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Pregnancy: Hemorrhoids & You

There is nothing too embarassing to chat about here.  Have any of you urbanMamas experienced hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

This is a slightly embarrassing question to discuss, but 30 weeks into my second pregnancy, I'm dealing with terrible hemorrhoids (I also had them with my first). They are really awful this time, and I've discussed with my OB the possibility of having surgery for them after this baby is born. He has given me the usual recommendations about prevention (diet, OTC treatments, etc) which I am following, but they never really went away after baby #1, and I'm feeling like it's even worse this time around and tired of dealing with this painful issue.  Do any mamas have experience with the actual surgery to correct this problem? Any doctor that you used in Portland that was good?


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There's a SURGERY?!?! Sign me up!!

I had the same problem. It's HORRIBLE! My doctor prescribed some steroid foam stuff that worked for me. I don't remember what it was called though. Good luck!

I haven't done the surgery, but I wear proudly the badge that my doctor says mine were the worst she'd ever seen. She actually sent me to the surgeon to be evaluated during my pregnancy and he said he thought it was mostly water retention, but they haven't ever gone away. They don't bother me enough to do have the surgery, as I hear it is very painful. Oddly enough, a potato has magic soothing powers for this. Wedge a little slice in there and there's something about the potato make-up that helps. My doc told me about it, but I think you can find info about it on People's Pharmacy.

I should clarify, I used the potato trick at night. I don't know that I'm skilled enough to manage it during the day!

I know an amazing doc who uses the Kesey treatment for them which is much less invasive than surgery and works better. His name is Steven Gardner 503-786-7272. He is a great guy with a great sense of humor about a sensitive subject.

I did not have surgery but I totally feel your pain. Mine were so bad that when I was delivering my son, the midwife showed me a mirror as my he was crowning, and all I could say is "holy crap, look at those hemorrhoids!" LOL
I still have some extra skin that is left as a result and thought about surgery but for the most part they haven't been bothering me too much so I am just going to live with them for now. You may want to wait until about 6 weeks after the birth to access how you are doing down there. I have been told the recovery from the surgery is harder than you would expect. Maybe you can wait to see if it is really worth it. Good luck!

My daughter suggested I comment on this line of conversation. At age 61 I finally had hemorrhoid surgery to try to get rid of what had been bothering me since the birth said daughter 37 years ago. The problem was not so much pain as bleeding and never being confidant that I could wear anything but black and a panty liner. The surgery didn't get rid of all the skin but it did solve the bleeding since it was coming from an interior hemorrhoid. The surgery recovery was excruciatingly long and painful. Probably would still have done had I known-- wish they were totally gone, but it is what it is.

I didn't have them nearly that bad but just wanted to commiserate. mine didn't appear until after giving birth, and they were awful as long as i was taking painkillers and stool softeners. when i stopped, they went away, slowly. but it was such a rude awakening into what, exactly, hemorrhoids are. (and i think i'd take pain over hemorrhoids any day)

I did find a nice herbal tea recipe that was supposed to help. who knows if it actually did anything but it lessened the agony by a degree or so while in the tub. myrrh, rosemary, chamomile, calendula, cypress and yarrow, i think.

I got these for the first time with my pregnancy, and man oh man, are they literally a pain in the arse. I've been using Tuck's medicated pads like my life depends on it, and that seems to help. The pain seems to come in cycles, and they're fine for a while, then they grow as my pregnancy progresses and give me trouble and then they settle down again. I tried the white potato trick (though I laughed at it initially, but was desperate for some kind of relief). I actually used it as a suppository (I know, terrible, right?) as my midwife instructed, and it did make a difference at first. I think then they reached a critical mass where no vegetable could help. I've also been told that they'll settle down once this little guy makes his way out instead of settling all his weight on my pelvis.

Mine didn't start till after the delivery, and went away pretty quick, but now emerge when I am under a great deal of stress (read: now!) and are horrible! I have been given steroid cream which helps some, but can thin the skin if used over time. For me, the pain and burning are bad, but it's the itch that gets me, especially at work. It tends to irritate a nerve that runs down my left leg and leaves me in agony! I've thought about surgery, but it sounds pretty intense. All of this advise is good, I will give it a try. Oh, and my doc also recommends daily sitz baths. That and running the warm shower over the, ahem, area, seems to help for a bit.

