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OEC tackles our body toxic: Let's help!

Bodytoxic_3 Last night I had the pleasure of attending an Oregon Environmental Council event to hear local author Nena Baker talk about the toxic chemicals in everyday things.  If you haven't already picked up her book, The Body Toxic, at Powell's, I highly recommend it.  It's a wealth of info about environmental health in understandable language.  I reviewed the book on Enviroblog awhile back. 

Once you've read the book there's no doubt in my mind that you'll want to support OEC's two environmental health bills in our 2009 state legislature: the Oregon Healthy Schools Act and the Children's Safe Product Act.  There is great info about both of these bills on OEC's web site, and a super easy way to stay plugged in.  All you have to do is sign up for their Healthy Kids Campaign.  They'll keep you informed about these two important, groundbreaking bills and their progress in getting them passed.  And if you're game to lend a grassroots-hand, let 'em know.  Our parent voices are critical to passing these bills.  Here's how they describe the campaign:

By signing up today, you can help us win new protections for our kids. Here’s what we’re going to do: you’ll receive updates, resources, and tips on how you can create a healthier environment in your home. We’ll also give you the tools to connect with your friends, neighbors and family so that we can make sure our state legislators know that these issues are important, common-sense action that we can all agree will help protect this place we call home. So, sign up below – let’s get started!

As someone who has been more than a little wound up about these issues lately (who me??), I'm thrilled to see OEC taking this on.  The time is now, mamas, and together we can capitalize on a unique window of opportunity.


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A book worth keeping in your purse is The Chemical Maze.

This is a little pocket guide to all the ingredients that are chemicals... it tells you if they're harmful or good and what effects they have on your (or your babies) body.

It was recommended to me by a doctor.

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