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Listen Up: Audio Documentaries on Birth & the Post-partum Experience in America

I watched The Business of Being Born earlier this year with loads of urbanMamas, and loved it.  Here's something similar, but different.   Thin Air Media has produced two audio documentaries - one on birth and another on the post-partum experience in America.  Check 'em out - you can download excerpts here.  If you love them, there's an opportunity to host a local Birth Tour of these documentaries through Thin Air Media.  Here's how they describe their 'tour' concept:

At the birth tour, we gather men, women and young people to listen to excerpts from the nationally distributed public radio documentary BIRTH and share ideas around this universal subject matter.

If they can have one in SF, Chicago, and NY, surely we can bring it to Stumptown?  Especially since our very own gDiapers is a sponsor.  Anyone???


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The Birth Tour was here in Portland back in 2006. We were one of the first cities to to host it.


Where was I G? Oh right! Having a baby that year - think that's about ALL I did in '06 :-) Good to know it toured here. Did you attend? Was it interesting?

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