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I Heart Single Parents: Local Social Networking

We've talked here on uM about Facebooking. And honestly, when I saw that post way back in September 2007 I wasn't quite sure what Facebook really was.  So embarrassing!  We've also shared the unique challenges of single parenting and found ways to connect with others in the same shoes

So it all came together when we recently met the founder of an excellent (and local!  isn't everyone into local these days?) social networking site for single parents called I Heart Single Parents.  Facebook meets single parents - but better. 

The founders describe it as 'an online community for single parents to meet, chat and find support.'  It has a decidedly upbeat attitude, an "I'm here and I'm gonna love it" approach.  Have you checked it out?  If you visit, let us know what you think. 


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Hey, Urban Mamas!
Thanks so much for letting the community know about iHeartSingleParents!

You guys are awesome!

I checked it out but didnt really get it. I was instantly solicitied but a "widowed dad" who seemed to solicite 20 other women within the hour. I will revisit it and give it another shot. It seemed to be a mixture of dating/flirting site without a real sense of community like UM. Also kind of hard to navigate.

If other SM's have visited and liked the site- speak up. I would love to change my mind because I havent found many SM resources/communities.

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