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Seeking Recommendations: Yoga Studio

It's the new year, and time to focus on something.  It is always great to focus on ourselves, our bodies.  An urbanMama recently emailed:

I'm stressed out and out of shape. Friends on all points of the mainstream-to-crunchy spectrum say I've got to try yoga. Can anyone recommend someplace with a beginner's class, preferably in SE? I'm hoping to find a class that's not too expensive and is pretty low key (i.e. where my rumpled sweat pants/shirt approach to workout-wear) would fit right in.


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If you want to feel completely zen when by the time you leave, then you've got to check out The Movement Center. It's actually in NE at 1021 NE 33rd Avenue. Here's a link to their beginner's schedule:

Good Luck!

Would you consider pilates? These guys are AWESOME and you can get some spinning in too if you are so inclined. Husband and wife team with adorable kids. :-)


Try Belmont Yoga on SE 42nd and Belmont. They have a couple of beginning/gentle classes.


I've gone regularly to Yoga Shala and the Bhaktishop, both on SE Division. The staff at both places are welcoming. Their websites have info about times and costs. Good for you for trying yoga! I always feel more calm, energized, and physically better after class.

I'm a fan of Yoga Bhoga, on SE Morrison and 14th. Its REALLY laid back, fun, and there are people of all skill levels in most classes. The teachers are patient and helpful. Great place to start out.

I just bought a 5 class card for $50 at The Yoga Space on 28th and Stark. Very chill classes, the gal that owns it is gentle and helps you out with poses. I'm digging it.


Second the rec for the Movement Center. Good range of classes from total beginner, back issues, breathing focus, etc. Also good pre and post natal classes.

I love love love Belmont Yoga. My favorite class is Candlelight Yoga on Friday. It is Mommy recharger.

It's inNE not SE, but Madison High SUN school program is offering a free beginning yoga class to the community on Thursday nights. Here is the info:


i personally prefer yoga shala or the bhakti shop, but i have to say that the most sweatpant, no stress, non-threatening beginners yoga class ive been in is at the Cascade athletic club. now you're talking about a whole gym membership,but its awesome! they have a saltwater pool, plus all other gym amenities. the whole place is pretty down to earth, definitely not a checkout gym. the classes are great!

The place I go is Iyengar yoga and it's awesome. The teacher has a small space in her house just off Hawthorne, and there are usually only 2-3 other people in the class. It's an incredibly warm and open environment. And it's cheap considering the personal attention you get. $12/class. Contact me off list if you want the teacher's contact info.
hagysh (at) hotmail (dot)com

I love Yoga Shala, but have to second the recommendation for Cascade Athletic Club. Not as beautiful or spiritual an experience, but they have a great combination Yoga/Pilates class, a steam room, hot tub, and very inexpensive childcare ($18/month for unlimited use up to two hours per day). The childcare staff is mostly great--if you make it known that you prefer no TV or vid game on when your child is there, most will respect that unless they have other kids who break down unless it's on.

I love OmBase, a beautiful new yoga studio that is in Hillsdale (pretty easy and quick to get to from SE) Todd and Vittoria are so kind and knowledgeable, and they offer a variety of classes. There is even a free Discover Yoga class for beginners. You will love it.

check out stumptown yoga on se 39th, one block north of powell.


This is pretty much an off-topic response, because it is nowhere NEAR SE Portland, but my friend recently opened a yoga studio on the west side that has a great "Yoga Play" class for mommies with little ones. You take the yoga class and baby goes in the room next door to play with other kids and a supervisor. http://poisestudio.com
Yoga Play is Tuesday and Thursday mornings for any westside mommies who are interested...

I go to Holiday's Health & Fitness, hosted at Hawthorne Wellness (on Hawthorne between 39th and 40th), and love it. Holiday Johnson teaches a great class for beginners (I go Tuesday nights at 5:30 right after work), as well as intermediate and advanced classes. She's a fantastic teacher, if you ask me - not at all intimidating, which is important for a beginner like me.

Classes are $15 for drop-in, or $10 if you sign up for an 8-week term. She also runs a class just for teens, and once a month or so runs a three-hour workshop that is free for teens and teachers of teens.

More about Holiday here: http://www.holidaysyogacenter.com/

There is Tuesday night yoga at Buckman School through the SUN program. Very reasonably priced.

I have to enthusiastically plug for yoga union, on SE 50th. http://www.yogaunioncwc.com/

It's mostly hot yoga, but it is mindblowing and you'll feel superhuman when you leave. However, it does take about 3 classes for you to get used to the heat, so hang in there. I've been dabbling in yoga since I was 10 years old, and this was the first practice I found that really hooked me, and made me feel really fantastic. The people are great too. Their packages are the best way to go, and they have a Chinook Book coupon.

Hey mamas,

I have a $125 gift card to the amazing RootWholeBody Spa and Yoga studio in NE Portland. http://www.rootwholebody.com/

We recently moved and I'd be happy to sell it for $95 if anyone in interested. I have heard great things about the studio!

The card is good for classes, massage or spa treatments.

Feel free to email me with any questions. I already called the studio to make sure it was transferable.


Check out The Peoples Yoga on Alberta St., its not in SE but the drop in classes are only $6!
Go to thepeoplesyoga.org

there's a new studio called the Sangha Center on E60th at Foster (sanghacenter.wordpress.com) and there's also woodstock wellness center - both places have small classes & a lot of individual attention to students of all levels

I love yoga in the pearl. The noon power vinyasa class on Monday is my favorite. lauren Ingram is an amazing teacher. yogapearl.com

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