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Stomach flu: What to do

All the families whose tweets I've been reading this past week have seemed to come down with the stomach flu that struck my entire extended family this week (Monroe rung in the new year by throwing up all over me at 1:30 a.m. January 1, and then it just spread). It's extremely contagious, if my family is any indication, but seems to affect the smallest people first.

I've consulted the family pediatrician and the internets, and here's what I've learned:

  • the stomach flu (which could be any of a number of different viruses) has an incubation period from four to 48 hours
  • the disease can be picked up by hand-to-mouth contact with vomit or poop, through kissing a sick baby or sharing a cup or sucking on the same toy
  • washing hands thoroughly, for at least 15 seconds of vigorous rubbing-together, is the best way to prevent transmission (though if you're caring for a child with the disease, it's hard to avoid it)
  • once you've got the disease, avoid eating or drinking anything while you're vomiting.
  • babies and toddlers can be tried on about an ounce of breastmilk or Pedialyte after they've gone for an hour without throwing up. For older children and adults, a few ounces of water, Gatorade or Pedialyte.
  • check for signs of dehydration: fewer than three wet diapers / trips to the bathroom in 24 hours; dry mucous glands in the mouth, compared to well family members; no tears when crying. If you think your child is dehydrated, take him to the hospital. Pregnant women and babies are most vulnerable to dehydration.
  • after four hours without throwing up, it's safe to try bland foods. I've heard differing opinions on what is best and would love to hear your advice; toast, bananas, applesauce and rice are popular options, and chicken broth and chicken noodle soup are also recommended.
  • one pediatric nurse recommended foods high in fat to recover from the diarrhea that usually follows the vomiting, such as toast with butter, whole milk, ice cream, fatty meat, and whole milk yogurt, and to avoid foods high in fiber, such as dried fruit. There seem to be two very different schools of thought here though.
  • the illness can last between 24 and 60 hours, but you could be contagious for quite a while afterward. In my family's experience, the vomiting lasts 12 to 24 hours (and a bit longer for the younger babies) and the general achiness, fatigue, and light-headedness goes on for as much as three days.

Is your family sick too? Any helpful hints or advice?


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A remedy for nausea/vomiting that our family pediatrician told my mom when we were kids (and one that still works well for me to this day!) is to give a child small sips of warm, flat Coca Cola Classic served on ice every fifteen minutes (make sure most of the carbonation has settled out). It seems to settle the stomach. I have been using this myself for morning sickness…

ginger ale works also, without the caffeine. (for the little ones that can't handle the taste of pedialyte or gatorade). When we had the rotovirus last year, the ER (yes, it got that serious) pointed out he was mostly likely to throw up on an empty stomach, so we made sure to give him a snack before bedtime... and he was throwing up after 1am. Also, the BRAT (bananas, applesauce, rice and toast) is a classic response to sore tummies. Good luck washing up and feel better soon everyone!

my favorite post vomiting eatable is Jello (regular, not sugar-free) because it's hydrating and helps replace lost calories. I haven't done this with a child though, just myself.

Our family has had rotovirus 3 times and two of those we all had to go to the ER due to extreme dehydration. this virus spreads so fast! I spread it to my sisters family and my husband spread it to his work crew within days!

My tips as a seasoned pro are cool chamomile tea sipped for the children and hot chamomile tea for the adults - this seems to really calm the tummies. Also keep a supply of otter pops, juice pops and instant rice on hand ( it's hard to wait 25 minutes for rice when you are sick!).

The ER gave us anti nausea suppositories which work lightening fast.. this is only if you have non stop vomiting for 13 hours like we did! ( and we were moving into our new house at the time. Good times.)

Good luck!
Carry purrell and sanitize shopping carts, shopping baskets, Debit machine pens, etc. And try to avoid OMSI and CM! This is always when we catch this virus!

Because little ones can get seriously dehydrated so fast, one of the recommendations I've read is to try to replace fluids lost through vomiting and diarrhea. So give them some sips of pedialyte or water without waiting to see if they go an hour without vomiting. I haven't run that by a doctor, though. Maybe it is most important with diarrhea?

