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Sunday Parkways, a HIT!

*photo courtesy Jonathan Maus, www.bikeportland.org

For months we'd been waiting with bated breath for the day had 6 miles of neighborhood streets, car-free.  When the day finally came, we could hardly believe it was true.  We joined thousands of other bikers and walkers to take back our streets.  The streets were packed!  The feeling was overwhelming, and everyone on the street shared some healthy fun.  I felt wonderful with the feeling that my 7-year old could ride her bike freely in the streets, not having to worry about a car zooming past. 

Were you there?  Share thoughts?  Did you and your family have a great time?


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Sunday Parkways was fabulous! I hope it happens again.

What a great idea this was. We didn't get to make it this year, but I'm crossing my fingers that there's a 2nd Annual...

WE LOVED IT!!!! We started out at 8:30 and got a little bit wet, but by the time we were half way through it had cleared up. The events/booths at the parks were fun -- and there was a lot of fun stuff for kids. I really loved riding on the streets without worrying abour cars and I loved the sense of community. Also, I was very impressed by the planning and volunteer support. A big thank you to everyone involved in getting this event off the ground. Now, how can we make this happen every weekend?

This blew the Bridge Pedal (which we're forgoing this year) right out of the water. It was so fun! So much community spirit, so many happy faces.

This was fabu! Here's hoping that it becomes a summer tradition in Portland.

We had so much fun chowing down on homeade Iceream (thanks Sally and Stelle!) and getting those training wheels greased up!

we loved it..it was amazing. it should be every sunday, like it is in bogota!!

We had a great time. My favorite part was that after 2 p.m. we decided to head to Mississippi for some food and it was packed with bikes and folks out enjoying the sun. It really felt like it was a celebration that just kept on going even after the event was over. I very much hope it happens again.

YAY YAY YAY! We loved this. Our family is still buzzing with excitement. We had a blast. Our highlight - the Sprockettes at Peninsula Park. It was so great to run into so many people that we know and to check out all of their setups. This needs to be monthly at least. What a perfect route. My only complaint was that it had to end, 2pm just came too soon. We could have gone on forever. I also felt like we missed out on so much and wanted to see every single thing!

So how do we support Portland Sunday Parkways so that it's a regular event?

Thank you Portland, it was AWESOME!

We loved it! We started out early in order to do the loop and be back at our house by noon to host a BBQ out front. Our house was on the route and we had a great time watching everyone go by. The only thing all my friends commented about was the time. It seemed to us that it would have been nice to have gone longer.

My goodness did we have fun. Just wish it would have lasted longer, although the "after party" at Por Que No lasted quite a while! I'd really love to do this again. Oh...and Portland rules.

We thought it was incredible as well! Such a sense of community spirit, the free Clif bars, so many kids...I can't believe how many Burley trailers must be in our city! I read a short interview with the man who organized the Bogota Ciclovia, and he mentioned that he was very proud of Portland but wished we would hold at least 3 this summer, so it gains steam and drivers get used to using alternate routes. I agree! Let's do it once a month!

I heard that September 22nd is World Car Free Day and Portland will be celebrating on Sunday September 21st! If I learn more I will let you know.

We loved it. And I absolutely agree about the afterparty effect... just tons of people out on their bikes and enjoying themselves all through the afternoon and evening! We live in the center of the route and even 'crossing the line' in our car to go to church and back that morning was a pleasant experience!

My husband, three-year-old and I had a great time! What an amazing turnout & sense of community. And we were so proud that it went through our neighborhood. I hope this becomes a regular event.

TOO FUN! We had friends from Tigard come in for the festivities. It was a total blast. After the loop we crashed out on the lawn at Peninsula Park, ate lunch, and listened to music. When it was time to pack up my six year-old said, "Can we do this every Sunday?" Hopefully, someday...

It was a truly fantastic experience and a good workout towing my boy in the trailer. My husband originally scooped the story about this back in December for the Oregonian. In his research he learned about the 17 miles of streets that are closed every weekend in Bogota, Columbia. I hope we can get Sunday Parkways to increase in size and frequency. Think of all the people who wouldn't have been biking last weekend otherwise.

We didn't make it this year...next time I will insist! Anyway..there was a VERY lukewarm letter to the editor in the newspaper yesterday. Maybe one of you that went and thought it was a GREAT event could craft a letter or two in response.

Hello Folks,

It was one of the best Portland events ever! I put together an article on my website www.pdxfamilyadventures.com with pictures and a short video clip. Check it out! You'll see the link under "Recent Posts."

We opted to drive north to Seattle with our 10-month old . . . which certainly was not as much fun as 10-15,000 of you had . . . but we brought home a bakfiets, which promises a summer full of more biking, and one less car in the family.

I have heard that we should all press our City officials to do this more often. Anyone know a good place to direct comments?

I had an amazing time last Sunday. I had expected to be on the route for an hour or two. We ended up riding the whole thing and then some. I want another Sunday Parkways. How about every Sunday for the rest of the summer!

I am not sure what it will take to make Sunday Parkways a regular event (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually?) Here is the contact info for our city commissioners. Folks have recommended that we express our support directly:


The Portland Department of Transportation (PDOT), which organized the event, is collecting stories here: http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/index.cfm?c=46103&a=201513

There is tons of footage on YouTube:

There is a Flickr pool too!

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