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Seeking Fluoride Tablets: is there a shortage?

Perhaps you can help this mama with finding the fluoride?

I've been trying without success for a week or so now to get a prescription refill for my son's fluoride tablets.  The pharmacists at Fred Meyer, Walgreen's, etc. tell me there's been a manufacturer's recall and none are available (one suggested, "just have him drink lots of water", umm...we live in PORTLAND!?)  i thought we could just get a multi-vitamin with flouride but that's not available either.  Inexplicably, his pediatric dentist is not aware of the recall (though someone is supposed to be researching and call me back.)  Has anyone else encountered this problem and/or figured out what to do?


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My dentist, who also works on children, told me about this last week. I guess the amount of fluoride being reported in the "supplements" was wrong.

Xylitol might be a good alternative for you. We're big fans of it in our household.

Yes, about two weeks ago I was also told there was a shortage of tablets. Fortunately, I was able to get one month's worth of tablets (not my usual three month supply). The pharmacist at OHSU advised that they would perhaps get a shipment early next year.

Yes, about two weeks ago I was also told there was a shortage of tablets. Fortunately, I was able to get one month's worth of tablets (not my usual three month supply). The pharmacist at OHSU advised that they would perhaps get a shipment early next year.

ummmm -- what about the 3 month scrip I just had filled about a month ago -- how do I know those are the right dosage? Now I'm worried -- I'll have to call the pharmacy :-(

That's funny. I just picked up my son's prescription at the Mall 205 Target yesterday. the pharmacist told me that they could only get the smaller dosage tablets and that my son had to double up on the pills instead of one regular dose pill. I thought that was odd but didn't ask more about it. Huh.

Another option that might work is getting the drops instead of the tablets. When our daughter turned 3 the Dr. had us switch to tablets. Since we had a lot of drops left he told us that 2 drops equals one tablet...

Don't be so hasty. Maybe the manufacturers know something that hasn't been publicized yet. The American Dental Association is issuing new fluoride supplement guidelines that probably will advise no fluoride supplements for children younger than 3 and possibly younger than three. The Journal of the ADA just published a paper saying the supplements are of no benefit to primary teeth and put children at huge risk of developing dental fluorosis in the permanent teeth.

We've had the same problem here...first CVS told us the fluoride vitamin tablets had been recalled, then they ran out of the fluoride supplements they were substituting...we have well water so my kids aren't getting the fluoride there, either. I did a bit of online research that says the shortage should be short-term, I've posted it to my Roxy's Best Of... web site here: http://farhillsnj.roxysbestof.com/2008/11/26/kid-stuff/looking-for-clues-is-there-a-fluoride-shortage-in-the-united-states/

Good luck!

What about Nursury water... it's supplimented with Flouride. (just not sure how much, but sure it's on the label.)

Some of the suburbs-like Beaverton-have fluorinated tap water. Maybe you could fill a few gallons from someplace in that district. From what I understand, it just takes a swig or two daily for your teeth to get the benefits.

Our nanny was back at CVS yesterday to check on my daughters' fluoride supplement prescription...the pharmacist told her they aren't expecting to get the fluoride supplements in anytime soon, that several companies have stopped making them and that we should consult our dentist or pediatrician for an alternative. I'm off to the dentist tomorrow and will let you all know what he recommends for the kids.


Have ANY of you got ANY idea how you're abusing your children by giving them fluoride. You all ought to be in jail.

Oh please. Grow up.

I am going to go call the police on my mother right now. If she hadn't given me fluoride, maybe I would have two doctorates instead of one.

Seriously, if you have data above and beyond what is here, I think we would all like to hear it.

Oh, and by the way, I use topical, not ingested fluoride for my kids, so this is not a defensive response. It is simply a comment to let you know that you are being ridiculous.

Shortage of fluoride?

It's the 13th most abundant mineral on earth. They'll never be a shortage.

But why would anyone ever want to drink fluoride? Is this site for real?

Would you drink "Right Guard" if you had smelly armpits? Would you swallow bacitracin if you cut your foot?

I still can't believe that you need a license to get a dog and none to have kids.

Harry O

Lower your kids IQ More wonder why your kid is falling apart? Investigate fluoride it was given by communist russians into there forced labor camps to keep them docile and easy manageable . Wake up Wake up Wake up.

please listen to john! fluoride is NOT good for your chilren at all. it is a poison. you must do your research! they use this to kill pests and rodents. the ada was paid to push this propoganda. youtube the fluoride deception.

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