One thing I would stay away from when recovering from diarrhea are large quantities of fruits and vegetables. The fructose and fiber, which if you think about would ordinarily help keep you regular, are too much for your fragile intestines. I stick to toast and tea when I'm on the mend--except last time when I ate a big bowl of beets. What was I thinking?

As for not catching it in the first place . . . real handwashing (soapy lather, careful scrubbing) is great, but everyone (literally) is going to get the rotovirus at some point. Once you've had it once, it's usually not so bad in the future.

good advice above. during this hellacious vacation, besides being snowed in and stuck inside, and no extra christmas activities, etc., we all had colds and that stomach flu. this vaca totally sucked. a fitting end to a sucky 2008 around here....i figure it can only get better, right?

great tips here - I'm going to try the cooled chamomile tea for our little one next time we get hit.

the combo that's worked best for us is ginger ale and warm rice with avocado for first few meals plus juice pops here and there.

Thanks for this post!
My 3 year old started throwing up last night and I'm bracing for it to run through the rest of the family. Now I'll be ready with my chamomile tea, toast, apple sauce, etc. Oh the joy! :-)

If I could put a little of my experience in here....stay away from jello, juice, etc that is brightly colored unless you really know for certain they are done vomiting.

I rang in the new year with this flu virus. Spent the night in the bathroom. It was lovely. I thought for sure it was food poisoning at first, until the next day I had a fever. A kind family member told me to drink lots of fluids..boy i wasn't ready for that yet. Chills set in after about 24 hours of the bug. But after finally getting a little water intake and sleeping for 9hours straight i was feeling better. Then I stuck to the BRAT diet. (bread, rice, applesauce, and tea) for almost two days. Also rehydrated with Gatorade, chick broths. I'm still experiencing an upset stomach and my digestive system is a mess still!

Finally after few days with stomach upset.
I remembered that used to take bittters for it.
Well wish I didnt wait so long because I took it in few minutes I got sick and rid of it for good.
Bitter can be fond at a liquar store you have to ask for it.Maybe even at shoprite not sure.
It looks like worchester bottle.
Here is a link to describe it and how it works.

And it says its like 44% alcohol but I dont taste it and dont feel nothin from it.


But just add it to a very little bit of club or ginger or what ever you prefer like half a glass.It only needs like 8 drops in soda.
So you don't have to drink that much to make it work and drink more if no results in like a 1/2 hr.
It's like 10 dollars a bottle but it really works even for burping right away also.And doesnt take much so will last forever.

Oh by the way I kept drinking it through the night and little in morning just make sure it was gone.
I don't think I needed to because it already felt pretty good but /i wanted to make sure it was gone.
And it really is harmless to do so.

I am a mom with small children who has really grown to hate the stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis). I also have a PhD in biochemistry and I've been researching the unpleasant subject. I put all the facts that I've uncovered on my website www.stopthestomachflu.com. I believe if people were more aware of the stomach flu facts including how it is spread, we all wouldn't have to get it so often. The stomach flu is extremely contagious and is very hard to keep the illness from spreading to other people who live in your house. When the first person comes down with it, expect someone else to come down with it about 2 days later. It is very important for everyone to know that a person is contagious for at least 3 days after their symptoms have stopped. Don't go to other people's houses to visit until everyone in your family has been well for 1 week or you'll give the stomach flu to them. Also, the viruses can live for about 2 weeks on household surfaces. So, don't have company visit your house until everyone has been well for 2 weeks. Keep kids home from school for 3 days after. Keep them home longer if they are just in pre-school. Also, disinfecting wipes like Clorox wipes and Lysol wipes do not kill the viruses that cause the stomach flu. A 10% solution of household bleach in water is the best thing to use. If people would just stay away from others and keep their kids home from school for a few days after having the stomach flu, we all wouldn't have to get it so often.

i have the stomach flu right now. first my baby sister then my mom then me then my older sister and last my dad. i feel horrible

