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What's up for Father's Day 2008?

Now, the time has almost come to celebrate the daddies in our children's lives.  Is this a gift-oriented holiday for some of you?  Care to share gift ideas?  How else are you contributing to making it a special day?  If your child(ren) doesn't live with their papa full-time, is the celebration different or is the holiday less highlighted in your world?  Are there other ways you are celebrating father figures in your family?


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this is interesting for the single mamas. I would love to hear how other folks deal with this.

I have come to the realization that regardless of my relationship with my sons father that it is valuable for my son to acknowledge and understand the ritual of giftgiving and recognizing his father. So I see it as my responsibility to help my son celebrate.

We (my sons father and I) are in an "amiable" relationship but I am not sure how this works for single mamas who do not have their childrens father present in any capacity.

Although my daughter's father is distant (geographically and emotionally), I encourage her to send a card and a small gift of her choosing, and to call her father on Father's Day. My reasons for this mirror Elizabeth's.

I have a small, tight circle of single mama friends; all of us in this group are essentially raising our girls alone, with no dad or with dad seldom around. Each of us are mama, papa, breadwinner, chief bottle washer, omnipotent ruler, etc., all rolled into one. Each Father's Day, I privately acknowledge them with a card and a small token, just so they remember that at least I know how challenging the parenting journey is, especially when they are alone in it.

This is the first year that we will be really celebrating father's day, but with my father in Massachusetts. We have in past years recognized our very good friend who has been like a father to my almost 3 year old daughter, and last year I even brought them to have their picture taken together as a surprise. But this year it's all about Grandpa, who has been ill and would love to see his youngest grandchild. And we will talk more about saying thank you to the generous man whose donation made it possible for her to be here, and if there are any donors (or their wives/partners) reading this, Father's Day is always a good time for us to say thank you for helping families grow where they otherwise could not. Have a great celebration!

I usually take myself and a single mama friend to dinner, cause we do that job, too.

My daughter sometimes has difficulty with the day as her dad's dead so I try to be mindful of that.

This year for father's day I will just have finished an 18-month work program that required a LOT of travel. With all that he has done to keep the house running for the last year-plus, I want to do something particularly meaningful for father's day this year, I'm just not sure what that is. A round of golf? A nice meal for just the two of us? Of course, I'm gone for the next six days, so I'll figure it out from the road...

I just want to give a big round of applause to you Mamas up above..My husband was just out of town this week, and I recently began working alot more (38 hours this week). I couldn't believe how exhausted I was. After working all day, then coming home, making dinner, cleaning up, doing laundry or grocery shopping, bathing baby, putting her to bed, getting lunches and clothes ready , doing inventory and restocking for the next work day.....I'd fall into bed at midnight and get up at 630.
I am truly grateful to have a wonderful partner who is(usually) here to help me do all this.
I usually try to plan a special event for Fathers Day. Last year we went to the coast so he could surf..This year we're going to Georgia to spend Fathers Day with his father.
To all the Mamas pulling all this off on their own every day, I think you should do something great for yourself on Fathers Day as well as Mothers Day, since you are filling both the shoes.

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