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Cool Moms, Cool Planet in Seattle

Very cool.  Really.  This Seattle group has a really, uh, cool thing going.  Neighborhood by neighborhood, mom by mom, they aim to cool the planet.  Here's how they describe themselves:

CoolMom.org brings busy moms into the climate action network in three ways:  through education, lifestyle change, and by supporting policies that mitigate global climate change.  An important part of our work occurs at the grassroots level, with community-based activism in neighborhood CoolMom groups.  Local groups share ideas, take action, and have fun fighting climate change together!

CoolMom.org unites moms to build a better future for our children. CoolMom.org encourages sustainable living practices in how families live, learn, work and play.  We promote stewardship of the natural environment and seek to instill a conservation ethic in future generations.

I am often surprised by how many things are going on in Portland that I am completely and utterly unaware of - and not just dance clubs and other things from days gone by.  So before I say, how come we don't have something like this in Portland, I'll ask you!  Do we have anything like this in Portland?  If now, don't you think we should?


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Check out EnviroMom. They're local mamas who've got a whole challenge going on right now to get families accustomed to recycling more, throwing away less and cutting down to one garbage collection per month now that we have the new roll carts in PDX. They also have more local "green groups" who meet regularly by neighborhood, I think.

That's where I got my "recipes" for spreadable butter and homemade soft soap.

I second Leah's comment. I check out enviromom on a regular basis as well...but we could us a NE group! We have the space at Milagros if someone wants to start one...

I loved your article. I am part of the bizymoms.com Seattle community and I know they would love to read it. http://www.bizymoms.com/seattle/index.php

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