I got this info from Aviva Jill Romm's book, The Natural Pregnancy Book, which helped me a bunch when I was pregnant...

-exercise helps with circulation...anything that helps blood circulation is going to help the hemorrhoids...
-30 minute walk a day, massage legs with loofah in the shower, elevate legs for at least 20 mins a day, dance!
-witch hazel (liquid astringent) compresses on the hemorrhoids
-herbal sitz bath of comfrey, calendula, yarrow or a more potent one with witch hazel (dry herb), bayberry bark, white oak bark, and calendula
-nettle tea! (add oatstraw for stress)
-eat lots of dark, leafy greens and food rich in bioflavinoids (berries!)
-think about taking a flaxseed oil supplement
-avoid any foods that will stop you up and cause constipation
-think healthy thoughts!!

All of these suggestions are ok during pregnancy...horse chestnut is another hemorrhoid remedy, but not ok during pregnancy...

There are more suggestions in the book, this was just an overview...

Good luck and try to relax!!

I have struggled with them on and off for ten years, last year I was ready for surgery, but didn't have time... lately I have been doing Pilates and that has really helped.

I also had horrible painful hemorrhoids with my two pregnancies. I am so sorry:( What really ended up helping was a homeopathic cream that I got from my midwives at A Gentle Beginning. It was like night and day...and I was in extreme pain. I cannot remember the brand name, but if you call them, I'm sure they can tell you the name and you can buy it directly from them. Their phone number is (503) 263-2058.

Oh I've had it I'm done, I cant bear it anymore. It's so painful that I feel like cutting it out myself. I'm now on my 3rd pregnancy and I got mine in my first natural birth. We moved recently and I helped my husband with some heavy things and there we go not even 8 weeks in the pregnancy and I'm ready to do anything I feel like crying I cant sleep I'm currently lying down most of the time cause its just to painfull. I got some cream it seemed to work but then I got terrible stinging pains oh man. Im at my end I dont think surgery can be this painfull at least you'd know you'd get something out of it. And I'm not even constipated...

I'm so sorry! I'm in the same boat as far as the unwelcome visitors. I'm 34 weeks pregnant, 3rd pregnancy. My midwives recommend a Rutin supplement and witch hazel pads. Refrigerate the witch hazel pads for extra comfort. Good luck!

I have been where you are and I understand how horrible that experience is! I was able to get a non-surgical treatment that made my problems completely go away. I highly recommend Dr. Hubbard - he is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in hemorrhoid care. The treatment is not cheap, but it was 100% worth it and was not painful at all.

Here is the link to his clinic:

My mom also went to him and we are both so much happier now. Good luck!

I am the OP, and I am so happy to say that I visited Dr. Steven Gardner (503-378-7272). My hemorrhoids were terrible, and with 5 naturopathic treatments, they are gone. The treatments were pretty pain free (it was a 'strange' feeling, but not painful). I do have some fairly large skin tags left, and they have a treatment that can remove these, which I will most likely do. The skin tags are a bit of a cleanliness issue as well as 'cosmetic', but even if I don’t get them removed, just having the pain gone was totally worth it. Surprisingly, my insurance covered a portion of the treatments, and they are really flexible about working out a payment plan for the remaining balance. They can do treatments while you are pregnant and he said the day after birth—I wish I’d known this earlier as the really large ones could have been treated without leaving the excess skin tags. The office staff was great, too—really just felt like visiting the dentist or any other medical provider. Would definitely recommend going to see them if you have this issue!

