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The Choose Local Card: Do You Have Yours?

2491478309_4a36b0b568 Now that most of our worlds have shrunk to the distance we can schlep through the snow, the concept of local has really hit home.  Like The Oregonian's story about people madly shopping between storms, I too hoofed it over to Hawthorne yesterday to grab a few stocking stuffers and get some much-needed exercise.  I was heading straight for Muse Art + Design, a local art supply store for grown-ups and kids, because Soule Mama got me onto the Family Art Night concept

While in the store (madly grabbing art supplies before they closed and the stockings destined to be empty), I signed up for the free Choose Local card, which offers discounts to card-carrying shoppers around town.You can find locally-owned shops around town here, a mapping database that you can search by neighborhood.  Participating stores offer a discount when you present your card. 

Do you have one? If so, what do you think?  I am glad to have it and really like the idea, but time will tell where it leads me and if I remember it's in my wallet!  For the time being, I'm just grateful for my microhood.  Viva good urban planning.

[photo courtesy of TH on Flickr commons]


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I hadn't heard of the Choose Local card before. It seems like a neat idea, but I don't see any participating businesses near me (North Portland). Closest would be Alberta. I know I don't need a card to shop local, but it would be nice to see the program more geographically even.

You're right though, this weather really has made me see what "shopping local" means and makes me wish I had a few more shops in my Kenton neighborhood. I can walk to a Walgreens or a 7-11 for necessities, but am out of luck for independent shops where I can do some Christmas shopping. I ended up taking the bus to Jantzen Beach yesterday, just to get some of the last minute Christmas shopping done.

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