I hope you are your family are better, Jessica. For information about avoiding the stomach flu in the future, please read my website. www.stopthestomachflu.com

Four of my kids have had the stomach virus off and on for three weeks now. The littlest one (5) has had bouts of it four times now. My 15 year old had it bad one day, then two weeks later just had diarrhea. My 11 year old was sick with throwing up and diarrhea twice with about a week and a half between sicknesses. My eight year old thought he wasn't going to get it, but got it the worst. He had high fever, throwing up, diarrhea and would think he felt better one day, but then throw up the next night. He had been sick for 6 days, felt better one day, then started throwing up again!!! Luckily, they only throw up at night a couple of times. help!! I've been cleaning everything!

Elizabeth, I am so sorry for you and your family. You've had a month of nonstop stomach flu. You've probably set a world record. It is possible that you've been plagued by more than one germ. Be sure to clean with chlorine bleach. Disinfecting wipes DO NOT kill stomach flu viruses. Please visit my website if you would like more information. http://www.stopthestomachflu.com
Please post again and let us know when everyone is okay.

I totally agree with Annie. I can't believe how many people who have the stomach flu and also their kids, continue to knowingly spread the virus by contact with other children (playdates, sending sick kids to school etc) and eating in public restaurants. It is completely selfish and discouraging! I feel like I'm fighting a loosing battle because even if I take all the necessary precautions to protect my family, other uninformed or inconsiderate people refuse to acknowledge that one is still contagious for up to 2 weeks after symptoms have gone away. Please please please could everyone practice good handwashing and for goodness sake, stay home if you have the dreaded stomach flu!!

i have the flu all night, and i throw up and had diarrhea this morning as well, but my stomach still hurts, and i feel like i am boiling up.
how do i settle my stomach?

My 19 month old daughter has it right now, crept up 3 hours ago and she has thrown up every 15 minutes like clock work. I cant believe its waking her up in her sleep. This is simply awful. My husband snd I are informing everyone we will not be attending work/sch0ol for a few days. My heart goes out to everyone with this virus, espicially the helpless little ones.

I am finally finding out that this stomach virus isnt just in my house! I have had it four times since the end of November 2008. My 7 year old son has had it twice. My just got it on Saturday morning. There are many different strands of this virus trust me. I am at my wits end with this. I have bleached everything in my house remote controls,light switches, computers, handles literally everything. It only takes one person touching it and boom the house is reinfected again on everthing that person has touched. I feel for everyone on this site and hopefully it gets better. I am praying that I nor the rest of my family get it yet again.

I got the stomach virus early Saturday morning. I am 34, and had intended to go to my neices for her birthday this weekend. I'm so glad I didn't...
After spending Sat. day and eve throwing up bile and having diarrhea, my symptoms calmed down. I got through the vomiting by sucking on ice cubes and eventually sipping small little sips of ginger ale. It was still incredibly unpleasant, just as it was the last time I had it - 8 years ago. (I do not have any kids and I believe this is the reason I've avoided it for long stretches of time). By Sunday morning I was feeling much better, no more of either vomiting or going to the toilet. Unfortunately, about 8 hours ago the symptoms started on my husband. This thing worked FAST. He thought he was just full from dinner which turned to vomiting, which turned to horrific diarrhea and been up the whole night.
From what I've read on here it's crucial to not go visit your family/friends or vice versa if you've come down with this recently (2 weeks to be sure). Being in close promiximity can turn a happy weekend to hell, spcifically when there are kids and elderly in the mix! Best to everyone-

Thank you, everyone, for your advice on here. I thought I was totally healed after two days of the stomach flu. Now I know I still need to take it easy. The problem is that I am a teacher, and I enjoy being around people. How long should I stay away from the kiddos?

