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Tomorrow: Int'l Walk & Bike to School Day


International Walk and Bike to School day is coming up on October 8th, this Wednesday. This is a one-time, state-wide event in which many schools participate. 90 schools throughout Oregon are signed up to promote healthy lifestyles by walking and biking to school. For more information on the program, see the Walk + Bike web site.

Are you in?


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ooh, too bad. both Everett and Truman are on a modified year-round schedule and this week is off school. guess we'll just have to walk or bike to the farmer's market. maybe the homeschoolers and unschoolers will join me!

We walk to school every day.

Sarah, what school do your kids attend? There aren't too many year round programs, are there? Peninsula is the only one I know of.

We're just in preschool now, but it is too far to walk, unfortunately. Can't wait for kindergarten next year when we can walk every day!

Everett is at Pioneer School, a special school for kids with issues (mostly behavioral, some more severe learning disabilities). Truman's at preschool in Grout but it's run by the MESD and they operate on a modified year-round schedule that's almost identical to Pioneer School. I think Abernethy is also on a modified year-round schedule.

We also either walk, bike or ride the scooter to school everyday!

Yes, our grade school will be participating in International Walk & Bike day. In fact, we all are invited to meet up at one house for coffee and cocoa and walk on to school as a group. Once a month our school sponsors a walk & bike to school day. Our 1st grade teacher is the organizer. She even organizes a benefit family bike ride every June along the waterfront.

We are biking to school tomorrow, but usually our daughter takes the school bus. Since our neighborhood school closed down a few years ago, our new neighborhood school is 1 1/2 miles away. It just seems too long for my 5 year old to walk right now. I'm hoping we'll be walking home together in a couple of months.

At one of our kid's schools, we have meeting points where families can meet up to walk or bike in. I suspect that some families may drive to that meeting spot, the walk/bike the rest of the way in. I think walking/biking as a group is fun way for the day to come together.

We walk to school everyday! Actually I am one of those rare people that doesn't drive. One of the reasons I was psyched to move to Portland is because it's easier to get to things. Plus side as well I have lost about 3 pounds already with all the walking to my son's two different schools!

We live in Hillsboro and bike (on the tagalong) to my son's pre-k a mile away at least 2 days/week... and we made sure to do so yesterday! I'm hoping we can keep it up when it's cold'n'rainy, our blood's still a bit thin. This is one reason why it's important to me: "Mama! Stop the bike! What's that?" "Honey, it's a Blue Heron." "Can we go visit it?" "No, let's stay here and watch." "What's it doing?" "Hunting for breakfast." "Wow."

We are at Laurelhurst School and we walk every day. My kids were excited to get stickers and cool backpack reflectors at their Walk/Bike event.

The efficient, well-attended, recently upgraded school to which my children once walked and biked to school was closed by PPS in 2005.

Now they say my "neighborhood school" is across I-5 and 99W in another neighborhood, and they say it needs to be demolished because it is in such poor condition.

Let’s renew our commitment to school sited and sized in a way that will allow most of the children attending the option to walk and bike to school.

Small schools tucked into neighborhoods have been one of reasons for Portland’s past success and have differentiated us from the big-box schools in the suburbs.

Small neighborhood oriented schools promote participation in the school by residents of all ages, and can contribute to the strength of the neighborhood community like nothing else.

Hear, hear! Well said, Steve.

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