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The Coffee Playdate - It's BACK! - 04.24.2009

Mamas, I miss getting together with you all, meeting new mamas and seeing old familiar faces.  I'm having a hard time fitting face-time into my calendar, what with the FT job, relationship, two kids, and another one on the way.

With a couple of hot-hot-hot conversations of late, I feel the need to just sit down, shoot the $hit with you, and let you get to know me.  Let's get together, for a good old-fashioned coffee playdate, urbanMamas style.  Bring your kids or not.  I won't have mine; they'll be in school.  I'll be there pretending to work. UM coffee playdate

Coffee Playdate, urbanMamas style
Sydney's Cafe
1800 NW Thurman (corner of 16th and NW Thurman, under the Fremont Bridge)
Friday, April 24, 2009

Feel free to RSVP in the comments or just show up and say "HI".  Let's go build some community and meet new mamas.


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I've got a sked conflict but would love to try again another time (working mamas recent luncheon was great - especially with the accompanying tiny babies!) Have a good time mamas...

Which mamas is on number three?! Congrats. The kiddo and I have plans to attend the baseball game at 11:00 with gramama so can't make it, but am always up for the face to face. I will plan next working mamas lunch for mid tolate June.

Seriously, I would LOVE to come and meet some mamas in person at one of these get togethers, but they are always during the day on weekdays. I have a job, people! Even the working mamas lunch was downtown in the middle of a work day, which just baffled me. Please, don't read this as criticism. I'm vetching cause I really REALLY wanna go, not because I expect everyone to be sympathetic to my scheduling needs. Have a pot luck in the park on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (please?) and I am so there.

I love Sydney's. Another urbanMama fan and I go there on Sundays every once in a while (they have great biscuits on sunday). Like the other moms above, it is hard for me to take time away from work. I think it would be great if uM put a Saturday or Sunday drop-in working mom coffee club on the uM Calendar for one specified weekend a month and us working moms would know that we can meet there to bond and kvetch and share our love of UM, while giving our significant others the gift of a few hour's of much needed alone time....

My 2 cents - for what's it worth. :-)


I will be there, sans child, and look forward to meeting some new people.


I would be really into that too. And I love a good biscuit ( :

Okee doke. We hear you. We are also FT working mamas, but one of us is on maternity leave and others have flex work schedules & normally work from coffee shops or wherever we catch a wifi signal. So, Friday is still on, but....

Someone please let me know what time/date on a Saturday & Sunday would work & we'll post. Leave a comment or email us at urbanMamas@gmail.com. Since we main uM mamas work FT, the weekends are really packed with family shtuff. So, *we* can't commit to be there, but if *you* can be there, then let's do it! We definitely are sympathetic to your scheduling needs, but we hesitate to make up an event when we have a hard time getting there ourselves. So, just help us hone in on time, place, and date. Thanks!

Wow. That was easy. :) What about the second Sunday of the month from 10:30 - 12:30, starting in May?

Sounds like fun, and I am overdue for connecting with other mamas. I'll be with my 2 yo.

Sundays at 10:30 works great for us. I too have been wanting to attend a get together for some time but have been bound by work schedules. Thanks Trina.

love the old pic.....I spotted my daughter who is almost 4, my husband who has less gray hair, and my dear friend who lives in sweden. Thanks for a good laugh.

Trina, e., A -

Second Sunday, 10:30-12:30 sounds good. Only, if starts in May, the first meet-up would be on Mother's Day. Should we do it on May 17th instead or do you think you'll all make it even on mama's day?

Oops. Yes, we should definitely postpone to the next weekend. Good catch!!

Third Sunday in May. Into the calendar it goes. Can't wait! ( : Thanks for the quick response!

Sorry to miss it! We have music 10:15-11. Maybe we'll drop by after and see if you're all still there.... thanks for hosting :-)

Gosh, please do again soon! I missed this one and really, really have a strong desire to connect with this community!
Thanks for all you do!

Mamas, we had a GREAT turnout last Friday and at least two mamas want to do it again next Friday.

For sake of consistency, let's do it again: Friday, May 1, 9:30-11:30am, Sydney's cafe.

Don't forget that mamas are getting together on Sunday May 17th, 10:30-12:30, also at Sydney's cafe.

One of us may not be able to be there, so please be sure to find one another!

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