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Activistas: What's going on?

ActA Badge 2 Lots to discuss and some important action opportunities over on Activistas this week.  Including the downtown coffee hour next Wednesday, March 4th from 10 to 11 AM.  Hope you can join us!  Some recent topics...

  • Email us your family pics to support paid family leave.  We've got this plan.  And we hope you'll help - 'cause without you, the plan can't work.  It's like this:  We're making photo postcards to send to our state legislators, to show them who we are, and how very many Oregonians there are who support paid family leave.
  • Attend a house party for paid family leave.  There's one in Eugene on Saturday 3/7 and another in Clackamas on Sunday 3/8 - and more in the works.  If you can't attend or that's not your neighorhood, spread the word.  The e-vites are open so anyone can invite friends & family.  The idea is to learn about the bill and our grassroots campaign - then contact your state legislator.
  • Protect us from our peanut butterWe wish we were Mumfred the Magician and could make this nasty peanut recall disappear.  As everyone knows by now, the FDA has recalled hundreds of products containing peanut butter from the Georgia-based Peanut Corporation of America.


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