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Reminder: Eat local at lunch today


Are you ready for something healthy and sustainable after that talk about childhood obesity? Remember: today is the Local Lunch at Portland Public Schools cafeterias all over town. I'm heading to Pioneer School today to eat lunch with Everett (and pay penance for having screwed up the dates and missed his annual Thanksgiving Feast parent lunch yesterday, ouch!). The menu appears to have changed slightly and is now "Oven Roasted Glazed Chicken featuring Draper Valley Farms Natural Chicken." Either way, I'm looking forward to having lunch with my little boy; as Aliza Wong wrote so eloquently in her entry on Culinate, eating lunch with your child is good no matter what the ingredients.


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I went to ours at Buckman and plan to make it a monthly tradition. we had fun and the green beans, chicken, baked root veggies and milk was pretty impressive for $2 something. Well done, PPS!

My son, Zach, goes to Pioneer and I did get to their lunch. It was great. Today my other two kids are having their lunch at Lewis. I love that they are getting local food and learning by living good values/experiences.

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