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What do you call them: Nicknames for the little ones

I told my oldest just now: "Get your jammies on, dear."  She said to me, "You're calling me 'dear' more often these days.  I like it."  When I thought about it, it occurred to me that I must have picked it up from another mama who often uses "dear" with her kids.

I told my daughter: "Do you know what my mom used to call me when I was little?  'Iha'," which comes from "mi hija" or "my daughter" in Spanish.  When I told her that, she said, "Could you call me that, too?"  Also, what is the word for "love" in Tagalog?  I told her, "Mahal".

She said, "Can you call me that?  'My daughter love'."  I agreed, my little nickname for her now will be "iha'ng mahal".

Do you have a nickname for your little ones?  If you don't call them by name, what name do you use?  What's the story behind it?


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Our little guy is "Bug" (and various permutations like SweetieBug, LoveBug, etc). Because he was a preemie, he would revert back to a fetal position when he was tiny and it reminded us of how pillbugs curled up. He likes it and actually has a fondness for pillbugs too!
I guess this is kinda tradition in my family - I was "chicken" due to my puffy hair when born, and my mom was "Pumpkin" to her folks. The only objection ever came from my Aunt, who didn't like my Uncle being called "Pookie" when he was 60+... she thought it was undignified! ;-)

pre-birth our daughter was "turtle" because on the ultrasound she looked like a turtle (blob with these tiny limbs). when she was a newborn, we called her bebop. we listened to jazz while in labor and she just seemed so petite and cute.

Now it's turned into bean... beaners and nora-bean are also common. I kinda liked bebop better though because it was more unique.

Our daughter is bug, too, and has been for all three years of her existence. Growing up, I evolved into lollipop, pumpkin, and kitten, which makes me wonder if, when, and how our daughter's nickname(s) will change as she grows older.

Ok, I know I have to quit it, because my kids are going to start hating me in a few years. I call my kids "sophie-dophie" for Sophia and "henny-penny" for Henry. I need some new nicknames!

we also have a bean due to those ultrasound pics. she's now affectionately called stella bean (first name w/ nickname). she also answers to buggy (don't know where that came from).

our youngest is ivy and her first nickname was ivy lou- her middle name is lorraine. that quickly became lulu. now she introduces herself that way.

when i was a kid, my dad and mom's extended family used to call me little r. i always loved that. i still get warm, fuzzy feelings when he writes it in a birthday card or something.

When I was a child my mother used to call me "Sis" and I could never understand why. I'd always tell her "I'm not your sister!" but she always continued to call me that.

Then, when my youngest was born we would refer to her as big sister and eventually it shortened to sissy. Just the other wekk I realized that I've now shortened it to Sis and noticed that I have been calling her that more and more lately. I love how this nickname I used to have as a child has somehow inadvertently been adopted by myself for my own daughter.

We've always called my son Bubs (Bubby, Bubbaloo or any variation of..) as his name was really hard for his big sister to say.

Somehow I started calling my son Boo or Boo Boo. I always hated when people used that nickname and now I'm doing it. I think it came after a friend of mine called him Doo-Doo. for some reason that stuck and we use that a lot. that gets shortened to just Doo. We also call him Jack-a-doodle, doodlebug and doodle.
pretty much any variation of boo or doo. it seems silly but I can't stop it.

I rarely call my kids by name! Hah! For both of them, I call them: sweetie, honey, doodlebug, baby(even though they are not babies anymore), dear, love, etc... More specific, my daughter(Aleyna), I call: Aleycat, lenabug, aleyna beana, Sis. For my son, Dexter, I call him: Dex the T-Rex, Dexteroni, brother, D, DW, the list goes on. Good thing other people call them by name...because I just really don't... :-) My mom still calls me baby and sis and I love it...

My daughter is Bear (various permutations such as Happy Bear, Baby Bear, Grumpy Bear) or Noggin (due to her huge head that was pretty bald for the first several months). It just popped out one day.

And of course, my father's nickname for me has been Little Red for the past 32 years.

My oldest we call "Pokey" because he would jab his dad from in utero. Interestingly, Pokey became kind of a self-fulling prophesy, cause he is the s-l-o-w-e-s-t child.

Our second is "Ghee" because his brother couldn't pronounce his name.

Our third is "Lukulele" or "Luke Squawk" or a ton of other more generic baby nicknames. He's still an infant, we'll have to see what sticks.

My son's pet name is Babydoll. He's 3 so I guessing he'll start to object at some point.

Pumpkin, which turned into Punkie, Punkie Brewster, Punkie Two-ster (now Punkie Three-ster for obvious reasons, Rooster, and just plain old Punk. She answers to all of these. I also call her Sweetie, which is what my mom calls me. Bubbie, Bubbila, and Mammila, which are Yiddish for "little Grandma" and "little mama." I was "Honey Bunch" to my grandpa and that was always so special to me. He is 97 and STILL calls me that!

