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Running Pregnant


Staying active is an important part of my life, even while pregnant.  With my previous two pregnancies I neither ran nor biked, two activities I've been enjoying a lot recently.  Recently, I found out I was pregnant when I was 8 weeks along.  While I've cut back on my running, partly due to the body readjusting (e.g., widening hips, expanding waistline, weight gain, etc.) making a wee bit uncomfortable but also partly due to my worry that too much running may harm the health of the growing babe.  I must say, I've been feeling good lately running.  Since this is my third pregnancy, I feel keenly aware of any issues I would be experiencing and would stop at any time if I knew it was a risk to my pregnancy.  Aside from feeling it a bit more in my hips, I'm hoping that running jogging will help me stay more fit, hopefully prevent the 50 lb weight gain during the last pregnancy and help me to bounce back quickly post-partum.  We've heard about biking throughout pregnancy, but what about running?  How long did you run into your pregnancy?  What limitations did you set on distance and time? 


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I ran up into my sixth month. My midwife reccomended that I either switch to a treadmill/eliptical or stop. She said the impact of the cement is too jarring. I Probably went either two or three miles. Down from five or six. Even on the days that I was feeling terrible and I went out for a jog it picked me up and made me feel so much better. So I say keep going mama! Have fun and good luck.

Check out this blog:

She ran (and raced) throughout her pregnancy and now has a beautiful baby boy.

I ran during my pregnancy until 34 weeks. My doctor at the time was a triathlete and she encouraged me to run throughout my pregnancy. Of course by 34 weeks my husband thought it was very entertaining to walk next to me as I was "running." My doctor recommended a book Runner's World Guide to Runners and Pregnancy. The book helped me feel confident that it was safe to run.

I ran until I was about 6 months along. At some point it just wasn't comfortable anymore. When I couldn't run, I walked and walked and walked which I was able to do until the day I went into labor. As far as I can tell, the only negative was that now that dog refuses to run. I guess he realized that he liked walking more.

i continued teaching baby boot camp classes until 4 weeks before my due date. i now have a beautiful healthy baby boy. this is my second child. he's one week old and i am eager to start working out again.....going for a long walk - with perhaps some jogging - tomorrow.
in addition to my side job, my 'real' job as a veterinarian (part time) involves lots of squatting and lifting and walking and standing. i continued doing all this throughout both of my pregnancies, including lifting wiggly 50 lb+ pooches up to the exam table.
i think the most important thing is not to overdo it. don't suddenly start vigorously working out if you don't already. but you can continue your normal routine, in my opinion, keeping in mind that you ARE pregnant....so take it easy if it's feeling challenging, drink lots of water and be sure to rest afterwards.

Ummmm 1)congrats -- I found out thru JJ :-P 2) Y'all brainwashed me with running and I loved it when I was pregnant with G. Things to keep in mind are finding comfy running clothes as your waistline grows. Finding running routes with water and BATHROOMS along the way. I ran through the 6th month comfortably. It was much easier on my body than brisk walking (I seem to relax my body more when I run so it felt more natural than the stiffness I got from walks). I didn't feel comfortable running into the 7th month because I Didn't want any accidental water breaks but that's more than likely an irrational fear of mine.

Run, Mama, Run! ;-)

With both pregnancies I ran until about my 5th or 6th month. For me, that was when I started to feel big enough that I felt damage could be done (even though it probably would have been fine)--to my knees, hips, and perhaps pelvic floor (for I was having "accidental water breaks" often by that point). But like Katrina, I walked a ton during the last few months of both pregnancies. I found other pregnant mamas to walk with, and I loved the change of pace from running. An added note is that I'm a firm believer in walking through labor as much as possible. On the day my second was born (at 10pm) I walked probably about 10 miles! In the neighborhood, and then in the neighborhood of St. Vincent's...all in efforts to get labor going, get the baby to drop, and get through the pain. It was exhausting, but exhilarating too!

