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Happy Earth Day!

The day isn't over just yet, but we're a little late in getting this conversation going.  We've been swamped with work, but I've been wondering all day: what are you all doing for Earth Day today?  What did you all do?  Were there scheduled school events?  Chats about earth-loving around the dinner table?  Just another hump day gone by?

Every day is Earth Day!


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My son (4) and I went on "litter patrol" around our neighborhood, culminating with a stop at our favorite bakery for a little treat. We also ate a vegetarian meal this evening in the spirit of treading lightly.

I got the report from our 3rd grader, who says "we read 'The Lorax' & made reusable sandwich bags". She brought home the product of the sandwich bags - oil cloth on one side, fabric on the other, and a velcro closure - and they are very lovely.

I got the report from our pre-k-er, who says, "Oh, we don't celebrate it at our school."

at abernethy, there was an earth day celebration after school, with a garden scavenger hunt, chef nicole made rhubarb muffins (they were delicious - i'm definitely making them this weekend!), a seed planting station, a place to sign a pledge to help the earth (the kids wrote things they would do, like bike or plant gardens or recycle, etc, on a big poster on the wall), the walk'n'bike to school table was set up, and a craft table to make bird feeders out of recycled materials (yogurt cups and empty milk cartons, yarn, etc). but best of all, they brought out the new chicks that hatched last week! *so* cute!

Hi! I work at Child's Play where I helped give out eco-friendly cardboard dollhouses and reusable shopping bags for earth day and my daughter helped to plant a cherry tree at her school.

It wasn't even a bump. Jewish "earth days" are the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Tu B'Shvat. :) :) :)

My son's daycare/preschool read The Lorax, sang earth songs outside, and cleaned up the play yard. We also listened to the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle song from George and talked about helping the earth by using our Siggs and recycling. He wore his tie-dyed shirt from Saturdy Market to get into the spirit.

I didn't get a chance to do any celebrating (other than my usual) but I asked the boys to pick up some pieces of styrofoam that had blown onto our yard and ... amazingly ... they did! so for Earth Day, we generated a huge bag of trash ;)

but one thing I did deliberately this weekend, with Truman and Monroe, was to plant a bunch of sunflowers, especially the 'lemon queen' sunflowers Renee's Garden is offering in conjunction with the Great Sunflower Project, a non-profit research group that's collecting data on urban pollinators (honeybees!) as part of the world-wide effort to help figure out what's causing colony collapse disorder and to diagnose the decline in pollinators. one thing that has been especially interesting in my reading about the honeybee problem is that scientists posit bees are more susceptible to viruses due to lack of nutrition. what's good for them? dandelions and sunflowers (which need to produce pollen, some ornamental varieties do not, so check before you plant!). and sunflowers are so easy to grow and beautiful.

of course, Truman went a little crazy, so if you visit us in August you'll probably see sunflowers coming up in the oddest places.

My sons and I continued our "big" project of conditioning the soil in front of our house to plant a long ceanothus hedge. They helped me work some healthy garden soil mix into our sand pits. The bees love ceanothus, and so will our drought-plagued front yard. I also took special care this year to plant lots of flowers that bees love, like daisies and poppies and bee balm. Now, like Sarah, we will move on to sunflowers, if I can find any space. We will definitely have to get our flack suits and face nets out later this summer!

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