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Comments on Legacy Meridian Park?

We all know how helpful it is to hear first-hand experiences.  An urbanMama recently emailed:

My family recently moved to Lake Oswego and the closest hospital is Legacy Meridian Park in Tualatin.  Have you given birth there?  I would love to know:

  1. how you liked the hospital and staff?

  2. if you had/have a doctor that you absolutely love - name?

  3. do they have a post delivery "mom's group"?


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I gave birth there over the summer. My OB was Dr. Girolami. I really liked him and his office staff. He's with Womens Healthcare Associates. The hospital itself was pretty good. The beds were REALLY uncomfortable. That is probably my biggest complaint, but it is also the first time I've stayed in the birthing suite. The other three times (yes, three!), in California, I was moved to a regular room. They do have post delivery classes and Mom's groups, but I didn't participate.
Hope this helps!

This isn't first hand so I hope you don't mind my 2 cents. My sister in law just gave birth at Legacy Meridian in February. After a very difficult birth, my nephew had a really high heart rate and labored breathing that didn't regulate for more than a week. He was on oxygen in the nursery the whole time while his pediatrician puzzled over the cause.

My brother certainly felt very scared that they were in such a small hospital that isn't set up to deal with really emergent situations. Had my nephew not improved, they would have transferred him to Legacy Emanuel or St. Vincent.

On the other hand, because it was such a small hospital, my nephew had a dedicated nurse who basically watched him constantly. They also allowed my brother and SIL to stay in their room for free (they didn't receive nursing care or meals) until the baby was released from the hospital which was a really nice benefit.

Congratulations on your baby and good luck with your decision.

I gave birth to both of my kids there. My Dr. was Marguerite Stewart. She was/is the best. She fit well with my laid back personality and I never felt rushed when visiting or embarrassed with questions.

The nursing staff is great. All of the nurses were very friendly and accommodating and the birthing rooms are a good size. They also have wonderful lactation consultants who are very patient and informative.

They do have provide post delivery classes and moms groups.

It's a great hospital to deliver at.

I also gave birth there. Dr Stewart was not my doctor, but she did deliver my daughter. I thought all the care I recieved there was wonderful. I loved the suite we stayed in, the nurses and doctors were all really nice. We have moved farther away, but I will return to the Womens Healthcare Associates and Meridian park when I get pregnant again eventhough it is a 20 minute drive for me because I can't imagine the experience being better.

Both Dr. Girolami and Dr. Stewart are absolutely wonderful! Dr. Stewart delivered my first baby and Dr. Girolami delivered my second - both times at Meridian Park. Although Meridian Park does allow you to stay in the same room post birth (something that I very much appreciated), the nursing care I experienced was inconsistent - either fabulous or painfully indifferent. Having visited friends, with their new babies, at St. Vincent's, I prefer the environment of Meridian Park, as it has less of a "hospital" vibe and the rooms are far more spacious with more amenities.
Legacy does have a new mom's group but I did not attend.
Best of luck to you!

I had both my children there and loved my experience both times. I liked the fact that I was able to stay in the same room for delivery and recovery, and the nurses were great. For my first child, the lactation nurse was a life saver, very nice and understanding. The rooms are large and comfortable, and they even let me have about 6 or 7 people in the room when I gave birth. I would definitely reccomend Legacy Meridian Hospital.

Hi there-

I had both my daughters there, and even though I would for Providence, I would only recommend Meridian Park as the place to have your baby. As you can see from other comments, it is great that you stay in the same room, and it honestly has a somewhat hotel feeling rather than a hospital. The nurses are absolutely great and you have dedicated ones to take care of you as well as your baby. My doctor was Dr Girolami, and I just can't say enough about him or Women's Healthcare Associates. I had some serious complications with my first one, which were uncontrollable, but Dr Girolami just made the whole experience amazing and realy overshadowed any problems I was having. I would say, please give it a try, not knowing you, but knowing many different people and friends who have had their children there, it makes this wonderful time in your life a very happy and memorable experience.

Good Luck!

I did not deliver at Meridian Park but many friends have and had good experiences there. I attended the New Mom's group on Tuesdays. It's a well-attended group with a wonderful leader, Tracy, who is also a lactation consultant. She helped us a lot as did the advice of other new moms.

Here's a link to more info about the group: http://www.legacyhealth.org/body.cfm?xyzpdqabc=0&id=6

I had a wonderful experience at Meridian Park - the nurses were terrific! My doctor was Dr. Anton Broms from Women's Healthcare Associates and he was great. Because the maternity ward there isn't as busy as some others, the nurses were especially attentive - one even came in to watch TV with me on her break to keep me company. The room was very comfortable and the food was actually pretty good. Can't say enough about how great Meridian Park is!

I gave birth at Meridian with Dr. Marguerite Stewart in 2007. It was wonderful! The birthing suite was huge and I had it all to myself. My husband had a comfortable place to sleep. The nurses and lactation specialists were so helpful. I also like the fact that they had a birthing tub. Meridian Park wasn't even fully covered by my insurance, so I paid the difference to go there. I don't think I would give birth anywhere else. :)

I gave birth a Merdian Park and with Dr. Lisa Pew. She was amazing and I had a beautiful birth experience. The hospital is lovely and the nurses are awesome! My husband and I would highly reccommend this birthing center.

Nice place, but VERY expensive: the room and board rate for BABY is $2,007/night without any complications or intervention. And that's for a very healthy term baby.

Mama's room and board is billed separately and this excludes all birthing expenses.

I was shocked: when they add in the nursery fees and diapers, the total fees for BABY ALONE were $7,218 for 68 hours at LMP Birthing Center.

The actual birthing experience at Meridian Park was good. The rooms are very nice. However, Meridian Park was not my preferred Provider, and I used the "rate match" program which assured me I would be billed the same as if I went to St. Vincent's.

This is not how it worked. I was charged the same percentage as I would have been charged at St. V's, but not the same amount. I also had another deductible to meet - the out of network deductible. After six months of arguing over the matter I paid the bill for the pay-in-cash discount.

A new neighbor of mine was promised the same thing. She said the rate match did not work and she and her husband argued about it with Meridian Park for months and were able to get it reduced slightly. If you are looking to use the rate match, don't bother, it doesn't work. Go to St. V's.

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