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New baby for Hau inspires knitting group

Baby_feet_knitting Congratulations are in order. Last night at 10:19 p.m. -- less than 3 hours after she emailed to say she was headed to the hospital -- Hau and Joe welcomed baby Hendrik Hagedorn, 7 lbs 15 ozs, 20.5 inches. We're thrilled for them and I can't help but ask myself: what am I going to knit for the baby? A third boy deserves something special; for Monroe, my third little boy, it was a wild, swirly blanket of many colors. Richness is required, don't you think?

Which reminds me. Last Thursday in the Oregonian's In Portland section, I read a little story about a Catholic knitting group in Sullivan's Gulch. "Christ Child Society has met since 1964 at the Calaroga Terrace retirement home on Northeast Second Avenue to sew, knit and crochet clothes and bedding and package them with other items in layettes. But with membership declining from as many as 300 to 80 this year and the limited mobility of some members -- several were in their 90s -- the group decided it couldn't continue and held its final meeting last month," it went on. I was struck with a sudden, utter sadness and thought, couldn't we do it?

Shetha_knitted_blanket Last night, urbanMama Suzame gave me a ride home from an event we had both serendipitously been invited to attend, and mentioned the story, and how she and her husband had thought of me. It's fate, I said, and this morning I called Donna Kipp, from Multnomah County Health Department's Early Childhood Services, who had distributed the layettes to low income mothers, offering our services.

First-timer or third, low-income or middlin', every baby deserves some handmade items prepared with love. Do you have a little extra handmade love to go around? Would you like to get together occasionally to knit (and crochet and sew) it forward? If you're interested, say so; and if you can't wait to get started, meet me at Twisted next Thursday (March 19) around 11 a.m. I love the thought of being spiritual but non-denominational. What do you think?


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i cannot really comment on joining a knitting session because I have NO idea how to knit......but When I had my 3rd baby, 2 of my very talented cousins knitted something for her!!! Cute little pants, matching hat and a crossover (kimono style) sweater. by far the BEST things i have ever received.
maybe one day, I'll take the time to learn the skill!!

Congrats Hau and Joe!

All the best,

Tony, Jennifer, Mila and Gael Fuentes

i love this idea! interested! interested! i can't do twisted on thursday, however (working). please, email me with more information, though.

knottybabyknits at yahoo dot com.

Absolutely interested, just don't know how I could get over there -- good day and time, I'd just have to figure it out.

I have a son with Down syndrome and it's been running around in my head that I should use my new-found hobby to knit something for the moms & dads when their baby with Ds is born. Something that says welcome to mom & dad land *and* that says your little one is precious. For so many it can be such a bittersweet time and I know that having parents reach out to me when my son was born was a really big deal. Perhaps we can work with NWDSA's new Outreach program? Just a thought, but the synchronicity of it has me grinning like a crazy person.

how good of a knitter does one have to be? would there be folks willing to help out newbies? if so, count me in.

i am definitely interested as well, though i only know how to do hats/scarves on a loom....but i don't know yet how to finish them off a loom and have 3 things sitting here! if someone can show me how, and maybe how to knit properly =) i'd be willing to join in. possible?

Definitely interested, but bad time for me. Also another thought - could we (or you, if I never manage to manage it) reach out to the ladies who were part of the previous group? Maybe for some lessons? something tells me there are some mighty fine knitters there who would probably love to have an extra babe or two in their lives.

I'm interested. Are there particular patterns you'd suggest?

Great idea, Sarah and catmom.
I can't knit but would love to learn.

I can't make Thursday either. I'm actually going to be teaching low income and teen mamas how to make pinafores, pants and diapers at the Mother Child Education Center on Thursday.
Count me in, though. I can sew!

email is elciel@comcast.net

this is a fabulous idea! i would love to participate, but i can't make it on thursday either. have fun and please, please do a follow up post after the knit circle!

I'm so glad so many of you are interested! for those who don't know how to knit or don't know how to finish projects: yes, I (and other experienced sorts) will definitely be happy to help! and those who sew or crochet, but don't knit, can absolutely participate either as sewers/crocheters or as newbie knitters (or both).

I'm planning to reach out to some local knitters, like Larissa of 'Knitalong' and Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts to help in whatever way they can. I'd also like to develop a small group of suggested patterns -- I've written a few that would be good, and there are a few in 'Knitalong', to start with -- that we can have available at meetings. so I'll come up with a list of those that are currently available, and come up with a few more.

also, as many of you can't do weekday mornings, I hope to organize a few evening/weekend meetings. obviously I won't be able to be at all those meetings so let me know if you want to be a host (either by offering up your living room, or by coordinating a meeting at a coffee shop / knitting cafe / etc.).

I love the idea about knitting for Downs Syndrome babies; KYouell, please do reach out to NWDSA and see if they would be able to use baby hats and such.

catmom: yes, we should absolutely reach out to the ladies from the previous group. I'll see if I can find a contact there -- or if you want to/have time to/already have, awesome!

I'm starting a Google Group and will post it when I've finished the all-important "describe your group" bit

please read this...

for those of you who love the hand made, please call congress...you are committing a crime by giving away any product to a child under the age of 12, that has NOT been 3rd party tested by a US Approved lab. the law is called the CPSIA and it is the end of crafters and crafting. the pair of leggings on the baby would be destroyed to be tested, and only a second pair (must be properly labled) can be given away after you receive the test results.

I know you do not believe me, but THIS IS ALREADY A LAW. The law was passed under the "safer toys for kids" but it specifically say all products.

We must change this law. We must make the lawmakers in DC hear us. We must be able to continue our craft.

Jolie Fay, according to Etsy there is a 1-year stay. As they say "we aren't out of the woods" but I think we can started in peace.


And I'll contact the NWDSA Board and the woman heading up the outreach committee by email today. (Pardon any typos please, toddlers whining and it messes with my brain.)

I'm not a knitter, but my first baby was a preemie and a group similar to the one mentioned above knitted a tiny pink blanket and teeny little hat for her to keep her warm during the time she spent in the NICU.
I can't tell you how much it meant to us to have something so lovely and personal in that sterile NICU environment. We still have the hat and blanket, although now, my girls (ages 6 and 1) use them for their baby dolls.

I can guarantee you that the moms of those babies will appreciate your efforts, just as I did. :-)

My childcare has fallen through so I won't be able to make it tomorrow after all. I did hear back from NWDSA that their welcome kits contain baby quilts and knitted hats that were donated some time ago; they would love to have more hats to make more kits.

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