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Feedback on Laurelhurst Women's Clinic?

We have had several requests from expecting mamas of late, so please continue to be generous with sharing your experiences of your health professionals and facilities.  An urbanMama emails:

I'm wondering if anyone has worked with or knows of Renee Beninger CNM at Laurelhurst Women's Clinic at Providence Medical Center.  I am pregnant with my first child, and I like how her practice works, but I can't find any information on her or the Laurelhurst Medical Clinic in the urbanMama comments. Unlike OHSU, PMCC, and Legacy where I'd rotate through the on-staff midwives and take whoever is on duty when I go into labor, she would work with me throughout my pregnancy and catch the baby. I like the idea of having an on-going relationship with my midwife and know that she will be there when I'm in labor, so this appeals to me.  Because of my insurance, though, I need to work with a CNM in a hospital. Any insights?


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I love Maxine Bauer at Women's Health Today. It is a small group. You will have the opportunity to meet all the providers as you may not have Dr. Bauer or whoever you choose deliver you but they are wonderful. FYI I would have chosen any of them.

Hi urban mama this is Renee I just came across your post, do you have questions about your insurance? Our group delivers at Providence Portland and Legacy Emanual, hope that helps, we take most insurance plans, we would be happy to care for you. Best of luck in your search for the right fit. Renee Beninger CNM Laurelhurstwoemnsclinic.com 503-231-0407

I love Karen Parker Linn, who is the only CNM at Providence Portland/Women's Health Today. She delivered my son, is delivering my second, and a number of my friends and coworkers have used her too. She's really great! And, the birthing rooms at Providence are pretty comfy and you get great nurse-care.

I had a horrible experience with that practice. I never interacted with Renee, but did with the other 2 people in the practice. I ended up with a premature delivery and c-section, which I was really hoping to avoid and had virtually NO interaction with them while in the hospital during my 22 hours of labor. Both Deena and Dr. Anderson were MIA all day until the time came for me to have a c-section. They also checked on me every day while in recovery, but didn't give me any information about what to expect while healing, what my restrictions were, etc... and weren't concerned when I was still bleeding months after my delivery when it turned out I still had placenta fragments in my uterus! I was really unhappy with my experience there and I would recommend using OHSU or another practice just to avoid having the possibility of dealing with someone other than Renee.

I have gone to that practice for 15 years and really love it. I started with a doctor who is now gone, but Dr Anderson delivered my second child and I still see him routinely. Each nurse I talked with in the hospital had wonderful things to say about him as well.
I saw Renee for my postpartum followup because Dr Anderson was delivering another. I liked her very much and her sympathy with my breastfeeding difficulties won me over too.
I also really like Dr. Anderson's nurse, Michelle AND all the office staff.

I am a patient of Laurelhurst womens clinc, I see Renee Beninger CNM. I have nothing but good to say about Renee, I truly feel that she is an amazing provider. She listened to all of my concerns and helped me get the answers I needed.

I am a patient of Renee Beninger CNM at this practice. As a nurse and mother of two I have had the opportunity to have both a "medical" and "midwifery" birth. First I would recommend the later of the two, as I felt complete support and was impowered through the guidance and direction of my midwife - resulting in a wonderful birth experience. As a patient of Renee's I always feel like I am heard. I have always been greeted with compassion, professionalism as well as a fond feeling of ease and comfort, I feel like she both a provider and a friend I can confide in when I need professional opinions/advice, her care is definately client centered as well as personalized to the need of the patient. She is a 10/10, and recommend her or women of all ages and needs.

Hi this is Renee again, I would be happy to answer any questions any of you may have about what I have to offer. I have a simple philosophy "its your birth!" I empower women and families to make their own informed choices. I do care for some high risk patients but have a love for low intervention birth, I give women a home birth experience in the hospital setting, acting as a guardian and expert coach. I provide 1:1 labor support. I have a low c-s rate and many very happy patients.

happy birthing.

