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Handmade toys, children's clothes, even barrettes, could disappear

Oh, don't let it happen. Yesterday Chris Musser forwarded me an email about the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) (an act which generally does lovely things, such as ban the manufacture of toys with lead and phthalates and ban their importation into the U.S.). In it she detailed the requirements of this act, effective February 10, 2009; all toymakers must pay a testing fee of $4,000 per type of toy they make, as well as permanently labeling them with a batch number and date (requiring them to create new molds in many cases). What's more, this act covers children's clothing and accessories, meaning that every single small company that makes children's toys, t-shirts, skirts, barrettes, everything, could be forced to cease operation. This effects so many of you: those of you who make children's items, including cloth diapers; those of you who run Waldorf and Montessori preschools; those of you who own children's toy stores; those of you who like to buy handcrafted goods for your children.

The Handmade Toy Alliance has all the details and a petition to sign. Liz at Cool Mom Picks has lots of info about other ways you can get involved. Tell Earl Blumenauer your story: why do you value handcrafted toys?


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Thank you so much for posting this! This has become a big issue for us and other retailers who support locally crafted items.

Every wood toy line we offer at Milagros is made in the USA and most are made my sole proprietor craftspeople. These businesses have FULL control of their practices, they aren't hiring overseas contractors like Mattel.

We can't believe that these small family-owned businesses may be sacrificed in an attempt to address the dismal safety of mass-marketed items made in China.

Please sign the petition and let your congress people know!


Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Etsy.com is having an ongoing dialogue, along with current info/petitions posted on their blog and website...worth checking out!

Thanks so much for posting this--I had no idea. I hope people will also write to parenting magazines to get the word out.

I am in the business and take such care in the products I make, from start to finish..it is what keeps me home with my daughter, make a successful living and provide for my family.

Given concerns about product safety, I am interested in finding jewelry that is both made in the US and is composed of US made parts - chains, metal pieces, stones, beads, etc. Suggestions?

This topic will be on OPB's "Think Out Loud" tomorrow (Wednesday)!


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