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Wanted to let you know about a Mother's Day event of sorts in case you were interested in joining in the fun.  For the past several years, a group of urbanMama friends have been participating in the Hippie Chick, a half marathon just for women at Champoeg State Park.  So this year, when we didn't get in, we were pretty disapointed.  That's when we realized that Portland really needed to have a women only walking/running event on Mother's Day!   The 10k loop we've planned (or 5k if you're walking) passes the park playground several times where the kids can cheer us on--go Mama go!   We're spreading the word to all our friends and family:
When: Sunday, May 10, 2009
Time: 5k walk or 10k run begins at 9:00
Where: Mt. Tabor picnic shelter (across from the parking lot and playground)
Bring: something brunchy to share afterwards
We'll have coffee and hot chocolate on hand. We're hoping this might
become an annual event, a little something we can do for ourselves on
Mother's Day, together with our friends and families. Donations accepted
on behalf of Adoption Mosaic.

Hope you'll join us!


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I'm looking forward to it! A beautiful place to run, a great group of mamas, and a kid-filled cheering section - what more could a mama want on Mother's Day?

I love the idea of being cheered on by my kids on Mother's Day, I'll be there!

I'm so there!

GREAT Idea! I am coming with my Ma and my StepMom to do the walk. But, I really want to make sure you are talking about the picnic area and playground near the top of the park near the caldera, right? Thanks!

Yes, the picnic and playground are a very short (but steep) walk up to the caldera. They are immediately next to the only parking lot at Mt. Tabor (it's also the only playground at the park).

I will be there as well. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for the clarification! The map of the park I have has two other playgrounds shown (though I admit I have never found the other two!) which is why I wanted to check.

My husband has to work and I would love to participate in the walk - can I push my son in a stroller or is the walk mom's only? Thanks for the clarification.

I just though of an Option 2: Any chance someone's spouse/partner/etc. might be willing to be responsible for my son while I walk? He's 3.5, pretty agreeable, and loves that playground.


You could indeed push your son in a stroller, knowing that there are some steep parts (both up and down). There are some other mamas that are bringing a neighborhood teenager to hang out with their kids while they walk or run, if that is an option for you as well?

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