Renee Beninger Urban Mama of Rex, Halsey, and Stone ages 5,4 and 3 :)

Laurelhurst is a small clinic with a "big" emphasis on caring! Thanks for all of your attention in my nine months of pregnancy! I hopee to have have more children with you!

Renee Beninger is great. She is supportive in everyway. The most impressive thing about
Renee is she really cares. She is patient and considerate of your feelings good or bad.She is not judgemental but proactive in the care of your baby as well as the rest of the family. You feel like family when you are with Renee. She is a soft place to land and a pillar to lean on. Thanks Renee

As a doula, I have had the opportunity to work with Renee Beninger, and I have to say I was mightily impressed. She was relaxed and upbeat, calm and at the same time energizing. She was fully present in attending to both the medical and non-medical needs of the whole family. It is a great benefit to have a care provider who you know will be at your birth. Renee has an easy manner that really does evoke the spirit of family, of familiarity, and any time you are able to relax more during labor it is a big, big benefit. I have worked with a number of hospital-based midwives and Renee is top-notch. As with any, though, personality match is key. So while Renee has my heartfelt recommendation, my advice is to meet with her. And if you find yourself smiling, feeling at ease, your questions answered or your fears assailed, then I'd say you've found the right midwife!

Hi there! Just a comment on great midwives...I am a nurse in labor and delivery with Prov. St. Vincent and we have an exceptional group of midwives that deliver here, Women's Healthcare Associates Midwives. I work with them professionally and a lot of us labor nurses see them personally for our care. Another note, I also teach a fun, personal and interactive chilbirth education workshop in the area. Check out my website www.babyloveworkshop.com and I would love to be a resource for any mama! Urbanmama, Dena Holstrom RN

I am saddened that insurance companies have the power to profoundly limit women's choices in healthcare. My "babies" are five and were born at home but I have chosen Renee as my primary healthcare provider. I would highly recommend Renee to anyone who chooses a hospital birth. Renee just loves being a midwife and it shows in the energy and compassion that she brings to women.

I have recently attended a birth as a doula for one of Renee's patients and have another client who will be delivering soon and is in the practice. I loved Renee as she was able to spend some time with mom doing labor support right along side doula and family. She is a terrific confidence builder and seemed to know just what to say and when to give space. Dad was very involved in "catching" the baby and Renee really helped facilitate this for the family. (I do not believe she gives any discount for dad catching though! ha.) Renee was very calming with a good sense of humor, and I was so happy to see another midwife working at Providence.
Shari Saldana, Birth Doula

Hi Urban Mama,
Renee Beninger is an AWESOME midwife! I have had the luxury of working with her as well as other midwives when I was a student. Renee has such a wonderful way about her. She is calm, caring, and very knowledgable. I was with her for multiple deliveries and she is right there for you; for what you want and what you need....if you need space to be with your partner for some time, she gives it to you; if you are afraid, she is there and gives you the support you need to find your inner strength. I was so touched by the way Renee cares for her patients that I have become one of her patients myself...in my mind, this is the highest compliment.
Hope this was helpful to you.

Hello ladies, thank you for your loving and supportive comments. To the above post "I had a horrible experience........." The midwife that was caring for you is no longer a member of our group. I hope this puts you at ease. Anyone that comes to see me will be able to see me and have a >98% chance of having me at their birth. That is the gift I give to my patients. Renee

FYI I also provide full scope GYN care :) Renee

Just another voice of support for Renee Beninger CNM. She is currently my provider for my third pregnancy and I appreciate the level of support and care I am receiving. I had my last baby at St. V's and went to Columbia Women's Clinic, and while there was nothing terribly wrong with it I'm really appreciating the smaller, more comfortable setting at Laurelhurst. I think Renee is a significant part of this experience.