We just had this run lightning fast through our family of six, myself included. Some only vomited, others only had the diarrhea, a couple had both- at the same time (poor kiddos!). I learned a long time age to remember BRAT... Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. I use soft ripe bananas, instant rice, WARM applesause and lightly buttered toast. Lots of warm tea in many flavors (no milk or lemon, just sugar if they want it). Chicken Soup works great. And a cup of water drank with a spoon- large amounts of water will upset their stomachs, but sneeking it in a spoon full at a time will help keep it down, and give little ones something to do. If they spill on themselves, its OK- its only water. Keeping it simple is always correct, the old wives tails work... at least for us!

This year it's insane! I have developed and actual phobia in the last 4 years of the stomach virus. We get it usually two times a year and I am dedicated handwasher! It has gotten to the point I'm afraid to go anywhere in the winter months :( My family has had it since January off and on. My children both have had it twice, I had it once and my husband somehow remains untouched. My daughters whole daycare went down with it and that place follows all the regulations, it's just impossible to stop it seems. And today a girl in her class (after a 2 week hiatus from it) threw up all over. So I'm guessing we will be going for round three. I can not believe it's mutating this fast, and it seems no way could there be this many different strains circulating all at once. I have never seen anything as bad as this winter. my poor son had diarrhea for 11 days! some other family member that we have not seen also got it and had to be hospitalized. I wish they'd develop a vaccine for this. I can't take much more.

Sarah, (and anyone else who is interested) I completely understand your phobia. I had never worried about the stomach flu in my life until my 1 year old was so sick he had to go to the ER. I was sick too, but as the mother, I still had to take care of everyone. Since then I've researched the subject. I put all of the information on my website http://www.stopthestomachflu.com
I think educating people about how the stomach flu is spread and how long people are contagious would help us all not have to get it so often. People are contagious for at least 3 days after their symptoms have stopped so the children should really keep them home if at all possible. Also, the daycare workers need to wear disposable latex gloves for all diaper changes. Technique matters. They need to take the gloves off and throw them away AFTER they are done cleaning up the poop but BEFORE they put the babies clothes back on. They still need to wash their hands after. Disinfecting wipes do not kill these stomach flu viruses. Please read my website for more information. Feel free to send it to your entire daycare class. I hope your family doesn't get round 3.

Hi there! My son had a short lived stomach virus last friday and was fine by sat, then my daughter came down with it this past friday, a week later but has had it really bad. She was sick all Friday night every 45 minutes and then seemed pretty good until she was did the motions again Sat. Night at dinner time. Then I thought we were over it completly and we were starting to introduce bland foods when she went to bed last night and threw up again at midnight. Aghh! We are going on vacation on Friday morning early and I am so scared that I will get it or she will not be better. I am hoping my son won't get it again? Any advice??

Oh no I've got it right now and I really can't be bothered. Please someone tell a cure that helps me quickly!

My 2 yo DD came down with the stomach flu on Wed - she vomited 4x Wed, then once late on Thurs. I threw up once last night, but not since then. It it possible that I'll only get sick the one time?

My daughter has had stomach flu for 10 days now..(9 monhts)..the wierd thing is that she is eating and drinking fine..but throws up only about once every day or every other day..just when we think its over she throws up again...I got the stomach flu after that, but have been fine for the past 2-3 days...I had diaherria and some vomitting...any advice would help since she seems to fine most of the time but then throws up suddenly when you least expect it..and then is fine again for 24-36 hours...

My 4 yr old has been sick for 4 days the worst was the first night(all night long)..the second night no vomiting..then the 3rd night vomiting once. the 4th night vomiting once only he is fine all day playing and eating toast, crackers, sprite and then throws up every night after 1am only once... The only solution we can come up with is just do not eat,as horrible as that sounds... he has no diarrhea... this stuff is the worst thing ever..

For a wealth of information to protect your family from the stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis) and food poisoning, please read my website. http://www.stopthestomachflu.com or

I know it is not the most professional looking website because I'm not that talented at making websites. But the information is fantastic.