I've got a whole host of names for our daughter. It's a wonder she knows her real name at all! She started as Peanut (also rooted in the ultrasound pic), Later, it was Nova-Bean, shortened to just Bean, which I still use a lot. There's also Kiddo, Pumpkin, Pumpernickel, Small Fry, Sweets, Love, Hon, Muffin, Toastercake, and Baby-girl (which she hates, cause she's almost five and "NOT a baby!"). When she's not so sweet, she gets, Crabapple, Grumpy-Pants and Little Miss Sunshine.

My mom's name for me growing up was Elenita or 'Nita for short.

When I was a kid, my best friend had a million nicknames. When I asked her why, she said, "I guess it's because I'm so cute."..!!!....

My daughter, Lillie Bette, has a name that just lends itself to nicknames. Depending on who you ask, she's Little Bit, Giggle Breath, Lillie Nillie, Lillie the Kid, Lillipop, Little Bird....there's more....
Maybe my friend was right.

I had a confused relationship with my nicknames. Sometimes they felt diminutive and disrespectful and sometimes they felt like a snuggle.

I guess I'll wait and see if my daughter loves her nicknames..However she feels, I don't know if I'll ever be able to give up 'Giggle Breath'!

I think I must give my son a new nickname every few weeks. First it was "Kicky McBricky," then "Stinker," then "Stink-berry," and lately it's been "Bubble." I don't know where these names come from, they just roll off my tongue. I am mindly mortified that I do this, but I can't seem to stop!

I also call him "Honey bunny" or "Hunner-bunner." Imagine my surprise when one day, my son (who is 19 months and just started talking a few months ago) repeated back to me, crystal-clear, "hunnn-nner bunn-nner!"

my girls are mina-beana and kate the great, although mina bestowed the moniker of katertot on kate. It has apparently stuck; when our little guy was giving the full names of all family members, he honestly thought kate's full name was katertot.

he, on the other hand, is "stinker"... always has been, probably always will be a fitting nickname ;)

I am loving these nicknames & stories. I love all the peanuts, bugs, turtles and beans. We've never called our girls those names, but the names just conjure so much cuteness.

Our oldest is Ophelia, but everyone calls her "Philly". Then, our names for her include: Philly-bop, phil-bil, phillings or philly-bong. Sadly, Philly recently asked us to not call her by her nicknames in public. She's pre-tween.

Our youngest is Tatiana, aka "Tati". She is also Tee-pop, "T", Tee-Tee, Ta-ta, and "booga-ang", which is a combination of "booger" (cuz she always has so many boogers) and "bagaang" which is this Filipino salted fish paste condiment.

With either one, I will call them "love-girl" or "lover" (which is what I used to call my best friend back in high school) or "lover girl" or "baby girl". I guess you can tell I've got much love for them?

Their dad comes up with great funny ones. I'll have to think of them and report back.

Oh gosh, there are so many for my little guy: sweetpea, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, boo, goofus, scruffmonster, and sometimes Whiny McSnarkypants. Um, and I hate to admit it but he's eight. So, I get a lot of, "mom I can't be a rock star if you keep calling me 'boo boo kitty,' geez." Alright, Whiny McSnarkypants.

my girl has a ton of nicknames, too. "goose" is the big one (handed down from my mom and i, who used to call each other "big goose" and "little goose"), though i also call her "girl-girl," "monkey," "punkin pie," "sweetie pea," "stinky mcstink," "boo," and "boo turkey" (don't ask me where that came from, i have no idea). my mom also calls her by a variation on her middle name, and the rest of her side of the family calls my daughter that too, though we don't.

her in-utero nicknames were "squirmy" (for obvious reasons) and "zoloft" (after the little zoloft blob on the TV commercials -- a moment of dark humor, considering i struggled with depression during my pregnancy and went back on anti-depressants!)

I have so many nicknames and many of them aren't actual words in any known language --they just come out of my mouth. Mooley-Palooly. Malalydoof. Mooseyhead. Swaladepoof. Smoochpot. Smoochmonster (well, the last two are kinda English). A simple one is Poof -- my three year old regularly says, "Mommy...here's your Favorite Poof!!"

Whatever word I use, just so I use a particular tone of voice, my children amaze me by answering to it. If I actually use their names, they know something serious is up...

when my first was born, all the farty and poopy noises gave rise to many many names involving bodily functions.the poopster, mr. fahrty pants, etc.... now they are sweepea, punkin', honey, hun, bub,buddy, bug, buggywuggy, scoodelydoo,turd (haha!just kidding, silly billy, frogger....just goofy stuff. sometimes just 1, 2 or 3, depending on birth order =) we lose track.