I just heard about this thread and I'm wondering if you have made a choice yet. My son was born just over three years ago and was co-delivered by Renee, who was an intern at the time. I had met her and seen her in routine office visits prior to the delivery so I was familiar with her philosophy and approach to delivering babies. She wants to do it the way the mom wants to. What I remember most was that she arrived at the hospital about 30 minutes after I had and was there until my son was born--this was an all-nighter! She encouraged me throughout, bathed me, shared stories... everything to make me feel comfortable (I know that's an oxymoron) and able.

Renee is absolutely wonderful. I had a very fast labor and was going through transition right when I got to the hospital. I was begging my husband for drugs, even though I had set out, very adamantly, go to all natural. (I didn't end up going through with it.) Once Renee got there, I felt like someone was guiding me through my labor. I was in a lot of pain, obviously, and she kept a very sensitive balance of letting me rest & pushing me to do more. She allowed me to labor as was most comfortable for me, and she helped my husband to know what to do to help me. She was a coach for him as well as for me. She also allowed my husband to catch our son, which was amazing for him. I HIGHLY recommend Renee!!!

I see Renee over at Laurelhurst womens clinic, and she is awesome.. My daughter gave birth one week ago and Renee was on call and she was so great...We highly recommend Renee......

Good luck with your pregnancy. Just something you should know about Laurelhurst Women's Clinic:
I had used Dr. Anderson for two years with no issues. He is warm and friendly. He is not, however, aware or considerate of what the tests he recommends cost. He recommended a biopsy "just in case" because a test showed mild changes. I signed a credit agreement for $450. At the time I made the billing department aware that I was paying out of pocket and needed to know exactly what is would cost. I was told this is an estimate and they do not know "exactly" what it would cost. I accepted that (assuming the final bill would be close) and had the procedure done. One month later I got a bill for the biopsy interpretation totalling $3,100.00!!!!! (In additon to what I had already paid). What I had not been told and what was not written anywhere on the credit agreement that I signed was that their "estimate" was only for taking the biopsy and did not include any charges for looking at it. Of course I would want the tissue sample analyzed! So I should have been made aware that the analysis was not included when I directly asked the staff that question. If I am paying out of pocket and had told the woman that $450 was a lot of money for me, don't you think I would care if I go another bill in the mail for over $3000.00!!!! Dr. Anderson said he would take a biopsy. He ended up taking 4 pieces from the same location and I was charged for 4 separate biopsies at $750 each. The office has been unapologetic and Dr. Anderson has still not returned any of my 4 calls. I went from feeling comfortable at Laurelhurst to feeling completely misled and robbed. I do not trust them with my health anymore since they are obviously only concerned about tricking me into paying for a procedure they know I would have declined if I had been properly informed.

I called Laurelhust yesterday asking for an emergency appointment as I was having some pain not related to a pregnancy. I was very pleased that the receptionist was very caring and offered me assistance to get in the same day. I lucked up and saw Renee who I thought was very warm and welcoming. She even said "I'll be happy to take care of you". I have to say I was reluctant to go back to this clinic as I had my last 2 babies there by 2 different doctors who are nolonger there. At that time, it seemed liked the clinic had some behind the scene issues going on as they seem to loose doctors as soon as they bring them on board. Now that it has been over 4 years since I was last seen at Laurlehurst and now that I have found Renee, I definetely hope she sticks around because I would love to see her for my 5th and final pregnacy once it's time. She seems very open, friendly and AMAZING.....

Renee delivered my baby in april, it was an amazing experience, I almost caved in when the nurses kept pushing drugs but she looked at me and said you are almost there you can do it, and made me believe that I could no question! I went to see one other OB at the beginning of my pregnancy on the search for a doctor, he was so weird and creepy, and Renee is so calming and friendly, it was a perfect fit. I would recommend her to anyone.

I didn't have a good experience with this clinic. I didn't at all feel like I was in competent hands. For many reasons. I added a detailed review on yelp which may be helpful.

Happy birthing, ladies!

