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Turning One: How to celebrate?

Can we talk about celebration a bit?

My beautiful baby boy is turning one in December and we want to have a small party. The problem is we have a very, very small place and couldn't comfortable fit everyone we want to invite, also our family lives across the country, so their houses are not options. I would have love to have it outside at a park or something but December, don't thinks so..So I need some ideas, kid-friendly resteraunts, big cafes, anything. Thanks for all your great ideas in advance!

Of course, check out all the great ideas in previous conversations on throwing birthday parties.


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If you belong to a church (and even if you don't), they often have social rooms that you can rent. I've just been invited to a 1st birthday being held at one and the parent's aren't members of that church.

I like Sip n Kranz in old town. It's a nice destination for moms and kids since it has a little play area.

How about a musical birthday party? We just started offering musical birthday parties at Sound Roots Music School. We can accommodate up to about 10-12 children and another 10-15 adults in our space. Our parties last for two hours and include use of the space and a Sound Roots teacher led, age-appropriate music class - even for tiny tots! You are welcome to bring your own food and cake or we can supply it for an additional fee. Please call 503 282 9999 for more info!

Also check out the Children's Museum -- they have rooms in the back for parties.

We went to a 2-year old's party last weekend at Gymboree. Since they have activities for one year olds, I'm guessing they have the ability to gear the activities to that age group. Then they have a separate room for treats. Great option if you're in or near the burbs (Cedar Hills, Clackamas, Lake Oswego)

I've been to a one-year-old birthday party at Gymboree, and while it's not for me, it's certainly an option if you enjoy organized activities. if you're more of an urbanite, you might check out the common room at People's Co-op (if you're not a member, you might want to think about it :) or ask around at yoga studios; many of them rent out space. it's also worth checking out your favorite neighborhood coffee shop to see if they could do something; Sydney's in NW is another option, very big and party-friendly; Milagros has a nice space; or you could try any of the laughing planet cafes. the one on Woodstock is especially big and they're all very kid-friendly.

The Kennedy School rents out rooms although I don't know if there's a minimum food/drink requirement. If you know someone in the Concordia neighborhood you might be able to get the neighborhood room for free and you can provide your own food that way. It's great for older kids as well, since there are plenty of hallways to roam.

You can also look into some of the Community Centers. I know that SW Community Center at Gabriel Park has a party room, and I'd assume that others do as well.

The community room at the Kennedy School is open to anyone and it is not free... $25 an hour... call KS and they will give you the number of the woman who books the room and keeps the key...

Anne Rothert is the scheduler for the Commmunity Room at the Kennedy School. This room is managed by the Concordia Neighborhood Association, all rental fees help fund CNA projects. You can find her contact info here:


We offer up the Family Room at Milagros for party rentals. $60 for three hours is the current rate. Feel free to email me directly at milagros@milagrosboutique.com if you have any questions about that space.



Need ideas of help planning your child’s birthday party? There is a new party planner & party space that is unlike anything I have seen in Portland.

Specializing in wholesome birthday parties for younger children aged 1 up to age 8.

Hosted in a fully licensed Waldorf preschool it is already set up & ready for your child’s imagination!
There is a dress up corner, dolls, train, blocks, natural & open ended toys, rocking horses & boat, table & chairs their size & an outdoor play space! Outside we have a play structure, trikes, bunnies & chickens the children can feed!

This space can fit up to 10 children & 10 adults.
Many ideas to choose from, like:
Fully planned and hosted, including food, cake, paper plates & cups, decorations. Basically all you have to do is show up & everything is taken care of!
For the full hosted party with food, cake, games, choose a theme, party bags, invitations & thank you cards sent out via email. That is a 2 hour party & will cost you $425.

Or you do everything & just rent the space.
The usual time is 1.5 to 2 hours. For the space only it is $125 & is available weekends only.

Special food can be ordered for allergies as well. We only serve vegetarian & organic food here.

This is an eco certified center with no harmful chemicals or pesticides ever used inside or out.

The center is in an old 1906 Portland home in the beautiful & historical inner SE Hawthorne district.
Your party can include age appropriate games, songs, circle times & circle games, simple puppet show
bread baking, play dough, book making, crafts, crown making, cup cake decorating are just a few of the ideas!

I am a trained Waldorf teacher and grandmother of 3. I have been teaching young children for 20 years. I have hosted birthday parties & was asked to start my own birthday party hosting business & have decided after much research, Portland mamas want this!

I am here for you to help you plan your child’s birthday & take all the stress out of the planning so you can just enjoy your little one & your friends.
This is a mellow alternative to what is currently being offered.

So, if you want a low key, wholesome, natural birthday, this is the place!

Call me or email me for more info so we can start planning your child’s party!

Call Carrie at 971-404-9291
email me at crileyteach@aol.com

I just posted on another thread here my suggestion for a great indoor place.
It is a bit off the beaten track but well worth the trip. (Off the 26 at the Shute/Helvetia exit)
I held my son's 6th birthday party there last year and it was AWESOME!! Everyone, including the adults, had a great time.
Out of this World Pizza is a 2 story building that contains a 2-story play structure like those found at most McDonald's Playlands, only this one is huge. See for yourself: http://www.outofthisworld.net/Ver2/playStructure_01.html
In addition to this structure there are a couple of bouncy house, bouncy slides, racing track with cars, a climbing wall (not higher than 8 ft) and a play area for toddlers and babies.

Last October we were allowed to bring in our own food and cake, even though they offer excellent pizza, bottomless drinks, ice cream, etc.

Each child (including the birthday boy or girl) cost a @$2.00/2.50 entry fee and all parents were FREEEEE!!!

I can guarantee you that everyone will have a blast and that your darlings will go down easily and effortlessly come bedtime!

A P.S. to my post:

Out of this World Pizza offers many birthday packages that include a private room for the party, that do up your costs a bit... but we found, at 2 separate parties there, that both the free upstairs (pretty private) and the tables downstairs near all the attractions were more than suitable.

This October we are having a home party with 12-20 kids and are going to make design-your-own pizzas and decorate-your-own cupcakes around a central cake. Simple games for 6-8 year-olds, pinata, a party-long game of "who am I?" followed by a movie and popcorn for those who wish to extend the party a bit longer than the 3 hours I'm planning. I have invited the parents to participate, too. This way we can all get to know one another better and keep an eye on our children. Since this is in October we are hosting this "come in your halloween costume (optional)" which also helps parents get-it-together before 5:30 on Halloween ;-D
For those who don't come in costume, I have several extra costumes for both boys and girls (you can pick some up at your local Goodwill)
Another pointer is that I have included my child in the planning of his party so that he feels that he is, at least in some small area of his life, autonomous!!!
Happy partying!

Little Pixels does a party for babies turning one , called Babycake Bash ! . It's a photo shoot and you can bring a small cake for your baby to smash . You and your whole family can be in the photos too , and you get to keep CDs with all your photos (about 100 total ), so it's a pretty good deal when you think about the cost of getting family photos . It's not the least expensive party out there , but it is fun and different . click on http:www.littlepixels.net and "kids party" to view more details.

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