It is fine to do the activities your body is accustomed to throughout your pregnancy - the key is moderation. While you don't really have to worry so much about the baby, you do have to worry about YOU. During pregnancy the hormones in your body soften ligaments and joints and can leave you open to injury more so than normal. Try speed walking, or jogging/walking alternating every couple blocks or so, so you don't pull or tear something.

Well, to be honest, running never felt right for this pregnant mama...all that bouncing and impact--not sure if that's great, in spite of what people say...as other mamas have said, walking, limited biking, and swimming seem more on par with being pregnant and having a babe-in-belly. Had a friend who miscarried late into her pregnancy and while it wasn't *directly* connected to her running, it could have been a factor. I'd be cautious, but definitely continue to exercise in a way that feels right to you.

I ran until the day before I gave birth to my healthy, 8 lb 10 oz daughter.

I did take it easy so far as intensity, and was extra careful to listen to my body. asn't sure how much of my caution was necessary, but figured better safe than sorry.

I'm still running at 6 months and it was helpful to read these blogs. Thanks! I was an avid yogi until I overstretched ligaments in my back, so, now running seems to be the only thing that makes me feel okay. I do feel like I have to pee during the entire run, even when I've gone right before, which is annoying to say the least. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy.

I know what you mean, running makes me feel normal somehow; it and makes me feel good.
I am starting my 7th month and have been running about 36 miles per week up to this point. For the past two days however, I started to have pubic pain and SI joint pain. Can anyone suggest a good running belt or any other remedy?

I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my second child and still going strong in the running department, although I refer to it more as a "waddle". The intensity level and distance has dropped off, but its good for my psyche to know pregnancy has not prevented me from doing the things I like to do. Its a little uncomfortable at this point, but only a couple more weeks left to go! Your body will tell you what you can and can not do as your pregnancy progresses.

Wow! I cannot believe all of the mamas who stayed really active throughout their pregnancies. It's great to read all of the stories. I did run only up until my 17th week of pregnancy. After that point, I stopped as I no longer found it enjoyable. I had an awful time breathing, and I was also worried about sustaining an elevated heart rate while running.

Lul, I also experienced the pubic pain in my last trimester every time I walked. It became quite painful. I notice that it has also returned post-partum when I run for longer distances. I asked my doc about it and she didn't offer up any advice so I am curious if anyone else has experienced this.

Hau and Lul, I mentioned similar pubic pain to my chiropractor. He said that due to the pelvic bones and pubic area widening during the last trimester, many women feel this pain during last tri, especially when exercising. After baby is born, the pelvic/pubic bones start to "come together" again and don't always align properly...thus the reason for lingering pain. He said a good chiropractic adjustment six weeks postpartum can help.
I haven't had my little one yet, but fully plan on going in for an adjustment after she's born.

Today is the last day of my 36th week and I'm still running. Actually, it probably looks like a waddle.jog. But, to me, it feels like running. I run 6.25 miles every day. And walk .75 miles at work. It is a little uncomfortable in that I, like other who have replied, feel like I have to pee often throughout the run. But my doctor and several other websites have said that jogging is safe during and throughout pregnancy as long as you listen to your body and be mindful of dehydration. I was running 7 miles a day 7 days/week along with a spin class 3 times/week for the year leading up to me getting pregnant. So, I have had to adjust a bit. My pace is much slower and, on days when I feel a little fatigued or sore, I will walk 1/3 of my jog. The ligament pain has been plaguing me since about 24 weeks. But, it usually subsides once I'm about 5-10 min into my run. I really like that, even with all the "inconveniences", jogging has kept my weight gain normal(knock on wood), helps regulate my appetite, helps with constipation & swelling, and keeps my mood up. I've also noticed that my little guy will wake up and get moving with me in the middle of my workout:-) I'm hoping to keep jogging til I deliver. But, I'll take it one day at a time. :-) Good luck, ladies!!!

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