My wife and I contacted Laurelhurst Women's Clinic in her 35th week after realizing we were not on the same page with our OBGYN. They were able to schedule us for an appointment right away and we began to work with Jessica Aaker. Jessica is knowledgeable, flexible and friendly in her role as a midwife. She was willing to research and discuss alternative childbirth methods, even going so far as to remind us that we had wanted to try a ginger compress, grate the ginger herself, and apply during labor. Jessica created a comfortable, relaxed environment during our visits, taking the time to answer all of our questions. During labor, she was a pivotal part of our birth team. Jessica was calm, directive, and supportive. When my wife began to tire, Jessica encouraged her to try new positions, while involving me as a support person and active observer. We feel strongly that Jessica was an integral part in the success of our wish to have a drug free, vaginal delivery. Jessica was present during hospital recovery, and it was a pleasure to see her again, with our little one, for our follow up office visit. We highly recommend Jessica as a mid-wife, and look forward to her delivering our second....some day.

Nurse Joy at Laurelhurst Women's Clinic is fun and friendly. She definitely added to the experience. Thanks!

I am currently being seen at Laurelhurst By Jessica Aaker. She is an amazing midwife just as everyone is saying Renee is. I ended up in an emergancy situatution due to bleeding and it wasnt long before Jessica was at my side. Come to find out I was suffering from a placenta abruption and was in premature labor so I was transferred to Emanuel since I was so early. Even though I was no longer under Jessica's care for my cesarian delivery she was still a presence. She dropped by to check on me and my son, and she also made calls to check on me also. She gave support to not only me but to my family as well. You dont find that in medical professionals now days. All the staff at the clinic are friendly and caring. Not to leave out Jessica's nurse Joy, she's a kind soul that automatically makes you feel at home and comfortable! I would return to them both for a future birth if that was to happen, and would reccomend them to anyone that I love an care about!

hello Laurelhurst Women's Clinic fans, please check out our website laurelhurstwomensclinic.com and facebook page Laurelhurst Women's Clinic. We look forward to meeting you. Renee Beninger CNM

I had my daughter with Renee and I absolutely loved her. Not only was she guiding my pregnancy but she also was there for the birth. I always tell people... I can't believe just how calm and composed she was the whole time .. because my pushing stage was complicated as my daughter's elbow made it up by the head.. awful.. However, Renee believed in me and that energy transfered onto me... She is also a midwife with the least amount of epidurals administered. I warmly recommend Renee with all my heart!!!

please come and meet me? I would love to help you have the birth of your dreams! Renee

Renee Beninger is not a midwife I would ever go to again I'm glad I switched to a different midwife before I gave birth. Especially, for first time mother's or mother's who are a little overweight, do not go to Renee Beninger. Because of Renee being paranoid about my blood pressure, I bought a blood pressure machine for home and regularly had normal readings. The medical assistant at the Laurelhurst Women's Clinic uses too small of cuffs for large boned women and Renee tried to push me to be on high blood pressure medications when my blood pressure was fine/normal at labor and delivery. I ended up just having water labor at home and then giving birth at a hospital in which my blood pressure was 100% normal at labor/delivery and afterwards with no need for blood pressure medications. If you can at all, find a home birth midwife. I had a beautiful delivery, no unnecessary blood pressure medication and no c-section to an 8 lbs 6 oz daughter and my delivery was not with Renee.

Dear "not satisfied" this is Renee and I am so sorry that you feel this way about your care. I am more than willing to talk with you about any questions or issues you may have. Good luck to you and your baby. Sincerely Renee Beninger CNM

Laurelhurst woman's clinic is AMAZING! !! I had the best birth experience with Renee catching my lil Rocket Man :) I'm so glad I found such a wonderful, caring & professional clinic!

I LOVE Renee and everyone at Laurelhurst Women's Clinic. I am overweight and have had issues with Blood Pressure as well as Gestational Diabetes. Renee and Dr. Anderson helped me stay healthy and I have 3 beautiful, healthy children now. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about everybody at the clinic.

