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Mama Getaway: where would YOU go?

We spent the weekend with a few other very close family friends, all in different stages of their lives as parents.  Some were newer parents, some were conceiving of conceiving, one was pregnant, and another was parent to a 12-year old.  Our spouses took a morning to have an activity of their own, and they are also planning on participating in a very fun weekend excusion, sans families.  We, left manning the fort and entertaining the offspring, got to talking: we should plan a getaway of our own, mamas-only.

Will you dream with me?  If you could plan a getaway, to take time all to yourself away from the family, where would you go?  What would you do?  Just because I want to daydream, let's pretend we didn't have to worry about money or logistics.


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I really really could have used a getaway this weekend, just me and my 8 month old. Too bad the car was acting up, but I was dreaming of a night away at Breitenbush hot springs. Just a night to recharge and get away from the husband! YOU know what I mean!

I wouldn't care where it was as long as there were no kids and there were lots of opportunities for sleep!

For me, just walking the beach and catching up with a good book is just my speed. Thankfully, one of my book club ladies owns a beach house and I'm headed there for bookish retreat at the end of the month. Yay!

You know, I wouldn't even need to go anywhere, as long as the kids got out of the house for a few days. (Though this is actually almost happening, as my 5 and 3 year old sons are going to NY to visit the grandparents for 10 days. The 2 month old is obviously staying home...like I said, "almost.") We've lived in our new place for just shy of a year, and I am pretty sure I have never been alone in this house.

I've been thinking about my perfect weekend, which would definitely involve sleeping in (Do you hear that, baby?), wandering to Extracto for some coffee, heading to Bolt for some new fabric (which would magically be pre-washed and ready-to-use by the time I got home), and then spending HOURS at my sewing machine.

I'd probably skip lunch, since I usually only eat it cause I am feeding the boys. But then I'd have a lovely dinner with the hubby (and get dessert too), and head out to see some live music. And I'd stay out as late as I want, because I'd be sleeping in again the following day.

Come to think of it, this was pretty much how I lived in my pre-kid life.

Amen. My sister just took my kids for a week and a half so my husband and I could have some time. Hello Portland! We worked our way through the PDX Monthly article (25 for $25) and hung out. Kids home now. Sigh...

A house on Hanalei Bay, with a pool and snorkeling gear. A suitcase full of books. A private chef discretely churning out healthy stuff you want to eat, which we would occasionally puncuate with a pie or some ice cream. Every night falling asleep listening to the surf.

Sometimes I just want to get in the car and drive, without a preordained destination...or return date. I probably wouldn't get as far as Idaho before I missed them and wanted to come home. But from the midst of my daily routine, I'm jones-ing for an escapade. I miss getting on my bike (motorcycle),and not looking back, or sleeping in the back of my el camino. The wind in my hair and nobody to answer to.....sounds dreamy right now.

Having just endured a move to another country (albeit the wonderful Sweden), living in 2 temporary homes over the course of 5 weeks before officially moving into our new (my dream house!) home, starting a new job all with 2 children (the elder 3) WITHOUT the help of grandparents...I am so into daydreaming about being without them (altho' of course I love them dearly...).

I would choose a weekend spa in the Southwest..with massage, etc and walks in the magnificant beauty. A personal refreshment retreat...

beach and girlfriends and wine and down comforters and open windows and night with ocean roar and chilly nights. And yummy steamers, and lobster rolls in frankfurter rolls brushed with butter and sandy hands that catch you by surprise when you lick ice cream drips. And passing my old grave yards that are so still in the summer afternoon when everything seems to be asleep.

I would go back to Maine.

I would definitely want out of my house. I'd like to sit on the dock on Flathead Lake in Montana and READ. And, when it got hot enough in the afternoon, I'd dive in the water and lounge in an inner tube.

Drink root beer. Eat huckleberries.

I think Hawaii or Mexico. A good book, a great cocktail, sun, nice beaches and peace and quiet. Are my dreams too big?

I have done a few of these mom's getaways- always for a weekend so I didn't want it to be somewhere too far away (less travel time= more retreat time). I've gone to San Francisco, Ashland and Whidbey Island. They were all great in their own ways. I would say that at this time of year a little B&B on Whidbey (or any of the San Juans) would be lovely.

my bed! Sleeping! All night long!

Or, a fun adventure weekend with some close friends. I dream of spending a few weeks in a bungalow in Costa Rica, learning to surf, hiking the rainforest, rafting, playing on the beach, scuba diving...

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