In utero: babykins, Newborn: tamalito because I swaddled him so tight he looked like a little tamale, mijito, mijo, pitufo (smurf in Spanish), babachoochoo (baba means drool in spanish, and choochoo because he runs around like a train), papito, muchachito, papachulo, chulito (little cutie),mimis, oompa-loompa (the way he dances reminds me of the oompa loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Ale,Gordito, Gordo, loco (my husband calls him that), chapulin colorado, chapopoto, and ALEJANDRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when he's about to oh I don't know, jump of the table or something rediculously crazy and dangerous.

As a little baby mine was dumpling because he was round. When he started scooting on his belly he became doodle bug, which, now that he crawls is more likely just bug or buggsy. Also Graham Cakes (Graham is the first name & he is not allowed to be called Graham Cracker). When he is a grouch I call him sad sack - not sure why.

Liebchen-German for little love, boodle-boy for my son

My husband calls our little man: churri, loco, honey, papi, sweetie, churango, pichurin, I also call him papi, honey, sweetie and loco. I also call my husband papi, which seems to confuse some non spanish speaking friends/family. The list goes on: turkey, monkey, or rascal when he's being a little bit difficult. bub, mijo, mijito, mi corazon, mi vida, sweet boy, my sweet darling angel baby (after I've missed him all day looong, oozing with love names like that just fall out of my mouth as I give him a million kisses). he's 8 months old, so we'll see what sticks, we really rarely call him his name unless we are referring to him in conversation to an outsider (outside of our family).
i love reading about all of these sweet nicknames!!

My husband calls our little man: churri, loco, honey, papi, sweetie, churango, pichurin, I also call him papi, honey, sweetie and loco. I also call my husband papi, which seems to confuse some non spanish speaking friends/family. The list goes on: turkey, monkey, or rascal when he's being a little bit difficult. bub, mijo, mijito, mi corazon, mi vida, sweet boy, my sweet darling angel baby (after I've missed him all day looong, oozing with love names like that just fall out of my mouth as I give him a million kisses). he's 8 months old, so we'll see what sticks, we really rarely call him his name unless we are referring to him in conversation to an outsider (outside of our family).
i love reading about all of these sweet nicknames!!

i have two little ladies - we call my daughter, Memphis Ella, everything under the sun such as: Memphy, Mem, MemmyMoo, Bird, Naughty Bird, Sugar, Suggs, Sweetness, Cupcake, Crabo, Boobee, Pom-Pom, Pompy, Pancake, Looney, Stinky, Duchess & LoveyDove. we call my other daughter, Odessa Daisy: Ode, Odog, Dessy, Daze, Little Bird, Muffin, KittyKat, and Meow-Meow. i just adore having nicknames for my girls.

In his first few months we called our son Squeeker, because he spent the first few hours -days really - making little squeeking noises. Now it's just Sweet Pea, but I gotta stop and find something else because its starting to get on my nerves every time I call him that...way to cute.

We've got tons of nicknames for our kids - including the contested 'official' name of my daughter. Her given name is Mary, but I prefer Molly. So we call her two different things (she's over 2 now!) And we riff on that - Miss Moo, Moodle - Moo, Moodle, Loodle - Loo, Love (that's for both kids).

Tommy Too, Snuzzler, Snuzz (because of some goofy lambskin stroller insert thingy), Brother, Toodle, Tom-Tom.

I no longer feel so goofy about having so many nicknames for my kidlets!

"honey pie", or just "honey". i call my partner "babe". sometimes i get the two mixed up.

We call our oldest Lille Venn, or "Little Friend" in Norwegian, and then that gets turned into Beste Venn (best friend) or just Venn (friend). We also call him brother since our 2nd came last year and he's now a big brother.

Our second is Brutus...enough said! He's a cutie pie, but Brutus somes up his personality all the way!

Both boys get called Honey, Honey Bunch and Sweetie Pie by me but not by my husband.

I called my first daughter 'mouse' until I had my second daughter. I even made her a mouse costume for her first Halloween.

We call the second daughter 'monkey'. She will be six soon, and I keep thinking I will quit but then she climbs me, or the chair, and doesn't seem to mind so I haven't stopped.

It is nice to read the posts about moms who think fondly of the nick names their parents had for them. And hope my girls will feel the same.

We called our daughter "Pumpy Lumpkins" for the longest time. In fact my husband even sung a little ditty he'd made up which would always make her smile when she was a baby. "Pumpy Lumpkins" morphed into Bubba....I don't know how that happened. Now, at 31/2 she is our "sweet bubba peanut" which she proudly tells everyone.