My husband woke up the 2 nights ago with nausea and a very upset stomach. He ended up in the bathroom all night with diarrhea. He then started vomiting in the morning but only once. He thought that he had food poisioning because it was so violent and started about 4 hours after dinner. My daughter and I both ate the same dinner and basically the same thing he at during the day. He has been eating the BRAT diet and sipping anything he can, not dairy. Since we didn't get sick I am leaning towards a stomach flu, and I wonder if we can expect to get it as well within the next few days?


if she was my kid i would ask for a xray for my baby from the pedetrician.

p.s. i have been having tummy flue as well cant keep anything down ..

My three year old was definitely sick for a few days vomiting and diareaha, then me and then my son. The three year old however continues to throw up once a night in the middle of the night. It has been a week now. She is fine during the day. do you think this is part of the flu, or her delicate system in a vicious cycle, being really sensitive somehow.

Help me! I'm throwing up, pains, and I have no diarrhea. I feel horrible. Could this be the stomach flu?????

hi, I came down with the stomach flu just last night (wednesday) at around 11:00 pm. I was throwing up all night, every 20 minutes and had the occasional bout of diarreha. It is now 11:22 pm (friday) and I have not thrown up since 5:30 this morning. I am incredibly achy, have a horrible headache and my stomach still feels a bit off, but there is an improvement. My mom came down with it at around 11:00 am today. She has an upset stomach, very tired and very achy but so far not thrown up, just diarreha. At around 9:00 pm this evening my brother began having diarreha and throwing up. My dad so far has gone unscathed. I was reading that the flu only lasts about 2 days, I hope that this is true!

Help! My 3 kids have been sick with something for 4 weeks now. at first they all had a typical stomach virus that lasted 3-5 days with 1 episode of vomiting then the rest of time diarrhea and stomach pain. Now the baby, 22 mos, has just had intermittent bouts of watery diarrhea, my 4 year old has had 3 episodes of vomiting once with more diarrhea and my 7 year old has had 4 episodes of vomiting and diarrhea all approx a week apart! Their stool cultures and O&Ps have all come back normal! I am strating to freak out. Anyone have any ideas or similiar experiences?

Bleach clean every surface and wash all linens in hot water. Sounds like they are passing something around and I hope you're not next. Do you have pets?

Just to be a devil's advocate here, many people HAVE to work and can't stay home for days and days just because of a stomach virus. I agree that eating out and going out in public unnecessarily are selfish, but single income families are pretty much extinct, especially in this economy. I am a teacher and my husband is a cop. As public servants, we are needed at work, and if it comes down to losing a job or going to work/ sending my kids to school a little sooner than we should guess which one we have to pick. For single parents and military spouses, it's even worse. So, please, Annie P.hD... Judge not!

My daughter got the stomach flu from the neighbor girl, but none of the rest of our family got it. I think that may be because I kept my daughter isolated in one room and disinfected the entire house like mad. I washed the sheets and pillow cases she slept in. I used Lysol on all surfaces she touched and bleached the floor of the bathroom she used. I kept my son and husband away from her as much as possible.

I am angry still at the other girl's mother for not thinking it was important to tell me her daughter had been sick with the bug just days before.

Re: Amanda
LOL! My sentiments exactly!

There's no question that stomach viruses and throwing up are completely unpleasant, but there isn't a single person around you who hasn't suffered through it. Sadly, people get sick, and I think it's about time that parents stop getting the feeling that they've "failed" themselves or their children if they get sick. We are all going to be sick; it's how we're designed! I think the fact that everyone around us posts on Facebook or online the gory details of every illness that comes through their lives creates paranoia and fear in others. What did our Grandparents and Great-Grandparents do back in the day without the Internet, without Lysol wipes? How did anyone ever survive? I agree, we must be responsible and think of others when we aren't feeling well, and I too feel paranoid and scared when nasty viruses enter my household, and I don't like it anymore than anyone else, but you must remember that sometimes no matter what, there's nothing you could have done to avoid it. Time to stop the worry, and to start living. It could be much much worse.

@Amanda & Isabella...