I love this clinic, and would recommend it to my closest friends. Renee was my midwife when I had my first child 4 years ago. I ended up having a rare condition called HELLP in which basically my body was shutting down (as Renee explained it to me three years later), and ended up having to have an emergency c-section. Not only was she comforting throughout the spinal block that I was nervous about, but she even went as far as to make me feel at ease about the scaring that it would leave, or hardly leave at all for that matter. (Dr, Anderson is a fantastic surgeon by the way)
Three years later, 2011, I used Renee as my midwife again for my second child. I felt at home right away, as Renee remembered exactly who I was and explained to me that she was going to watch me very closely since HELLP often comes on again if you've had it before. I never once felt like I needed to worry about my health. I was able to completely trust Renee, which is difficult for me to do. Her close attention to every detail I was, or wasn't experiencing made me feel at ease. I had a beautiful, healthy, 6 lb 3oz baby girl this December thanks to Renee's expertise. I couldn't imagine having anyone else as my midwife.. 8 weeks later, where most clinic's would be done with you, Renee is still writing ridiculous letters for me that my travel insurance is requiring for the trip I had to cancel due to the surgery. Talk about going above and beyond! Thanks, Renee by the way! :)
In response to "not satisfied" blood pressure is the only way to know that something like HELLP is coming on, so quite frankly that's fantastic that Renee was so concerned about your blood pressure... I doubt it was normal; however, because that seems strange to say that a medical professional was lying about your blood pressure. With all the raving reviews about Renee, with all due respect, "Not Satisfied" maybe it's just you?
Thanks Renee, Joy, and Lori at Laurelhurst Women's Clinic for making me feel like part of your family!

I do not only work for Renee Beninger at Laurelhurst Women's Clinic, I am also a patient . Although I do not have any children at this time, but the day I am blessed with a child there would be not doubt who I would to want to care for my unborn child and me. I wouldn't want anyone else to be my "baby catcher" . On another note this is a part of Renee her patients don't get to see. She often goes days with out sleep, eating and spending time with her family in order to be by a laboring patients side and you will never hear a complaint from her. Renee is a incredible women who truly loves her job. How many of us can say that?

Renee is an awsome midwife, I highly recommend her.
We had a bad experience with our first birth ( using an ob practitioner) and so for our second birth I was determined to find a midwife. After a lot of research I found Renee at laurel hurst and I'm glad I did. For my daughters birth she was their with me supporting and encurageing me throught the whole prosses and best of all She treated me like a friend and actually lisented to what I wanted/ needed. I recommend her to all my pregnate friends and even continued to use her as my gyn.

Oh and one more thing...I'm a big baby when it come to needles...and so when I needed to get my blood drawn by the nurse she actually stayed by my side and held my hand ( as I blubbered on like a whale ;) ). This little gesture ment so much to me and I have never came across another doctor that supported me like she did!

I just have to add to this post as a patient of Laurelhurst Women's Clinic.
My husband and I found out we were expecting our 3rd child and ended up choosing this clinic. I found Jessica Aaker on the internet and immediately after the first visit, was very pleased in my choice. She was pregnant at the time so I saw Renee after a while. I was equally pleased with her. I got to see Dr. Anderson as well, he personally did my sono and helped out with a few other issues. The whole team stayed on top of me as my blood pressure issues were concerning. I had a few other complications but ended up delivering at Providence and Renee was there. It was good to see a familiar-friendly face. Things progressed rapidly after the first two hours and I wasn't able to get my epidural. That was a first. Renee got down close to me and told me that I could do it! It would hurt but then we'd be done. My husband was very impressed with the whole experience. He never imagined he would be able to deliver our first son! When our son crowned, Renee offered to let him catch! What an unbelievable experience!

Our other two babies were delivered at Kaiser Sunnyside. I must say out of all of them, having our son was the best! Never have I had a more supportive team and I absolutely loved my midwives Jessica and Renee. If we were having more babies I would definitely go back to them. I am sad in a way that its all over and miss our visits. I also have to mention Nurse Joy who is fabulous as well. Very friendly, supportive and dedicated team. I can't imagine anyone having a bad experience at LWC. I am so thankful they were there.

