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Our bodies ourselves: Nakedness in our homes

When I was a kid, I couldn't not just run around naked. It was considered "bastos", profane and crass. Now, we seem to have a whole different approach to nakedness in our household. Our girls (now aged almost-5 and almost-8) don't mind being naked. In fact, they do enjoy it sometimes. We, the parents, are also comfortable with our own nakedness in the house, so long as folks outside can't peer into the windows to catch a glimpse. When other children are over, we don't mind them all taking a bath together and running around naked, though their parents have not suggested that they, the parents, get naked themselves (heh). How do you treat nakedness at home? Do you prefer that the kids are clothed, unless they're in the bath? Or, is being naked OK, even when they're playing in the yard or eating dinner?


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We're all about the kids being naked in our house! I figure once they get to a certain age, they won't want to be naked all the time anymore so why not let them run free while they can?

There was a situation at our house this week that I think may have been the inspiration for this post... :) There's a lot of nakedness at our house, both inside as well as out in the back yard and we're fine with it. (The only thing that bothers me about it is having to pick up the clothing that gets strewn about the house!) But one evening this week Anders didn't want to get dressed before dinner and it was a bit of a battle. I draw the line at the dinner table--you must wear underwear at my dinner table. Preferably a shirt too, but at least underwear--it just seems a little unsanitary to me!

No shame in being naked here at our place... although I will insist on panties if the creepy old man next door decides that NOW is the time he should be doing "yard work". Our 2.5 yr old just this week asked her Papa what that thing was between his legs. We told her it was a penis, and she had no interest past that. I figure that what's underneath our clothing is no big deal unless we make it one.

Naked inside-clothes outside.This was even before the news vans were staked out across the street a couple of months ago because of some child rape arrests.And we live in a very nice quiet neighborhood. You cant be to careful.

We Naturally letting him be free running around naked as long as he want in our house and in the back Yard. My son is almost 2 I think they build a good relationship with their bodies this way.

We are all about nakedness. We take baths together almost every morning, and I'm not sure when that is supposed to stop? I'm thinking it will just end naturally some day when she tells me she doesn't want me there anymore. She is 3 now. I'm ok with exploration, and I'm very careful when she is exploring in public to tell her that it is ok, but really only at home in private. I don't really hang out naked, but it's usually around clothing changes, after shower, etc. I'm just not comfortable with having my belly so exposed! Don't really care about the private parts! My daughter will strip down naked in a flash, then say, "Mommy, can I take my clothes off?"

Naked inside and in the fenced in backyard. I'm sure the weather will hamper my daughter's preference for wearing less. I draw the line, at the front door, but she is 3 and wants to know why and I stumble with my explanation. The reality is that there was a convicted predatory sex offender living around the corner that has moved on, but left me with a wary outlook that I find difficult to explain to a child.

Naked is a-okay at our house too, though we do require underwear at the dinner table ... my son tends to stand up on our bench while eating and it just wasn't what I needed to see!

I recently returned from a visit to my sister's house though, and they do NO naked. She was disgusted that my kids kept losing their clothes ... something about butt germs everywhere! My mother and I had to totally convince her 4-year-old daughter that it was okay to take off her shirt outside while we tie-dyed clothing 'cause we didn't want it to stain. My kids, on the other hand, had to be told to keep on their unders.

Naked is the status quo in our house. My girls prefer it and always have. They are 5 and 8.

As the girls have gotten older, it has gotten more restricted to inside the house by their choice. A lot of that has to do with their friends being neighbors...and boys. I feel the whole thing will stop on its own. Until then, we don't care. They have too much time in their lives to be self conscious about their bodies. I never wanted to start it for them.

My 11 year old DD still wanders between her bedroom, the bathroom and the laundry room naked. Gets hot at night and sleeps naked. And if there is something exciting or interesting going on in the kitchen or living room and it's time to change clothing for some reason, she'll just drop trou so long as she is comfortable with whomever is around. Stands around the locker room after swimming, bare naked, and chats with her girlfriends while they go through all sort of contortions trying to hide their bodies. Doesn't hesitate to come chat with me when I'm in various forms of undress.

I haven't had to tell her not to go outside the house naked, but I would if she tried.

It will be interesting to see, as her body develops, how her attitude about her nakedness changes.

Several of her friends are convinced she'll be joining the naked bikers in not so many years. We'll see.

