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Activistas: The Latest

ActA Badge 2 Hey good news: there are more Activistas these days so we're busier.  And able to write about and tackle more issues.  Like, for example, these:

Parents for Paid Leave: Join Us this Saturday, 2.14.  So you probably noticed that the legislature's in session in Salem.  And maybe you heard that the Oregon Women's Health & Wellness Alliance announced its legislative agenda last week - with paid family leave on the list!  So we're talkin' any day now.  Are you ready?

Send a message to Salem with your reject plastics.  A year or so ago we delivered bags of recalled toys to our Congressional delegation. And then voila they passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which went into effect yesterday.

Turn Portland's Vision into Action: Add the parent perspective.  As parents, most of us feel deeply invested in the future of our community because our kids ARE the future, and the future of this community is the future our kids will either enjoy or suffer.  But did you know that our city has a bold collective vision for the future?  Do you want to be part of making this vision a reality for your children? 

Farm to School does PDX.  We've written more than once about school food.  Seems everyone's got an opinion. And why not, it is what our kids eat, right?   So if you're really into this issue, you're in luck, because the mother of all conferences is comin' to town - March 19-21, 2009.  

Stimulus is for families, too.  Let's Pass It!  No doubt you've heard a great deal in the past couple weeks about the economic recovery package working its way through Congress.  With so much money at stake and so many people in need, it can be overwhelming to sort through the information and the spin. 

What will Michelle do for work-family policy?  I was reading an article on the First Lady's policy agenda and how it's shaping up, and came across this list that a bunch of women's workplace advocates would like to see her tackle. 

And so much more.  Got an issue you want to see covered?  Want to submit a guest post on an issue near and dear to your heart?  Get in touch.  We're all ears.


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And don't forget the Stand for Children Presidents Day Rally to protect kids and schools! Go to www.stand.org/or/rally to register.

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