I would recommend Renee and Laurelhurst clinic to anyone and have many times now! It saddens me that not satisfied would say that they would treat her any differently due to her weight because I know for a fact that they never would. If Renee recommended medication it was absolutely based off of medical reasoning and she would of worked with the client on alternative options if she expressed how much of a problem she had with using the medication. I would also like to point out that Renee is friends with and works in collaboration with many home birth midwives and is a supporter of every womans choice to give birth where she wants to. I was actually referred to Renee last summer by a home birth midwife and was so impressed with her that I have continued to see her and plan to have her do complementary care along with that of a home birth midwife as I plan to have a home birth as well, which Renee is incredibly supportive of. I would also like to mention that when I first met Renee I was a home birth midwifery student and she was helpful and informative and even let me job shadow with her full well knowing that at the time I had no intentions of working or giving birth in a hospital. Renee is great along with all the other staff at Laurelhurst!

Renee is amazing, as is the staff at the clinic. I always felt like my pre-natal appointments were the most important thing on Renee's mind. She was honest, open, supportive and always gave me research-based answers to my questions. My labor and delivery were magical because Reneee really took the time to get to know me and what I wanted. I still see Renee for my yearly exams. I would have no reseravtions about sending a good friend to her for any OB care.

I switched from Women's Health to Laurelhurst because of the extreme lack of professionalism. I am very critical when it comes to quality of service and I can tell you from experience that Laurelhurst is full of knowledgeable and caring professionals. Jessica Aaker was my midwife and I knew what I wanted my "dream birth" to be and was fully informed of what it could turn out to be. Jessica saw me each time and I also met Renee a few times because, this is a profession that deals with people and sometimes circumstances don't allow you to have it your way. Renee was very professional and real at the same time. Dr. Andersen wound up delivering my baby via c section because it happened to be the day after Thanksgiving and I knew if baby came on this particular weekend, I might be with Renee or Doc. Either way, my care was great, my scar is almost non-existent, and I saw Dr. A a lot during my self imposed 18 hours of labor.

The poster who had a very bad experience with their birth seemed to have a lot of complications and I can relate and feel for you, but I also think you can't please everyone, but we are certainly happy!

The moral of the story is that when one thing goes away from your expectations, everything else may seem bad too, but "don't throw the baby out with the bath water." no pun intended.

Renee discriminated against me. I switched to a different midwife but had still delivered at Providence. Renee falsely tried to say I had high blood pressure and this was refuted by the new replacement midwife I had and the labor and delivery doctor. In my chart notes Renee wrote on me, she ordered social workers to harass me at labor and delivery as well--I have a copy of her notes. In those chart notes, she stated I did not have a new provider when I discontinued service with her and then sent my records to labor and delivery. That was a lie, my new provider ordered and received Renee's records. Even though Renee was not my midwife, she sent my records to labor and delivery. Sure, if you are from a white picket fence family and are middle class---go to Renee Beniger. She absolutely has no cultural awareness background and she 100% made medical misdiagnoses in my prenatal care. She tried to say my blood pressure was high and for 2 days at the hospital social workers were in/out of my labor and delivery harassing me and saying they were there due to Renee Beninger and Renee wasn't even my current midwife. I will continue to tell people of Renee Beninger's unprofessionalism. If you are poor, big boned or it's your first pregnancy, I strongly suggest you do not see Renee Beniger.

@Elizabeth Rice--you misread my post. I stated the the medical assistant used too small of cuffs when taking my blood pressure--this is why the readings were wrong: see this link on the correct way for blood pressure to be taken: heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/HighBloodPressure/SymptomsDiagnosisMonitoringofHighBloodPressure/How-to-Monitor-and-Record-Your-Blood-Pressure_UCM_303323_Article.jsp#.TyziTPm9_Ks. I have documents to prove by my replacement midwife and labor and delivery OBGYN that I did not have high blood pressure at all. So, sorry, my poor experience with Renee Beninger was not me. Renee Beninger is a human and humans make mistakes. I'm still very grateful I switched to a different midwife and did not deliver my 1st born with Renee. By the way, that's great that you had a good experience with Renee Beninger--this does not mean everyone will have the same experience as you.