It has always seemed natural to our family to be clothed at home. I do tend to be naked after getting out of the shower for awhile while I get ready. My son (age four) has never had any question about it though I do wonder if I should cover up as he gets older. He is only naked after bathing or while dressing but doesn't seem self conscious. We've never made an issue of it - just part of our normal getting-ready routine is to be dressed. My husband and my son shower together occasionally but that's the extent of the naked thing for him. I don't think it's an embarrassment issue but more of a habit from our childhoods.

I had always read that children just naturally developed a sense of modesty at around age five. Sheryl, I appreciated the comments about your 11yo. Because at 5 and 8 we're still waiting for the modesty thing to kick in with our boys. Guess it might take awhile.

My son loves to be free. We prefer nakedness in the house or backyard. He has no qualms about being free all day, in or out. He even has a naked dance and song he sings. It's kind of awesome.

I don't mind nakedness with the kids, but I do ask that unders are worn at the table and in the kitchen. My 3 year old does a lot of self exploration, and I tell her that's fine to do. I do ask that she do that in her room and not in the living room by the windows. I think if they want to be naked that's OK. I tend to wear clothes and to put them in clothes mainly because I am cold all the time. ;-)

Zinemama, I should give a little insight into our living situation--the nakedness may make more sense! We are a family of two--mom and daughter--and have been for as long as my daughter can remember. Past about the age of maybe 4, she became modest in front of the men and boys in our lives. But in front of me, and other women and girls we are close to or she feels reasonably comfortable with, she has no qualms about nudity.

It used to make me sad at swimming lessons, when she was 4 or 5, when I would see women going to great lengths to hide their little girls' nudity in front of the other same-gender people in the locker room. There were times when my daughter had to use the bathroom, and most of the stalls were full with people using them as changing rooms for their little girls. So much of our childrens' attitudes toward nudity have to do with an instilled sense of shame about their bodies or naked bodies in general, not about modesty!

My daughter is almost 7 and still likes to be naked in the house and the backyard. She also prefers to sleep naked, as do her m&d. Nudity is fine with us, but we do demand that she wears clothes when we have adult guests, or if she has a friend over who is uncomfortable with nakedness -- and there are a couple. We also have the "no undies, no service" rule at the table. Our backyard is not particularly private, so I told her, since she's becoming such a big kid, this was the last summer that she could be nakey out back or in the wading pool. She is starting to show a little modesty in front of boys -- turning away from them while undressing in the pool locker room, etc. I do wonder when, or if, she'll be uncomfortable being naked in front of her dad, or vice versa. Her aunt, who is not comfortable with nudity, has told me that I need to start setting the expectation now, that she can't be naked in front of her dad anymore when she starts to get pubic hair -- but I don't see any reason to do that. As she gets older, I'm hoping our family will just naturally find its own comfort level with nudity -- without setting any explicit rules that could be shaming.

Our backyard is private unless the middle school kid who almost never comes outside is out on his balcony peering in (another story for another time). Even when he was in grade school he'd make silly comments about my then-toddler son, like "I can see his thingie!" It made me sad. I wanted them to be naked in their own yard, not be made uncomfortable by someone whose intrusion I couldn't stop.

My daughter is a couple of years older and so I made the rule that once you are old enough to have a conversation with people (not family), which her brother was then not, you have to have at least underpants on. It seemed to work. At least it was a way for her to partially cover up in front of neighbor kid without making her think that being free in the yard was wrong. I just said, "Well, do daddy and I have conversations with friends and neighbors when we're naked?"

This past summer, at 8, she was still happily running around the back in unders. Doesn't strip and turn upside down on the couch anymore, though.

"no undies, no service" - I love it!

My kids don't tend to be naked that much, but it's fine with us if they want to be. We do sometimes soak in the hot tub together, and that's a naked activity. Or baths together. Nudity is just not that big a deal to us.

And that's the way I grew up, too - I always danced as a kid, which tends to make one not modest and a-ok changing clothes in front of others, which I think is good to feel comfortable about. My parents weren't nudists or anything, but nudity was not uncommon and was never hidden in our household.

I guess we're the exception around here. Our niece & nephew (boy-7 and girl-9) would probably be naked all the time if we let them, but I'm not comfortable with that, esp. as niece is already starting to develop.

We don't wnat them to feel shame, but we do believe clothes need to be on unless you are someplace private. I try v. hard to be light-hearted in my reminders, but it's sometimes a challenge.

The baby's too young to have an opinion either way; it will be interesting to see how she feels as she gets bigger.

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