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Did You Staycation?

We stayed close to home this summer and it seems like we were far from alone. 

Some highlights for us were biking all over town - it was our first real bike summer with Gael, a lot of trips to Sauvie Island, and a return to Pickathon. The farthest afield we went was a trip to Yachats. It was all wonderful and in many ways easier than planning and executing a BIG SUMMER TRIP - not to mention cheaper. 

Did you take you a staycation this summer? Did you discover any new gems - or revisit old favorites - in Portland or a short drive away? 


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Great topic! I've been meaning to post about our favorite staycation idea: camping at home. Early on in the summer, we pitched tents in the yard, built a fire, and stayed up late looking at the stars in the sky. Best staycation we ever had!

My family (husband and 4mo daughter) did an overnight in Seaside. We originally dreamed of doing a long weekend of camping in the Wallowas but ultimately decided we didn't have the energy for that long and involved of a trip with an infant.

We actually hadn't been to Seaside in years (way before baby) and didn't realize how super kid-friendly it is. Sure, we knew about the arcade but had no recollection of the paved promenade. It was SO nice to go on walks with the stroller along the beach that way. Not to mention the restaurants are super kid-friendly too. I recommend Seaside highly for newer parents considering their first local getaway!

Oh yeah, I love the idea of the campout in the yard too!

We hit Seaside when Gael was about 3 months old. We didn't know what to expect but really enjoyed it. We did a post on it way back when:


Pickathon was just about the farthest we ventured too, along with a couple of other camping trips to the coast. It was pretty perfect as far as vacation goes though; camping in a beautiful spot with close friends and family, lots to do but no pressure to do it, and tons of great music. Plus, it's half an hour from home. What more could we ask for?

We did a little of both. Hubby and I had a somewhat local getaway to a Forest Service fire lookout in Southern Oregon for a few nights, with a one-night stop in Yachats on the way home. Later in the summer we flew with our 3-year-old to Maine to spend a couple of weeks with our families back there (we bought our tickets before the big fare increases). We also did a lot of camping this summer, both in our backyard and in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

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