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Please support the Children's Levy!

We don't make a habit of endorsing candidates or ballot measures, but we're making a special exception for the Portland Children's Levy.  The Levy (Measure 26-94), is up for renewal this year.  It's the very last thing on the ballot and likely to get overlooked, which would be too bad because it's just one of those things we can feel proud our hard-earned tax dollars are supporting. Please, please take a minute to find it and vote YES.

The levy funds the Children's Investment Fund, a wonderful, cost-effective program that, since 2002, has been supporting programs that:

  • help children who have been abused,
  • help kids in foster care to succeed,
  • provide early childhood education and
  • after school/mentoring support.   

This levy has supported amazing programs like the Children's Relief Nursery, the Children's Receiving Center, the Salvation Army's Shelter for Women & Children, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Head Start, Portland Impact, the Peninsula Child Center, and a bunch of other programs with proven positive impacts for our city's most at-risk kids.

The levy has helped over 16,000 kids each year since it began in 2002. It receives its funds from a property tax of $0.4026 per $1000 of assessed home value (about $5 a month for the average Portland home).

I spent some time calling voters tonight, asking them to support the Levy, and I must report that no one is against this levy.  The only thing that will keep it from being renewed is the fact that a lot of people just don't know anything about it.  In a contentious election year, it's hard to get a city ballot measure into the dialog.

Please, encourage your Portland loved ones to support this measure. Send them an email, or this post, and let them know that a vote for the Children's Levy is a vote in support of *all* of Portland's children.

Want more information? Check out the FAQ's and Endorsements.   Or contact the campaign directly at (503) 224-6160 or info@childrenslevy.com.


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My son helped my partner and I fill in the bubbles on the ballots to vote YES for the Children's Levy. This was his first time helping us vote, although he's watched us with ballots in years past. He was pretty excited that we were 'voting for kids'.

Check out Stand For Children's recommendations as to the other ballot measures. There's some tricky one's so it's worth reading carefully.


They recommend voting NO to measures 58-62 and YES on measures 56-57 .

And of course YES to the Portland Children's Levy.

For what it's worth Stand for Children's recommendations on the other ballot measures pertaining to kids are as follows:

NO on Measures 58-62.

YES on Measures 56-57.

There are some tricky measures so it's worth reading them carefully. More info on these at:


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