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Kids love trucks: 'Pet' some today at NW library event

Trucks_trucks_trucks My boys, having many conventional boy passions, love trucks. But I am weary of reading the often very dull books about how excavators and booms and buckets and crawler treads work. In fact, I've been collecting photos to make my own book with language that's more fun to read (I'm thinking excerpts from my college poetry anthologies, but we'll see how it goes.) So I was excited when Larissa sent us info about the Truck Town Party. What better opportunity to combine my boys, trucks and books than at today's Multnomah County Library event?

Where: Con-Way Parking Lot, corner of NW 23rd & Savier St.  Entrance is on Savier, closer to 22nd. (One block south of the library.)

When: Thursday, April 23rd, from 2-5.


  • "Pet" the big trucks including a county Dump Truck with snowplow, Garbage Dump Box (from 2-3), Ambulance, Police Bomb Squad & robots, Police Cruiser, Fire Truck (from 3-4), and the "biggest, baddest" Tow Truck in Speed's fleet. 
  • Storytime - 2:30  & 4:00.
  • Crafts you can do there or take home to do later.
  • Raffling off some cute truck board books.
  • Toy Truck Race Track - kids who bring their toy trucks can race the track.
  • Special gifts to the first 200 children.


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RE. the idea of collecting poems around "things that go," can't resist sharing this fun poem I recently came across, called "What the Motorcycle Said." Not very "G-rated," though, as you'll see.


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yea boys do love toy trucks. especially when they are sweet rides like these!!!

Yeah, really kids are pretty crazy about trucks. Thanks for sharing.

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