I understand what you are saying although when we become parents i is our respectability to keep our children happy healthy and safe and when a parent decides to take their sick child or themselves whom are sick and infecting the rest of others who come in contact is irresponsible. IMO a parent who disregards the standers to keep their selves and families home when dealing with this illness is down right neglect. It isn't fair to your child who isn't feeling well and it isn't fair to others around you.... so do us all a favor and stay home and go get a Dr. note.... An employer can not fire you if you have documentation from a doctor I know this as I am myself an employer and I tell my staff if you are sick stay home... any longer that 3 consecutive days please bring a doctors note. most people don't abuse that system as most doctors charge for a note

What if it's Christmas? We can't not go to my parents' house for Christmas? My baby had it yesterday, but seems all better now. I am feeling a little sick - nausea, but no throwing up yey. What should we do. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve Day.

My kids are 3 & 15 yr old w/ autism have been throwing up off and on for 4 days. And continued diarrhea. My lil girl is good about making it into a bucket, but not the older one. I thought they were getting better since they went a whole day without throwing up. I gave my lil one emetrol that helped, but I have never seen a flu last this long

So of normal regular game washing stops spreading this....Why at the same time are you saying Lysol and clorox wipes won't kill it? It says it on the label. I'm a nut about washing and keeping clean. There are just some things you can't clean with bleach! My son had it Saturday had stop throwing up within 6 hour had diarrhea Sunday and back to normal by Monday. I've cleaned everything in the house he only threw up in his room using a bucket. I only used Lysol spray. Waiting dreadfully too see if my 5 yr old, 19 month old, my husband and myself get this! We have 800sq ft home with one bathroom. Not so fun. When is it okay for the sick one to start joining the family without getting sick? Is it only through their poop and vomit contact? Thanks wishing you all well!

My 15 month old came down with sickness randomly 2 days ago and then 4 hours after I got it alongside some diarrhea. After 12 hours of sickness etc we just felt wiped and tired. Howevery fiancé has now got dreadful diarrhea and sickness ( at the same time) and now my son has had 2 bouts of nasty diarrhea too... This is never ending!!!

My 13 year old daughter was sick (vomiting 5 times, a 102 fever but no diarrhea) last night; we think with the stomach flu. Immediately after throwing up she said she felt better, but we kept her home from school today just to make sure. She vomited at 10 at night and hasn't eaten anything or drank anything for two days. She says she's afraid of throwing up again, even though her stomach pain is gone. We finally got her to drink some Powerade; just a tiny bit. Her fever has gone down to 98.9 right now. Do you think she'll get sick again? When should I send her back to school? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

Apparently if you know someone who has got the stomach bug, an you despretly dont want to get it, you should not eat anythink for two days obvz you body will feel starved but if your desperate for something to eat you should eat something very small!. If you dont eat anythink, your not feeding the bug? and the bug has nothing to cling on to..plus if your living in the same house with the person who has got it, it would probley be a good idea to get away for aleast 2 days, ive tried the 'not eating' thing and i never caught anything of my brother but my mom was sick one 2 days later..?

Well my two year old who has never caught the stomach bug before started throwing up on Valentine's Day (tuesday). Then in her sleep sh threw up a few times and I had to change her bed and put her back in it. Then yesterday (wednesday) my two middle children stayed home from school to help with her, my oldest went to school, my two middle kids 10 and 7 took their turns with it today and also my husband who has been the worst sick cannot keep any fluids down but can keep soup down.
I took today off of work (thursday) the 2 year old is all better and my oldest went to school fine.
I have been bleaching, lysoling and washing all the bed linens that I can as well as spraying the pillows and furniture with lysol. I have also been using gloves when cleaning the messes they make on the floor when they miss the toilet, have been pouring straight bleach on the floor and cleaning up with paper towels so that I don't have to wash even more.
I hav also been handwashing like crazy and Purell-ing as well as covering my face with a bandanna when cleaning up the messes.
Do you think that I have a pretty good chance of remaining unscathed? I am the one that cleaned up all the baby's puke the first day and haven't become sick yet...
Opinions please!!!