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Just pushed out baby #5 and the hemorroids I got after #1 are back with a vengeance...like every birth. I am laying down all the time and I am trying to remind myself that they do eventually get better....but the skin never goes back to what it was before, and I think that the original hemorroids I had are now worse by about x5. Am seriously considering surgery. Does anyone have experience with regular surgery and other types?

i had terrible hemmroids after pushing out my son, 17 months later and i still have them popping out during bowel movements and if i stand too long...i have prolapsed internal hemmroids...i still take stoll softeners and laxatives, becayuse of the heavy rectal pressure it gives me 24/7..i will get surgery cuz i cnt live like this and look after a toddler at the same time...
im also healing from a fissure so having lumps popping out and rectal pressure doesnt help it heal....i wish i had a c-section.

Hemorrhoid is a medical condition in which the patient suffers from swollen and inflamed veins surrounding the anus or lower rectum. There are plenty of causes that can be associated with this medical condition such as pregnancy, aging, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, strained bowel movement and anal intercourse. It gets worsened by any kind of straining, prolonged sitting, low fiber diets and pregnancy.

I'm 35 wks & have hemorrhoids... Nothing is helping. Witch hazel, cold, heat, ointments....NOTHING. Also, i think I may be allergic to the Witch Hazel. How am i supposed to tell if I'm having a bad reaction if I'm already in pain, itchy, and swollen? Somebody please give me some advice..this is a NIGHTMARE!!

I had horrible hemorrhoids during my first pregnancy. Immediately following delivery, I couldn't sit up normally for about 2 weeks.

About 8 months after delivery, I was still having troubles with my bowel movements and thought the hemorrhoids might be causing an obstruction. I had one of them banded at that time. This wasn't too bad, it just felt like really bad cramps. After I weaned my baby, I had a hemorrhoidectomy to remove the second one. I nearly passed out when they injected me with the local anesthetic. (Guess it's pretty common for that to happen.) The next couple of days were very painful. I don't like using painkillers, but I had to just to get by. It took a few weeks but things healed up nicely. I haven't had a problem with them since.

(Of course, my bowel movements are still difficult, but this is due to an extra-tight pelvic floor muscle...makes me nervous for pregnancy #2.)

I'm 32 weeks pregnant. My hemorrhoid started a month ago and it wasn't bad. But within the last 2 days it's been leaking clear fluids through my rectum. My hemorrhoid is now so painful and itching because of this leakage. It's sounds gross but I haven't come across anyone with this leakage. I went to a Colon and Rectal Surgeon. Was told there's nothing they can do. The leakage is the worst because it keeps the surrounding skin of the hemorrhoid moist so the it's more irritating and burning every time I use the restroom. He prescribe a suppository to help with the inflammation, itching and see if it'll help with the leakage. I'm having to use pads and changing it every few hours because it's gross. If there is a treatment out there, please let me know.

IM currently 9 weeks pregnant and ready to lose it my hemmorhoids are so painful I can hardly sit down :/ Im a full time working mom with a 2 year old. Can doctors do surgery or cure this when ur only 9 weeks?

I had terrible hemmorhoids with my 2 pregnancies - the pain was excruciating and bought me to tears. I finally found a remedy that worked so hopefully it will give you relief too. Mix 5 drops of Cypress essential oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil or 10 drops to 2 tablespoons of carrier oil and keep this mixture in a little bottle in the bathroom. Massage the mixture into your piles after going to the toilet and throughout the day. It should give relief after a day or two. Continue to use the mixture as a preventative. The carrier oil I used was Olive oil but you can use calendula or coconut oil too. When I was pregnant someone told me to make Coconut Oil suppositories... Basically I rolled some coconut oil into a log shape and wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer. When it's frozen you can cut to desired length and pop them in your bottom like you would a suppository. They really helped when I was pregnant and I knew it was natural. Good luck ladies

I used the Cypress oil in the last semester of pregnancy and all was OK. You may just want to check with your Ob or midwife to check. Just make sure you use it diluted...

My method of treating hemorrhoids is by taking Hemorrhoidal Tea before each meal. My reasons for doing this are firstly it reduces the absorption of food in the gut so helping me to lose weight. Secondly, it soften stools in the rectum and allowing it to pass more easily when on the toilet, so reducing the straining which may be one of the causes of the hemorrhoids in the first place. I hope this helps.

Had the same problem, and i applied some oil which has aloe vera and they disappeared. Meanwhile try something with aloe vera.

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