Although I was / am a patient of midwife Jessica and nurse Joy, who both gave me the most unbelievable and amazing care throughout my pregnancy, I did see Renee a couple of times during my pregnancy. At our first meeting, my husband, doula, and I had just come from a tour of the maternity ward in providence hospital so that we could check out the birthing facilities and better prepare for our birthing experience. Sadly, we had a terrible tour and our guide all but laughed at me for explaining our plans to have a natural, vaginal birth. When we shared our tour experience with Renee, she immediately took action by warmly reassuring us, and even though I was not her patient, she also called us the very same day to let us know she had corrected the situation and that future patients would not be forced undergo the same terrible tour. Renee made it clear that we could have the birth experience we wanted and that she would support and honor our birth plan and feelings. We fully intend to return to Jessica for all future pregnancies, but it makes us feel confident and secure to know that all the staff at Laurelhurst Women's Clinic is so caring and capable. We had the birth we dreamed of, and it was more beautiful and powerful than we could of imagined. (This was our first baby and we are poor and never once did we feel discriminated against or that our financial situation was a factor). Thank you!

@ abbie -- What a hilarious website this is--why are people trying to attack my own personal experience? Sorry, I don't speak for everyone when I share my experience and your personal experience with Renee certainly wasn't mine. All humans make mistakes and all humans are created differently. Why is it shocking that Renee Beninger makes mistakes? She made a mistake in my prenatal care. Why posters here are attacking my own personal experience is beyond me. No one can speak for each others experience. How about just share your personal experience without comparing my experience which was horrible? Again. Great that you had a great experience with Renee, that was not my experience and it is other people's experiences as well. Did you have a social worker bandwagon at your hospital labor and delivery ordered by Renee when I had I already switched midwives? Well, I did. Did Renee Beninger inaccurately try to say you had high blood pressure and then a different midwife and OB-GYN doctor (who delivered my healthy 8 lb 6 oz baby, no c-section, no complications) refuted that? Well, I did. I am poor, slightly overweight, big-boned, it was my first pregnancy and was I discriminated against. I don't speak for everyone who falls into any of those categories. All I have done is explain my experience and based unto the categories I fell into, make those recommendations for others.

My mom wanted me to have the best doctor, after talking to other people and doctors she came across Renee. My first time ever meeting her, she was so nice and caring. Had no doubt she was the best. I would come in just cause I couldn't hear my sons heart best and she let me listen to it for a while to reinsurance me he's fine. When it came to me giving birth I had to have a c section. His heart beat was under 100 when it was 160 during the nine months. And his cord was warp around his neck five times with his hand suck. I was beyond scared and since my mom was there she step in and played the mom roll. She was holding my hand, kept petting my hair since I told her that comforts me. She checked on me every day while i was there. I loved her work and I still see her to this day. I can't wait to have her be there for my second and son on!

I had a horrific experience with the billing practices at Laurelhurst Women's Clinic, where, because of the high deductable of my insurance plan, they necessitated a $2500 credit card charge to 'help with with payments later in the pregnancy'. My deductable was high because I couldn't afford the higher monthly premiums, so this logic was lost on me. I wasn't able to find another clinic who had an open appointment in the near future, so I went in. Without going into more painful detail, I left the clinic, emotionally drained after my appointment where nothing had actually been clinically achieved, and the cost of the initial visit was over $300, out of pocket - on top of the $2500 they had charged. They then double and triple charged me that large amount, in trying to refund the first charge...etc etc. You get the gist. It's really not what a pregnant woman should be dealing with. I would go to the Providence Maternal Care Clinic on Burnside. They are extremely lovely people, and they have a payment plan (since they're through Providence) if money is a worry. I wish I had gone there, first.