My son has been sick since last sunday...exactly 7 days of diarreah and vomiting...2 days ago took him to ER for fluids. He is still vomiting just when he wakes up and has diarreah. He has been eating BRAT diet...but not much food. I am concerned that he isn't getting enough to eat. Can anyone tell me how much food is okay...He is well hydrated ...HELP!!!!!

don't worry about him eating, as long as he has fluids,he will be fine.make sure that you stay away from dairy if he has diarrhea, how old is he

Ok there are a lot of things on here that are misleading. Clorox and Lysol wipes DO NOT kill the stomach "flu" which is NOT a flu, its a virus. So for a biochemist to have a website called stopthestomachflu, I think that's a little misleading. @Angy, it does say on the label that it kills FLU virus, meaning influenza, the upper respiratory type, NOT the stomach virus, which is often called stomach flu, but most of the time its caused by norovirus. Clorox bleach will kill it, as will lysol spray, but not the wipes.
Keeping hydrated is the most important thing. Small amounts of watee after the vomiting has stopped, I believe they say for an hour. BRAT diet is good. Nice and bland.
Handwashing is very important to keep it from spreading. Don't put your hands in your mouth, and make sure to wash your hands before eating.

I just came down with this stomach flu. I have a10 week old, how should I prevent him from getting it. It has already went through my extended family a couple of weeks ago.

Im completely petrified of vomiting. I wish I could be so relaxed like the moms on here that know they are going to get it and accept it. I live in fear of vomiting every single day and my dad has just come down with some sort of stomach bug today... Its going to be a long 48 hours for me.

Brandy, you should call your pediatrician. If you are breastfeeding that could be helpful; studies have shown that breast milk can help prevent or reduce GI infections in infants.

My 2 yr old has the stomach flu. We also have a 4 month old who is strickly breastfed. She threw up one night but has been fine since. Our two year old had vomiting and diarreah out of no where one day one. Then we had two days where he seemed fine. Day 4 the vomiting and diareah started all over again. So far no one else besides the 4 month old has gotten it. I've only had mild symptoms. I'm ready to sell my car now since 2 of the 3 vomiting episodes happened in it. Projectile vomiting, the kind you see in movies. Hoping it's all over soon. I'm anxious for things to return to normal.

My son has woken up at 2:00am this morning having the stomach flu. threw up in his bed. he managed to not be sick for an hour then had a bottle of juice and threw up bucket loads again. I understand how some parents get angry, but kids, adults etc will pick up this stomach virus and sadly theres nothing you can do about it. it has to run its course. i also have a phobia of vomiting, but know that when we catch it after it makes your immune system stronger. doesn't take a kid to have already thrown up to spread it. and i know this as i haven't been out for a week and 3 days, but can pick it up 2weeks before you show any symptoms. flat lemonade also settles tummy use it every time our daily picks it up. i also recommend lucozade, but not too much of it. hope you & kiddies get better soon. & hoping me and partner don't pick it up ..

How does everyone disinfect rugs and furniture that have been infected??

I seem to have thee worst immune system on the planet. A sick person can simply look at me and I'll get sick. But just recently my entire family got sick with the stomach bug, including my 3 year old who I was sure would pass it to me. Just so happen I was chatting with my aunt who recommended I take some elderberry to keep from getting sick. I started taking it immediately, about 1 teaspoon a couple times a day for a few days. That'll go down in history as the first time I didn't catch somebody's bug. While it is some very disgusting stuff, I can say that it truely helps, definitely try to keep it handy now. Everyone that I recommend says its great stuff, but i'll advise you do your own research as I am no doctor or chemist..just a person who hates throwing up. Good luck guys!

Do not kiss a family member(s) during the time they have flu or any other virus that's how it can be very easily spread

Can anyone tell me if I can catch norovirus from my husband who had it, but hasn't shown any symptoms for the past 5 days. Can I catch what he had if I kiss him? Can anyone tell me if its safe to give him a kiss now???

How many times will one hose hold pass it too each other ? I had it first then my partner now my son am I likely to get it again living in a small house ?

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