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What do you do when two is enough? The big V?

We've talked forever about our decision to go with an IUD for our preferred method of birth control, with well over a 100 comments and going.  We have an urbanFamily looking into the big "V", a vasectomy, and seeks your doc suggestions in and around Portland:

Our family is looking at the big V this year for my husband. I'm looking for doctor recommendations.

Any more tips, tricks, or advice?  It's always welcome.


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They are beautiful things. Really nice. My husband had a bit of discomfort, but then got to spend two days on the couch watching war movies and drinking milkshakes -- more slacker time than he'd had since children were born.

As for me, after the first few months of not really believing that it could work (we got it verified...you have GOT to do that), I've now settled into a wonderful piece of mind and calm about the whole business.

And we went to Nick Gideonse at the OHSU Richmond Clinic at 39th and Division. He was fab.

We went with Dr. Menasche - he also happened to treat my dad's (and our neighbor's) prostate cancer. Everyone has been happy with their treatment and recovery!

We used Dr. Menasche, too. No problems. Yeah, and the peace of mind...incredible!

I have a get together with some of the guys now and then to watch a non-family friendly flick, drink some beers, and do whatever you think a bunch of fathers do when there are no wives or kids around...

Well, actually, we talk about our wives and kids...

SO for whatever reason the discussion once turned toward family planning.

A handful of my friends had been cut. The track records?

One had to go in twice because the "they cut the wrong thing the first time" (don't ask).

For another, it didn't take and "surprise!" his family circle expanded...

And another dear friend - who I will call Tex - went to the doc to be cut and was escorted by another friend - who I will call Cal.

Cal's wife sent him along with the hope that once Cal saw "how easy and painless" a vasectomy is, he would sign right up for one!

An interesting strategy under the best circumstances and as it turns out, that was an especially bad idea in this case.

Tex went in, received a local anesthesia, and half way through the procedure...the anesthesia wore OFF...

His screams could be very clearly heard in the waiting room...and probably back home in Texas as well...

DEFINITELY get some recommendations, have your husband/partner talk directly with former patients, check the medical board standing of prospective doctors, and the like.

It is an in-office procedure, but it is still surgery.

Tony, you crack me up!

My husband also went with the super Dr. Nick Gideonse at the OHSU Richmond Clinic at 39th and Division. One word of caution though - his procedure was observed by 5 young female residents-in-training. My normally shy and retiring husband would NEVER have agreed to have that many witnesses to "a procedure down there" had he not been doped up on valium prescribed by the Doc to ease his nerves! The op was a complete success- it's been two years - and a whole lot of weight off our minds.

too bad about the audience...my husband was given a choice and gave a big negative on the peanut gallery (sorry, no pun intended)

Well.. First off, just to be nit- picky.. I think the post should be " When your family is complete" because I think there are actually a lot of us that think ONE is enough. Even though most people are in the "Gotta have TWO kids" mentality. Nothing wrong with that but please lets word posts more inclusive of everyone.

NOW! Our Vasectomy was done when my daughter was 1, we went to Dr. Tirjer, he is at Clackamas Urology Clinic (503) 659-1120.

Really great guy, Uses titanium clips to Seal everything and my husband talked to him and watched the whole procedure! I was there too. My husband was so thrilled to have it done! Such freedom and no more worries. Hardly any pain apparently, just frozen peas on the lap! Just watch out for cats jumping on laps for a few days after procedure!

Thanks for listening to my beginning rant. :)

Only child parents get tired of the 2 kids club! :) oh well.

Now, I've heard a rumor about medical breakthroughs allowing for vasectomies without knives- just AIR PRESSURE. Which, actually, sort of sounds horrible. Anybody have the details?

For any of you who live a bit south of Portland, my husband went to Ed Skeeters at Meridian Park in Tualatin. Other than a slightly strange sense of humor (and one would expect that in a urologist!), my husband was as happy with his procedure as could be expected. I've only heard good things from other mamas whose partners have seen Skeeters, who seems to be the go-to guy in the southern burbs. He also used titanium clips, and there was no possibility of observers.

You DO have to check that it worked; Skeeters told my husband that some men have microscopic vas deferens, and for them, a vasectomy won't do the job. Also, it is possible (though highly unlikely) for the vas deferens to rejoin, but Skeeters said that was usually due to a bad vasectomy (often done by general practitioners rather than urologists).

My husband had a couple of uncomfortable and occasionally painful days, and I felt some guilt about that until I thought, "Hey wait, who went through labor twice for this family, including one without drugs??" Then I didn't feel badly at all. :) I would recommend getting the kids out of the house as much as possible for the two days after, since they usually don't understand why it's not okay to jump on Daddy as usual...

We're both VERY happy with the peace of mind.

We are members of Kaiser, and my husband's was done by someone at the medical office at St. V's. There were no problems with it, and we both highly recommend it. :)

I think the key is to have someone who does it a lot, rather then your family practitioner who does them occasionally. I believe the KP doc does 8 a day, or something like that. It isn't super complicated, but you want someone with experience! Also, make sure you follow the pre-op shaving instructions before you go in & don't forget the 2 follow-up tests either!

Seconding Dr. Skeeters! My husband had his done, oh, 8 years ago now. No problems, barely any pain, used very current and up to date methods. He felt nothing during the procedure, and was healed completely within a few days with very minimal pain during healing, nothing Advil did not take care of.
He is not at a teaching facility, so no worries about nurses or others standing by watching or wanting to look and touch! He even asked if he'd prefer a nurse in the room or not, and my dh said no, so no one else was in the room at all.
You do need to go back in their recommended time period for a sperm check, to be sure and safe, but this should be done regardless.
Good luck! Denise in Sherwood

Dr. Fuchs at OHSU. I asked my best friend, who is married to a Urologist, who my husband should go to and he said, "Dr. Fuchs! No contest! He's the guru."

My husband still beams about his procedure. Really. Its hilarious, he talks about it like it was a trip to the spa. We told several people to use Dr. Fuchs and no one did and they ALL had complications. My husband, on the other hand, had a very easy time of it and we've never looked back :)

Anyone with Kaiser use any doctor at the Interstate facility that they'd reccommend?

Has anyone had experience with Dr Harvey in NE? My husband went to him for a consult after someone recommended him. I believe he's a GP but apparently does a LOT of them.

to k,

that's so funny--my husband had a consult with dr. harvey in may and is scheduled for the procedure in sept. apparently he does do them a lot because when we called in june the soonest they could get him in was mid-september! i can let you know how it goes ;)

dr brian shaffer, urologist at st vincents (sw barnes rd, portland) my husband recommends him to anyone who asks. he was referred by the doctor i had once worked for, who had used him personally - a good referral.

my husband just had a vasectomy last month with Dr. Menashe. dh spoke very highly of him *even after the procedure*. recovery time was very quick, back on his feet by day 3. kudos to Dr. Menashe...and kudos to dh.

My husband would recommend Dr. Michael Kaempf. He was *very nervous* about all of it and Dr. Kaempf put him at ease with his manner and skill.

My husband just got snipped by Dr. Menashe and had lots of high praise for him and the whole experience. He stayed off his feet for 3 days and was pretty sore for the next week or half week back at work, but that's not so bad, compared to childbirth. He wants to be Dr. Menashe's new best friend, so it must have gone well!

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