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Baby Pool: Are you in?

I've been to baby showers that included games like guessing how round mama's belly is or who could chug a bottle of milk fastest.  Come to think of it, we could've played said games at one of my baby showers.

Someone at my office is expecting her first, and announced that she was putting together a baby pool: "Who's in?"  It occurred to me, I hadn't the faintest what categories I'd include in a baby pool.  There are the usual categories like: baby's birth date and time, length, weight, head circumfrence, gender (if you don't know already), name (if you don't know already), duration of labor.  What about other categories?

  • Where did labor start?
  • Who was present at baby's birth?
  • Was it raining, sunny, or overcast when baby was born?
  • What was mama's last meal before baby was born?
  • Did baby have hair?

What do you think, mamas?  More categories to add?  How about how to administer the thing: do you pay to play and winner takes all?  Or, do you think the whole thing is silly?  Did you or a friend run a baby pool with any of the babes?


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We did it with one of my co-workers once and the deal was that it was $1 a guess and the money went to the diaper fund. It was fun!

I've seen it done with 1/2 proceeds to winner and 1/2 to college fund.

same here - proceeds have always gone to a college fund or savings account for the baby.

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