locations and times), movies in the park, and drop-in playground programs, including a traveling climbing wall and free lunch programs.

Portland Parks & Rec gives us plenty to keep us busy, but there are so many other fun activities to check out:

  • Pioneer Courthouse Square hosts Noon Tunes (free music and entertainment at noon every Tuesday & Thursday from 7/7 through 8/20) and Flicks on the Bricks (free movies at dusk on select Friday nights from 7/10 to 8/14)
  • Free Films by Regal shows free movies at 10am on Tuesdays (rated G) and Wednesdays (rated PG) from 6/23 to 8/26.  Participating area theaters include Lloyd Mall 8, Bridgeport Village Stadium 18, Sherwood Stadium 10, Tigard Cinemas, Wilsonville Stadium, Movies on TV Stadium in Hillsboro.
  • $1 Movies on Wednesdays - along the same vein - the Century Theater at Clackamas Town Center is showing $1 movies on Wednesdays from 6/10 through 812
  • Then there are street fairs - a great time to get out in the neighborhood, see neighbors and other community members, hear music, visit with local vendors, and eat snow cones.  There are always snow cones.  Schedules aren't out yet, but - in previous years - we've looked forward to the Mississippi Street Fair (Saturday 7/11), Alberta Street Fair, Fremont Fest, Division/Clinton Street Fair (Saturday 7/25), Belmont Street Fair (Saturday after Labor Day), Hawthorne Street Fair (Sunday 8/16), Montavilla Street Fair.

Do you have other summer events that you look forward to that we should add?  Please share!  There is no shortage of fun to be had.

We're working to get all the summer fun activities onto the urbanMamas calendar  Welcome, summer!  Now get on out there & have some fun.


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Thank you.

Sunday Parkways! Sunday Parkways!

Portland will have three Sundays this summer where they close the streets to auto traffic and open it to biking, walking, and more as well as as fun activities and such at parks and other public spaces on the Sunday Parkway routes, here is all the info:


The first one is 6/21 - Father's Day. Hope to see you there!

Not necessarily free but a fav treat for us is the preschool ride time at Oaks Park this summer. $6 a child but unlimited number of rides from 9:30 to 11:30 on Tues & Wed starting June 16th. The rides are slowed down and I know we'll still be dizzy from riding the carousel too many times.

Multnomah Days Parade and Fair Saturday, August 15 in Multnomah Village.

Ok..definitely not free but an absolutely awesome music experience - Pickathon:


The event is HUGE and is takes place at Pendarvis Farm just outside of Portland.

In addition to nearly non-stop music, they have tons of kids activities. (kids 12 and under are FREE!).

We always camp out (it is included with a weekend pass) - yes, how very hippie of us...

It has been a summer highlight for us the past two years and resulted in discovering some new favorite artists including Laura Gibson, Langhorne Slim, and Bombadil...


The one thing I wait for all year: the Bite of Oregon! Only a $5 donation to get in and always good music and fun stage shows. Oh, and the food! We go every year and it's always a great time. It's Aug. 7th, 8th, and 9th this year.


Opps, it looks like the bite is $8 this year (kids under 12 are free!) and still completely worth it!

Yeah to Sunday Parkways! We did it last year in North Ptld and plan to do it twice this year in N. and N.E. So much fun for all bikers.

There's the Washington County Fair (free admission) July 30 - Aug. 2nd


daVinci Days in Corvallis (it's a art, science and technology fair with music, food, etc. -- suuuper cool) July 17 - 19.

We want to go to Pick-a-thon so badly....just can't afford the $120.00 per person price tag :( Way out of our range. Even to just go for one day and not camp is like $80 a ticket, not including parking. Hopefully we will be able to afford it one day.....


you should look at some of the volunteer opportunities with The Pickathon, if not for this year, try to plan for next! our family looks forward to this event all year!

The Oregon Country Fair, is fun and has great food and music. It is kid-friendly. I recommend not going on Saturday as it is too crowded. Go on Friday and/or Sunday instead. You can drive down for the day, or camp overnight for the weekend. Zumwalt is a good campground and it has a lake for swimming. It is cheaper than Pickathon, about $30-40 per day I think, and totally worth it if you have the money. It happens in the beginning of July.

Friday is the easiest day at the Oregon Country Fair, held in Veneta over the second weekend in July. Tickets are around $20 a day in advance (10 and under free):

To j:
Thanks I hadn't thought of that! I am so super bummed we can't afford it. Two of my very favorite artists are playing and we want to go much! I will look into it (volunteering) for next year.
I wish the day ticket wasn't so much $$$$! Or I wish we were not so poor
Have a blast-And be sure to check out The Sadies - they rock!

I love the Portland Parks "Concert in the Park" series.


They also have Movie in the Park. It's perfect because it's free, plenty of room for kids to run around and you can bring a picnic dinner :)

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