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Webster Technique?

How do you reposition a baby?  Of the myriad of ways to flip and twist, do you have experience with the Webster Technique?  An expecting ma emailed:

I was wondering if anyone there had experience with a chiropractor who had experience with the Webster technique? I am 36 weeks pregnant and my baby is head down, which is great, but I think she might be sunny side up. I have read some online about positions that help babies turn from posterior to anterior, but wondered if there was more I could be doing to get her in the best position for birth. If anyone knows of a good chiropractor who has experience with this, I would be grateful for the information!


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Good luck! I just gave birth to my 3rd baby (and 3rd boy) 4 weeks ago. Of all my babies, he was the rocking-and-rolling-ist little baby, and also my most uncomfortable pregnancy.

At 37 weeks he was transverse (sideways). I was scheduled for a version on Easter Monday--something I was absolutely dreading. After spending all of Easter weekend doing at-home turn-around exercises (hello? lying on an inclined ironing board at 37 weeks?! Could they think of anything more difficult?), he ended up putting himself in the head-down position by the time we got to the hospital for the version.

He stayed in position until 41 weeks. At that checkup the midwife realized he was fully breach, and I was in the hospital by that afternoon for a version and an induction. (The version wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.) So, again, he was head down and back up.

An hour after the version, I felt him moving again. They popped my water so he couldn't move as much, but by the time he was born (about 6 hours later), he was sunny-side up.

A real mover-and-shaker, this one. His crooked nose is evidence of all his mis-positioning.

My point, though, is while re-positioning the baby may work, it may not.

We've been seeing Amy Watson at Whole Mama, Whole Child for cranio sacral therapy for my 9 month old, and I just had my first chiropractic adjustments by her yesterday. She's pregnant herself so I'm not sure she's accepting new patients before she goes out on leave in a few weeks but you might call her and ask about the technique and see if she has any recommendations for you. She's lovely.

My first baby was also head down but facing sunnyside up when I went into labor and although I was nervous about it, he flipped around just before heading down the birth canal. So just because she's facing up now, it doesnt mean she'll be that way for the delivery. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Please, please, you do not want a chiropractor. You want a midwife or OB.

I don't have any Webster technique info, but wanted to echo that things could change during labor...it did for me too. My midwife gave me a lot of good positions and exercises to do (during the parts of labor when I could do such a thing) and it felt good and totally helped! I bet those same things would help beforehand too, if you know a good midwife. (I'd tell you what the exercises were, but darned if I could remember...it's a blur!)

Good luck!!

Why wouldn't you want a chiropractor. My husband is a chiropractor and has seen many pregnant women just for these reasons. He doesn't work on the baby, he works on the mother, aligns her pelvis so the baby can position itself comfortably and properly. Many midwives have referred patients to him to help the mother support a better position for their baby. Amy Watson is an excellent chiropractor, as well as her associate Rebecca Higginson.
My husband has seen women before they are scheduled to get versions, while they are breech, and for any discomfort. Two techniques that chiropractors may use are Webster Technique, and the Bagnall Technique. Really they are methods of aligning a pregnant mother's pelvis, in a very safe way. And of course baby's can always change positions during labor, (like during mine) but trying to create a space that is most comfy for baby increases the chances for optimal position. Hope this helps, and the best of luck.

Please do as much research as posable before letting anyone tell you that you need to turn your baby. Also, the chiropractor has no idea where the umbilical cord is. Saying it is a good idea to try to turn a baby over without that knowledge is dangerous to say the least. Chiropractors may be useful for many things, but they have no real medical experience for the most part. Be very very suspicious of anyone who will take your money and leave your nothing but sore.

Dr. Jason Lindekugel is great. Concordia Chiropractic is his clinic. My first baby was posterior and I started chiropractic care with my second pregnancy to help avoid the malpositioning. I don't know if that was what worked or not, but baby #2 was in a better position. He is on 33rd & Killingsworth, 503-287-2273, he is very gentle and knowledgeable, I trust him completely. Dr. Arah McLoughlin is on 132nd & Ne Halsey and she specializes in women and babies, both my girls have seen her - Core Elements Chiropractic is the name, I don't have the # handy. Good luck to you!

One of the best techiniques for rotating a baby in the head presentation position, that is posterior is to get on all fours, similar to cat and cow yoga positions, which help as well. Spending time this way naturally encourages the baby to turn due to gravity. Also, the vast majority of babies do turn before emerging during birth. They may turn at the last minute, but very few are born posterior. Also, chiropractic work may very well be indicated, and this is coming from a naturopath and midwife.

I second the vote for Arah McLoughlin. She worked on me during my last month of pregnancy with fantastic results.

Here is a great article about the webster technique and its safety.
This is a blog by my chiropractor and he is fabulous. His name is Jason Richards. He has helped lots of people with breech babies. Good luck!

actually, chiropractor treatment while you are pregnant is very prone to health of your child cause in some way the baby inside you may get a defect when you are on your everyday treatment.

The last post is incorrect. Chiropractic will not cause defects in your baby this is totally false.

The Webster Technique is great and works on most women. When the pelvis is misaligned and twisted out of it's proper position this prevents the baby from properly turning. Remember your body releases a hormone when your pregnant called relaxin which allows your ligaments to stretch so your pelvis can widen. If you have previous subluxations or misalignments of your pelvis prior to your pregnancy this limits how well your pelvis should properly move during this time. You don't necessarily have pain in your pelvis either previous to the pregnancy if your pelvis is misaligned or subluxated.

Chiropractic treatment is one of the best methods for treating numerous health problems naturally. After years of experience being a chiropractor, I have found that it is a powerful way to solve many pain conditions, like headaches, neck pain and back pain, as well as many non-pain condition as well, such as fatigue, sleep problems, and sinus problems.

Chiropractors don't align the baby, they adjust the mother's pelvis so there isn't as much strain, and thereby allowing more movement for the baby. Come on people, Chiropractors go through medical training, they just don't prescribe pills and they don't do surgery -- but they know the nervous system and muscle skeletal better than anyone

"Come on people, Chiropractors go through medical training, they just don't prescribe pills and they don't do surgery -- but they know the nervous system and muscle skeletal better than anyone" It's funny to think people consider chiropractors as "alternative medicine" doctors, which is almost synonymous to quackery. Chiropractic is debatable, sure, but the positive results aren't.

@chiropractor essendon pinched nerver - how do you know from what Brandy has written that she considers chiropractors as alternative medicine? it doesn't not imply that anywhere.

Information about Webster technique can be found at ICPA4kids.org and its also works great on infertile women as well.

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