My mother always called me either mamita or mamita linda, my dad called me fifi all my childhood, and still does everytime when we see each other.
I call my son titi, papa, papi, papito, amorcito, corazon, mi amor, gordito, gordo...just to name few.

I call my 2 1/2 year old "Monkey." When he was born he had really long toes that curled under like a little monkey.So cute! So my husband and I started calling him "Monkey Toes" during the new born months. Eventually we shortened it to just "Monkey." I also catch myself calling him "Honey" and "Sweetpea," which I'm sure will eventually embarrass him when he gets to be older. ha ha

Reading all these comments makes me smile!

We have two boys and our 3 YO is lump (in utero name), lumpkin, pumpkin, lumpkin man, sweet guy or bug. My husband calls him bugaroo as well.

Our youngest son is peanut, pickle, babyman, muffin (I doubt THAT will stick once he gets older), tank or tankaroo (he's a rather big and solid guy for his age). I often refer to them collectively as my monkeys because they are just that - CRAZY MONKEYS!

Sweet Pea...to which our three-year-old responds, "I'm not a pea, I'm a boy!"

When my little girl was brand new she used to rub her feet together like a cricket (she never did take to swaddling like her older brother). So in addition to all of the derivations of her name - sam, sammie, mantha, I call her cricket. Sometimes bunny - because she is our energizer bunny.

I also cannot call my son anything other than my "big boy" (or his name) without objection. :-)

I too am glad I am not alone.....

I call my lil' guy Boogie or Boog, he is ALWAYS dancing, since he was in the womb. You could turn music up and he'd kick away. At two he still gets down every chance he can!

I also call him Monster,and Wild Thing (he ended up being Max form the book for Halloween) and Tiger becasue he always growls, not in mean way but becasue its fun!

Oddly when I think about it I rarely call him by his actual name Sean. LOL, oh well and Im sure (knowing me) he will be tenty something years old and I will still be saying Boog!

We call our daughter "Funky" or "Funky B" (the B being the first letter of her name). When she was born we discovered that two of her toes were significantly curved and we called them her "funky toes". It just morphed from there. The nickname was fine until she started to talk and it just didn't come out her mouth quite the same way as it came out of ours!! She can pronounce it now but I suspect that the name will have to go once she heads to school.

We call our first "guppy" or " gup" as this was his name when I was pregnant.

Our little one isn't here yet and we don't know his or her name yet, so we just call him or her Baby or Lovey. It will be fun to see what happens when Baby is here.
I was also Sissy when I was little, since I was the only girl with all brothers.

I use "boo" and "boo-boo" a lot, too... That's a pretty bad one. I used to call him "Schauky" after my niece used to say "Schauky" when she wanted to swing (Schaukel is swing in German). But he's outgrown that one. I've also used "monkey", "Number 3" (I'm Number 1, my boyfriend is Number 2), "goo goo", and "Mr.". All SO BAD. His real name is Luka, so of course I also say, Lukey and Lukers. My best friend says Lulu and my mom says "Ukie". I'm sure more will pop up in the near future.

These nicknames are awesome! How do we get so many and so varied? I was reminiscing with my almost six year old about his infancy, and how I called him Monseigneur Smooches, because he was so clearly in charge (and very kissable). A few days later, he tried to boss me around by telling me he was the Monseigneur, after all... He also gets called chicken pie, pickle pie, pickle belly, snickerdoodle, sweet pea, sweet baby. His baby sister gets called pumpkin sauce and pumpkin butter and toonces (of all things - by her daddy). I find myself calling her sister-lady, which I'm not even all that fond of, but I keep calling her that. My son also got called scootybutt, and she is called kickyfeet. Ah, the physical expressions of excitement!

Hi! What do you folks think of Bug for a nickname for my 7 year boy? He is my son who I gave up in open adoption for. I was pregnant with him and in a coma. I survived a Traumatic Brain Injury. Mama (me) was passenger in a bad car accident! Anyway, is bug ok?

Bug is very popular. I say go with it! I have eight grandbugs, ages 9 years to 9 DAYS!!! The first seven are, from oldest down...LOVE BUG...LADY BUG...DOODLE BUG...JUNE BUG..CUDDLE BUG...LIGHTENING BUG...& JITTER BUG...my problem is that i cant think of a cure bug name for the 9 day old, who is preemie boy...i love PEANUT but its not a bug name!!! Anyone have any ideas??? I would appreciate a bit of help Lol....

My grands are Doodlebug and .Scooterbug. We have a third grandson on the way that keeps threatening to come too early. Gives me the jitters so I am thinking about Jitterbug. Collectively they are Mimi's Cuddlebugz!

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