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Paid family leave: Five ways to help

PPL_five_finalized1_circleboarder So we're getting down to the wire, which is both exciting and nervewracking.  Exciting because this could actually happen - how cool would that be?  But it might not, which is a serious bummer. 

To make our very best effort to create a paid family leave insurance program in Oregon, we need all the help we can get in the next few weeks.  There are 5 key actions you can take  - will one (or two!!!) work for you? 

  1. Email your state legislators and urge them to support paid family leave!  Children's First for Oregon created this simple e-mail action to make it as e-a-s-y as possible for us hassled and harried parents.  Simply click here and you're good to go.  Easy as pie but very important.
  2. Join us in Salem on Wednesday, April 8th @ 2:30 PM for the bill's Senate committee hearing.  We need to pack the room to show our support.  It really matters  - and bringing the kids is an excellent idea.  We'll have ours there!  You can RSVP here, and if you want to coordinate rides, email Andrea at info@parentsforpaidleave.org. 
  3. We need more businesses to speak up and support this bill.  Do you own one?  Do you know someone who does that you can ask?  You can watch and share this video of an Oregon mom and business owner (and urbanMama!) over on Activistas.
  4. We need men to testify!  Mamas, mamas, everywhere.  The experts are women, the legislators are women, so we need a few good men!  Any dads out there who wished they had more leave, or who watched their partners struggle with too little?  Or who worked so many hours to cover their partner's lost income they never even saw the baby?  If that's you or someone you know, we want to hear from you - soon!  Get in touch with Parents for Paid Leave at: info@parentsforpaidleave.org.
  5. Share a supportive quote that we can share with key legislators: why do you support paid family leave?  Send it to: quotes@parentsorpaidleave.org. 

We're close, but close isn't gonna cut it.  Your help couldn't be more important.


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ok...I wrote my reps...but I requested a change in the bill. Once again, I felt adoptive families were being short changed. (we already don't get benefit of the short term disability insurance, have to pay steep agency/govt fees, and lost the tiny tax credit that was once available)

Here is the jist of what I wrote.

I am writing today in regards to HB 3160: Family Leave Benefit Insurance. Overall I do support this bill, but it is in need of an amendment before passage. Section 5.1.a.A states

SECTION 5. (1) Family leave benefits are payable under the Family Leave Benefits Insurance
Program to an employee during a period in which the employee is on unpaid family
leave if the employee:
(a) Takes family leave to care for:
(A) An infant or newly adopted child under 18 years of age, or for a newly placed foster
child under 18 years of age, or for an adopted or foster child older than 18 years of age if the
child is incapable of self-care because of a mental or physical disability; or

As an adoptive parent (who happens to be done growing our family) that has gone through the courts and dealt with various government entities a few times during the adoption processes, this language will not help adoptive families. The majority of the time, infants/children are placed with adoptive families and then wait up to a year while paperwork is processed and the adoption is finalized. In these instances, the families are NOT considered foster families either. With the language of the bill as written, I am of the strong belief that authorities/HR departments will interpret this to require a legal adoption decree before granting the paid leave. This decree would not be received at the time the family needs to be home with the new child.

Please, reword that section to include "child newly placed for adoption". [had more after this]

It's April 8th, right, for the hearing? I could have heard that wrong....

Yes, it's the 8th! 'Twas a typo. Thanks, Lisa

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