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Paid family leave: It's in the news

PPL_five_finalized1_circleboarder Letters to the editor, Blue Oregon, The Oregonian.  Paid family leave is in the news and open for public discussion!  So chime in -  the more support people show the better.  I submitted a Letter to the Editor in response to Susan Nielsen's piece this past Sunday, and it was printed today.  I wonder if any of you feel like this?

As Oregon parents who have experienced unpaid family leave twice, we know first hand the challenges it presents.  We know how hard it can be to set aside enough money while pregnant or planning to be.  We recall parenting alone because our partner was working hard to replace our income, missing important family time at home.  We returned to work with no sick or vacation time because we had exhausted it all to afford three months of parental leave.  We lamented my first post-partum paycheck, which was greatly reduced by repaying health insurance premiums incurred while not earning.  And our hearts were heavy from leaving our babies with a practical stranger because we couldn't afford to miss another paycheck. 

Just about every Oregonian you'll meet has a family member to care for.  Let's make sure they don't have to choose between their family and their job. 


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Hey! Two more letters to the editor in the 2/19 Oregonian from supportive moms! We're starting to sound pretty organized and numerous. Perfect.

There is another editorial article in the Sunday Oregonian against paid family leave by Elizabeth Hovde (Opinion section page B4) entitled "A Payday for No Work? Let's Give it a Deserved Rest". I am writing her a email...her article is astoundingly ignorant...I encourage you all to do the same. Elizabeth Hovde's email address is: ehovde@earthlink.net

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