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S.C.R.A.P., Oh how I love thee!

DSC03401 It is always too long between visits.  Because it's not in my part of town.  S.C.R.A.P., that is.  The School & Community Reuse Action Project in NoPo. 

My husband and I met while employed at a garbage & recycling company (y-e-a-r-s ago), so the reuse thing is not new to me.  But as a parent of young kids, I have a whole new appreciation for the concept of cheap random junk that one can make endless art & other random crazy projects with.  Not to mention the many obvious benefits of using cast-offs rather than new stuff to play with.

And the best news in all this isn't that I actually made the winter break trip I meant to (and had promised), and  - predictably - we found plenty of awesome random cheap junk (e.g., needlepoint canvas, pumpkin & easter egg fabric, terrific painting paper, and used file folders), but that the whole shebang is moving closer to my house!  To SE Portland!  But they're not saying exactly where.  If you're as curious as I am, visit the SCRAP website to get a clue, and guess.  They should be moved in and open for business by mid-January and, if you're up for a holiday hunting and gathering trip (which I highly recommend), they're still open at their current location for awhile longer. 

My most exciting find (trailed closely by the wallpaper & twig book kits for $0.25) was the used tennis ball can full of small-ish random items, called a "To-Go Kit" (in the pic).  Like how often would that come in handy with young kids?  4, 5 times a day?  And each cost a mere $2.  Long car trips, waiting room waits, and mama playdates just got a whole lot easier, to name a few. 

Get on the SCRAP email list if you don't want to miss their goings on, which are always good, in my (cheap, junky, art-able) book.  In these economic times, who's gonna argue with a GINORMOUS, long-lasting, whimsical bag of tricks for $15? Plus, they were in the NYT.  Go SCRAP!


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Oh joy! Four years ago we moved from being mere minutes from SCRAP to SE, and it's been a void to fill, let me tell you.

Oh, so sad. Just when that area is gaining other great businesses that I hoped would be good for Scrap. They certainly could use bigger digs - maybe they'll have parking at their new location? I will drive to see them but will miss the current location.

Yep, it is a drive for us to get there so we hit the Livingscape nursery and the hamburger joint while we are there. But yes, SCRAP rocks!

Where will the new location be?

I love, love SCRAP. So I'll go see them wherever they are. Maybe with all those new businesses on Williams, the rent is getting too high? But I hope it's not too far out in SE. Based on the hint on their website - is it Sellwood?

I've gotten pom poms, confetti, random pieces of silk flowers, mixed bags of pieces of cord (a toddler favorite), and all sorts of fun stuff. Keep the SCRAP love comin'.

Oooh, you're right, it does sound like sellwood.

We love SCRAP.

I love SCRAP too! Even before I had a kid I found it useful for making recycled cards with and other random things we needed for the house (ex: carpet tile samples which we've used to put under plant stands, cat litter boxes, and furniture to protect floors and carpets).

I had emailed them also about the new location and they were oddly coy/vague about the new location. It seemed like maybe they were getting the space donated or something but it wasn't official yet? Don't know, just seemed like they are being vague in a weird way to me. Oh well, if they move to SE I will sadly miss them being close to me and may not get down there as often I would like, but wish them well in a new space. (and yeah...parking hopefully will not be an issue for the new location!)

I love Scrap too!

Along the same lines, in the interests of not wasting, I have found a couple of sites that sell mill end scrap wool for crafting.

Yaay I'm so happy about this! I don't want to support the wool industry as I have first hand experience of some of the cruelty inflicted on animals in the large-scale factory farms.



And - if you like SCRAP - check out the Knittn Kitten. It's a craft thrift store on NE Glisan & 75th. They have thrift prices on fabric pieces, beads, etc.

SCRAP is such a great resource. I am really sad to hear that they are moving (we live close by)!! If the space is larger and they have parking that would be great for them though...

I'm going to have to stock up next week before they move. They have a 25% off coupon in the Chinook book I want to use!

I went into SCRAP yesterday and asked about their move. It turns out that they are still moving, but only about 10 blocks. The SE location did not work out - great news for me since I live in NE.

The new SCRAP location will be 2915 NE MLK (NE Morris is the cross street). They do now have an exact date for the move yet...

Yay for SCRAP staying in the area!

So happy to hear they are sticking around. We love having SCRAP close by.

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