I am desperately seeking for a supportive midwife that has privileges at Emanuel and it seemed like Renee would be an extremely good fit. I am sorry to hear that they are unwilling to help someone who needs it more than anybody. Does anyone know of anyone who will attend a VBA3C?

I am exploring Laurelhurst and Renee after a negative experience with an OB/GYN at another clinic, and like the some of the other posts, the billing practices at Laurelhurst Women's Center are frustrating and discouraging -- if not downright wrong. I was to have my first appointment with Renee today, but learned an hour before they won't even SEE me until I pay half my insurance deductible (the timing is not their fault though.) I'm shocked -- not that I have to pay a deposit -- but that they refuse to provide any medical treatment unless this payment is received up front.

I'm new to this pregnancy game, but this policy seems strange to me (despite the billing person's assertion that it's perfectly normal). None of my many friends with children have ever come across a similar policy either. The other clinic had a deductible but required it be paid by a certain point. They also told me in writing, nicely stating normal birth charges and what they expected my portion to be considering insurance. (One thing I liked about the other clinic is that I knew what to expect.) I feel like a commodity, not a person.

That said, Laurelhurst did provide me with a 15-minute meet and greet. Renee seems very nice. The receptionist has also been more than pleasant. Can't say the same for the billing person. (She entered the room and went into a 5 minute speech then made to leave before I was like, "Wait a minute, I have questions here." She was very defensive, but likely knew that I was unhappy with and confused by the policy beforehand. She basically made me feel guilty for having crappy insurance. Hello, this is the U.S! Most of us have crappy insurance.) I haven't made my decision. Searching for care has been the most frustrating aspect of this pregnancy. I'm exhausted but at 6 months along, I need to find something soon.

Hi ladies I have recently relocated to a new practice and I would love to see you soon. I will be providing water birth as well as full scope OB/GYN care and primary care for women and teens. Renee Beninger CNM

(503) 620-5556
11970 SW Greenburg Rd · Portland

you can message me via facebook if you have questions


If you want a VBAC or a midwife clinic with an OB backup and your insurance is accepted at PPMC, I highly recommend Providence Maternal Care Clinic on Burnside. Best of the best these ladies are. You only see the MD if you have to, and she's fantastic. Good luck!

FYI we are also doing VBACS at St. Vincent's through Southwest Family Physicians and have a great OB back up, Dr.Virginia San Miguel. Thanks for reading. Renee Beninger CNM

I have had Dr. Ross Anderson as my OB/GYN for more than 30 years. He delivered my youngest son and I have been back for all female needs since that time. I have ALWAYS found him to be a wonderful, warm and caring doctor and I am hoping I never have to change to a new doctor due to him deciding to do something silly like retire or something.

Things have changed a whole lot since my children were born, but one thing that has never changed is how comfortable I feel with Dr. Anderson and the level of confidence I have in him.

I have been seeing Diana Shane, CNM at Laurelhurst Women's Clinic and she has been wonderful. I have also had a chance to meet Dr. Anderson and their most recently hired midwife, Reb. The whole team, including office staff, has been great. (I'm 39 weeks pregnant, about to deliver next week).

I haven't had any experience with the hospital midwifery groups but I was attracted to Laurelhurst Women's Clinic because of the smaller practice and the higher likelihood that I would be able to stick with one midwife throughout my term and for my delivery, as opposed to being shuffled around. So far that has been my experience, and I have been pleased.

I am trying to call Laurelhurst Women's Clinic but the listed number doesn't work. Anybody know anything???

The clinic has closed

Diana Shane, CNM and Reb Huggins, CNM now operate under The Oregon Clinic - Women's Health Today Midwife Clinic. Their new office at The Oregon Clinic has access to previous patients’ records and welcome you to schedule an appointment. Their office number is (503) 239-6800.

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