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Activistas: Spring Conversations

ActA Badge 2 Even though it might seem like all we talk about over on Activistas is paid family leave, I promise we're more than that.  In the past week or so we've watched a few videos - including a short "awareness raising" web video that won an award -  and talked about one other fave  - toxics.  It's like this:

Children See, Children Do: A hard video to forget.  I came across this powerful video because it won a 2008 award for best awareness-raising video.  Wow.  Tough, powerful message.  Especially for us parents who try to do it right, strive to be good role models, but don't always pass with flying colors.  The power in our hands to shape a generation is so real.

Seeking parents for video short on toxics: Speak Up!  Are you riled up about all the toxic chemicals in consumer products (like I am)? Wish our laws were stronger?  Willing to speak up about it?   If you answered 'yes' to these questions, you might be perfect for the short web videos we're making to support stronger federal chemical policies, including the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act.   

Another hard to forget video: Waddya think?  This home-made video was made by an amazing green blogger in Michigan who writes a lot about toxics and children's health - and what you can do about it personally and politically. 

Businesses for paid family leave?  You bet. A whole lotta parents support paid family leave.  That we know.  But businesses?  Yes, it turns out, them too. Take Sattie, a Portland mom and business owner who sees the issue from both angles.

Contaminated formula + contaminated water = contaminated baby: I'd love to feed my kids knowing that the food and water I give them are safe. You? But I can't. Why? Because the safeguards in this country are so weak that there's rocket fuel in infant formula. I mean, how bad can it get?

Paid family leave hearing in Salem: Your body needed.   If you've been reading Activistas for more than, like, a day, you know all about Parents for Paid Leave and our effort to pass a bill in Oregon this legislative session. 

And, of course, there's more.  Always more.  What are you getting active about these days?


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