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Recommendations for vacation with a 9-month old?

What a lovely thing it is to plan a family vacation.  An urbanMama recently writes:

I'm trying to plan a 3-5 day vacation for my husband, myself, and our 9 month old.  I'm interested in hearing from other mamas about places with 4 hours of Portland where we can go that might be extra baby friendly.   Perhaps a hotel with in-room child care or extra nice crib-type amenities.  Maybe someone out there has the perfect baby-friendly vacation idea?

In the past, we've chatted about Astoria, Seattle and Ashland.  Any other suggestions for travel within a 4 hour radius of Portland?


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We heart Yachats! It is a 3 - 3.5 hour drive from Portland. Here is a recent post we did on it:


A few things not mentioned in the post...

They have a very small farmer's market happening right now on Sundays.

Heceta Head lighthouse is great to check out it is south of town near the Sea Lions Cave.

Here is the vacation rental service we use for trips to Yachats: http://www.ocean-odyssey.com/

Along the way (or on the way home) check out the (FREE or donation) Mark Hatfield Marine Center in Newport and stretch your legs at Nye Beach or the Yaquina Head Outstanding Area.

I just read the post for Yachats..it makes me want to go now! It sounds like you guys had such a relaxing, chill time..that is what our family needs after a hectic summer!

Well with the price of gas so high & considering your wee one can still "fly free"... I would suggest San Francisco! We went when my son was 5 months and had the best time, we went to Muir Woods for the day, had great food, museums, walked around with a lightweight travel stroller that held the car seat carrier (so not much travel gear is needed). We stayed in a very family friendly Hotel Del Sol (Marina District) with parking. Ah it was one of my favorite vacas!!!! HAVE FUN> Liz

It's a little further than 4 hours, but we recently had a great family trip to Vancouver, BC. Stayed in a nice hotel that arranged babysitting for us - went to the Aquarium and Stanley Park.

Delicious Baby has great recommendations for Vancouver - and for Seattle - as well as wonderful tips for traveling with kids:

Yes we love the Florence/Yachats area! Florence is about 20 min south of Yachats and has a fun little seaside downtown. My mom has a vacation rental there that is super family friendly complete with a kids' room a boat bunk bed and undersea mural.


The Hobbit Trails are an enchanting hike between the two towns.

You might consider a train trip to Bellingham. The train is kind of fun and Bellingham is a very nice town. I don't really know about the best hotels. But we were there recently and the Fairhaven district has a nice park next to cafes. Bellingham also has a two mile trail, partly over water, that links Fairhaven to downtown.

We just returned from a weekend at Gleneden Beach and it was awesome! We had our 5 and 1 year old along and stayed at the Beachcombers Haven http://www.beachcombershaven.com/
We often use a website called VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) to reserve a weekend trip - it's always better than staying in a hotel because it allows for more space, a kitchen and living area, and (in some cases) we can bring along our dog. This weekend we are headed to a cabin on the sandy river - only $100 a night! Will write again if it is worth checking out.

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