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What is the podcast for the urbanMama?

Podcasts are something I should get into, but anything with a "pod" is a bit too high tech for me.  Do you need an iPod to listen to a podcast?

Anyway, I digress.  I surely understand the value of the podcast, if only I could figure it out.  An urbanMama recently emailed:

What are you listening to/watching these days? I am stuck in a Fresh Air and This American Life podcast rut and a Daily Show, FoodTV on demand/TiVo rut. Any great podcasts or shows out there that I should learn about? Especially ones that although topical, aren't out of date in a week? What about good ways to get new music or TV? Anyone tried Hulu? I like TV and have TiVo, but my TiVo is full of George, Clifford, and Martha, rather than interesting mama shows. What are your recommendations?


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My 25 year old brother is a huge fan of Voodoo for tv, which apparantly also gets Hulu. Being 35 myself with two children and limited TV time that doesn't involve PBS kids, I have no idea what those two things even do. I did enjoy the various Ricky Gervais podcasts a couple of years ago. I'm pretty sure you can still download the first two seasons for free, even though they charged for the later seasons.

Everyone varies on music taste..but KCRW does a song of the day podcast with typically newer musicians...they also tend to do podcasts of some of the performers that come into their studio that are pretty good.

When I was pumping at work, I really enjoyed Splendid Table (great food stuff!) and Studio 360 on NPR. Free to download!

We love the Moth podcast - they're short and entertaining stories.

We love Hulu! Since the addition of a baby and trying to squeeze extra work hours in at night, all the shows I loved I never get to see. Hulu to the rescue! Catching up on House is where I'm headed next.

I also love the Splendid Table and This American Life podcasts. They are seriously two of my favorite things in life. WNYC's Radio Lab is good too. I also listen to OPB's Think Out Loud and Live Wire! if they have people or topics I am interested in on their programs. And I watched a good amount of Hulu when I was nursing my baby for the first couple months- it was a great thing to have when I was just sitting in the chair rocking and feeding for hours on end, especially since we don't have a TV.

Pandora Radio is a free service that has many more functions that I have even begun to appreciate but the gist of it is that you type in the name of an artist whose music you like and the website essentially searches for and locates other artists it feels fit into the same genre. You vote as you listen to the songs on whether you like them or not and the station "learns" your preferences. You can create a variety of "stations".

Here is the link:


No Ipod needed for a podcast. I recommend This American Life. I can never listen to it over the air but can find time when working on the computer.

Wait! Wait! Don't tell me is also available via podcast, and I think it is available just a day or two after the show airs in Portland. I can never actually listen to it or This American Life when they are broadcast ("Quiet kids, I know it is the weekend morning, but mom needs to listen to the radio for an hour. Shh!") so I like to listen while walking to and from work.

CBC in Canada (www.cbc.ca) has some great shows...Radio 3 is new music, As It Happens is a current affairs show.

It took me a long time to get an ipod (compared to others), but I did it just for the podcasts. I like to listen to audio books, but don't have time to find my fave genres at the library. I haven't gotten into audio books yet on my ipod, because I'm having such a good time with the podcasts. I'm in heaven! I never miss my favorite shows, and have access to ones I'd never heard of!

Anyway, browsing around the NPR sites, you start running across some, and then as you set up itunes to subscribe, others come into the window and you can try them. Also, the BBC has some good ones. Some podcasts are a few minutes, others are almost an hour. Get it done guy, and how things work, are fun too. I always do the Wait Wait, and This American life. WNYC has some good ones. Performance Today is nice, too.

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